Achieving growth in banking

A wide spectrum of customer segments can benefit from our Finnova Banking Software. These are notably universal, retail, private and transaction banks, BPO/BSP providers, but also fintech and development companies.


Universal and retail banks

The focus of universal and retail banks is on increased efficiency and comprehensive functionality. We support them with our highly automated software, high STP rates and efficient processes. The Finnova Banking Software standard solution already contains a very broad functionality for universal and retail banks that can be individually extended, notably through our open partner ecosystem.

  • Clientis banks
  • ESPRIT network
  • Freiburger Kantonalbank
  • Graubündner Kantonalbank
  • Migros Bank
  • Valiant

(some examples from our clients list)

Private banks

The change in private banking with growing compliance requirements, margin pressure and changed client needs results in new business models. We offer private banks specific functionalities such as our new Portfolio Management System and the Advisor Workbench, as well as the possibility of simple connection of best-of-breed third-party solutions, which are already being used in many forms in private banking via FIL Integration Services. Private banks are on the safe side with the rule-compliant implementation of regulatory and tax requirements, which is integrated in the software, and the overall TCO is attractive. 

  • Lienhardt & Partner Privatbank
  • Mercantil Bank (Switzerland)
  • Neue Bank (Liechtenstein)
  • Privatbank Bellerive
  • REYL & CIE

(some examples from our clients list)

Transaction banks

The most efficient processing possible of payments, securities, foreign exchange and loans for other banks is the core competence of transaction banks. The Finnova Banking Software helps them achieve this with maximum scalability, high STP rates and maximum automation.

  • InCore Bank
  • VZ Depository Bank

BPO providers

Efficiency in banking is achieved today by breaking down the value chain and outsourcing standard processes to BPO providers. The Finnova Banking Software is ideally suited as a backbone for the industrialisation of banking processes. In addition, it offers a user platform specifically designed for BPO providers, with which processes for several banks can be handled simultaneously. 

  • Finanz-Logistik
  • Sobaco/InCore Bank
  • Swisscom

(some examples)

Fintech and development companies

The integration solutions of the Open Platform enable a systematic connection of various systems to the Finnova Banking Software. This means the Finnova platform is an open ecosystem that supports the interaction of various actors such as banks' own development teams, operating partners, development and fintech companies and BPO partners. It helps Finnova to increase agility in the provision of functionalities and to meet the challenges resulting from the breakdown of the value chain and the technological change in banking more quickly. 

  • RSN AG
  • Swisscom
  • WIR Bank

(some examples)