Support & Quality Assurance

Our commitment towards our customers does not end with the purchase of our software. We aim to support our customers throughout the entire life cycle of the software.

Various measures, such as automated testing, redefinition of processes and intensification of quality checks, are continually being pushed forward. Practical training courses enable a tailored operation of the software geared towards the various requirements of front office and application management staff. Our comprehensive multilingual documentation offers answers should any questions arise.

If Finnova users require further support, our three-level support process is set into action. In the event that the first two support levels cannot solve the problem or provide the necessary assistance, our customers can count on the third-level support provided by Finnova Customer Support for software-related problems and on the account system engineers (ASE) for technical questions.

Furthermore, we offer attractive QA service packages. These focus in particular on automated testing, with which repeatable test cases can be defined and performed, including a system evaluation of the results achieved. Thanks to the test case scenarios that have been verified by us, our customers can reduce their quality assurance costs.


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