Understand your customer

The effort to understand clients, and to recognise and anticipate their needs and behaviour in good time is at the heart of Finnova's 'understand your customer' approach. A dynamic 360-degree view of clients is ensured, so the best-possible decisions can be made. The areas of application are varied and cover multiple domains, from the design of individual made-to-measure offers and personalised experiences to the prevention of client attrition, not forgetting risk management, identification and protection against cyber criminality and fraud.

The focus is on topics such as real-time analysis of internal and external data from clients and counterparties, their relationships, behaviour and transactions, as well as identification of new, as yet unknown, suspicious or promising behaviour patterns. As a result of steadily increasing dangers, the variety of cyber attacks and the problem of man-in-the-middle attacks, banking institutions are increasingly focusing on the monitoring and analysis of client behaviour across all digital channels and terminal devices.

Clients leave behind their digital fingerprint with each interaction via the digital channels. The analysis of surfing and typing behaviour or of mouse movement or gyroscope data delivers a comprehensive insight into the digital client behaviour and enables a true 360-degree view of clients. As a result, the originally compliance-based term 'know your customer' gains a completely new meaning and develops in the direction of a comprehensive 'understand your customer' approach. The protection of clients, the integrity of the bank, and the optimisation of sales campaigns, client satisfaction and preservation of the client base are all at the heart of this.