Service Partners

The service partners support you in the implementation and operation of the Finnova Banking Software. They take on different roles and have different core competences. These also include professional BPO and hosting services. Banks can choose from several service providers. This is part of the embodied flexibility surrounding the Finnova Banking Software and its broad Community environment.

Application Management

Together with the ITO partners (information technology outsourcer), the Application Management (AM) ensures the availability and customer-specific adaptation of the Finnova Banking Software. AM assumes the following tasks:

  • Installation and parameterisation
  • Testing
  • Implementation of new releases
  • Provision of functionalities

The bank can thus focus on its core business. AM ensures that the service level agreements are complied with and provides first and second level support to the bank.

Application Management staff are obligated to attend further training courses on an ongoing basis. With the Finnova Academy, on the other hand, Finnova provides the knowledge and experience of a software manufacturer. In particular, these include the high-quality, demanding training and further training courses for Finnova Certified Professional and Finnova Module Specialist. Finnova as a manufacturer, the operators and bank staff actively contribute to the comparatively low total cost of ownership (TCO) by applying their best practices and sharing their experiences.

IT-Outsourcing / Hosting Providers

ITO/hosting provides the infrastructure on which the Finnova Banking Software is operated. The ITO is also known by the term ‘data centre’.

Under the concluded service level agreements (SLA), the ITO/hosting partners are responsible for providing the systems. Furthermore, the partners enable the customers to use a correspondingly performant system.

Business Process Outsourcer (BPO)

The concentration on the core business is becoming more and more important in the banking sector - not least due to the persistent pressure on margins, the increasingly tight regulation and the growing back-office costs. Outsourcing subprocesses and/or entire process chains offers opportunities to optimise the total cost of ownership.

The value chains in the financial services market are continuing to break down. Specialisation and business modelling will become increasingly important in the future. This is also illustrated by the latest developments, such as the connection of data centres, the complete outsourcing of payment services by the largest cantonal bank, and the fact that banks are offering their services to one another in order to process them in a centralised and industrial manner. For this, the banks require a software that handles and processes these processes cost-effectively and securely. Finnova’s BPO partners are competent contacts for these matters.

Segment of Bank

  • Private Bank
  • Universal/Retail Bank
  • Bank of County

Implementation Partners

The implementation partners support the banks in the installation of or the migration to the Finnova Banking Software. In the process, they analyse the structures and processes, synthesise them and subsequently implement them into the software.

This is where one of the true, measurable advantages of Finnova comes into play: the front-to-back pre-parameterisation of the Finnova Banking Software. It allows for a quick, straightforward and efficient project implementation, thus directly making a measurable contribution to the low TCO. For parameterisation is easier, less expensive and faster to implement than scripting.