Creating added value through third-party systems

Together with the product partners, we develop various interfaces for specific functionalities. We do so on the basis of written contracts, such as interface agreements or cooperation agreements. The open software architecture enables us to integrate third-party systems into the Finnova Banking Software easily, quickly and cost-effectively.

In this respect, the focus lies on the smooth interaction between the Finnova Banking Software and the third-party systems. We place great emphasis on a stable, performant and secure operation of the various Finnova applications.

In the following areas, specialised companies supplement our Finnova Banking Software with their products. Together, we can thus offer our customers added value.



‘Digital banking’ is replacing existing business models and processes at an ever stronger and faster pace. However, this requires maximum security for both end clients and the financial service provider itself.

Ergon Informatik AG Airlock Suite

The Airlock Suite combines filtering and authentication in a perfectly integrated solution that sets new standards in usability and services. The Airlock WAF (web application firewall) reliably protects internet applications thanks to systematic control and filtering mechanisms, numerous upgrade options and clever innovations.

In combination with Airlock WAF, Airlock Login enables the reliable authentication and authorisation of users. However, Airlock Login not only stands for optimum security but also for high usability and cost-efficiency.

Airlock IAM is the central authentication platform with enterprise functions. It grants clients, partners or staff secure access to data and applications with a single sign-on and automates the user administration.

jemmic s.à r.l.


U-Safe is a central authentication platform that offers secure access to data and applications for clients, suppliers, partners and staff. Integrating various authentication procedures, U-Safe stands out for its user friendliness for the bank administrators.

jemmic s.à  r.l. CrontoSign Swiss

CrontoSign Swiss is a sign-what-you-see procedure to authenticate users and verify transactions that encrypts the data to be verified in a coloured QR code. Users can scan in this QR code with their mobile phone or a dedicated device, verify the respective data and confirm with the dynamically generated code.

Kobil Systems GmbH Kobil App Security Technology (AST)

In digital competition, which is increasingly being enhanced with new product trends and business models, the Kobil mobile security platform helps financial service providers to create an end-to-end, process-based interaction for mobile business processes.

The focus here is on the security of identity, of communication, of the end-user device and of the app used.

Notably in the provision of financial services, a unique identity, the traceability of transactions as well as ease of use play a crucial role. Increasingly more tasks need to be mobilised and connected with back-end processes to achieve more benefits and increase effectiveness.

United Security Providers

USP Secure Entry Server

The USP Secure Entry Server by United Security Providers protects the web-based services of the Finnova e-banking solution as well as standard applications and web portals from internet attacks and from unauthorised user access. As a leading Swiss solution for web access management, it combines the three components web application firewall, authentication server and XML gateway.

2m Interactive Sàrl Sigma - eDataWay

Using this solution, banks can fully computerise their cash operations, from origin to archiving. The client signs on an electronic device (SignPad), thereby optimising internal processes and making it possible to eliminate physical receipts.




Co-browsing enables client advisors to advise and support the clients directly online.


unblu inc. unblu

unblu inc. provides live web customer collaboration software with a vision to bring personal online guidance and interaction to every website. Already today, unblu co-browsing is used by many banks to facilitate live online support and to enable sales-focused outbound customer interactions. With unblu, you can bring the dynamics of an in-person interaction to your online channels.


Personal Finance Management

Personal Finance Management allows bank clients to analyse and control their income and expenditure and to monitor their development in the e-banking and mobile banking applications.


Contovista AG Personal Finance Management (PFM)

With Contovista, the bank clients can analyse their income and expenditure and follow their development over time in the e-banking and mobile banking applications. Payments are automatically categorised. The bank clients can adapt their personal financial assistant to their individual needs through categorisation, commenting and tagging.


ATMs/Teller safes

ATMs allow bank clients to deposit cash independently on a giro account or a credit card account or to withdraw cash from these accounts. Automatic teller safes allow for the safe storage and management of cash at the bank counter.

Diebold Nixdorf Ltd ATMs and teller safes

The ATMs and teller safes offer ease of use, up-to-date security technology, as well as excellent reliability.

Glory Global Solutions (Switzerland) AG ATMs and teller safes Glory’s ATMs and teller safes offer simple handling, ease of use, the latest security technology and high availability.
Logisoft AG a Server Module

The server module ensures the management of the individual ATMs including login check with SIX and the communication with the Finnova Core System.

NCR (Schweiz) GmbH ATMs

Self-service banking is the most intensively used client touchpoint. The ATMs therefore fulfil the requirements for maximum availability, security, reliability and simple operation.

Prema AG Teller Safes

The PREMA teller safes are used for the secure and efficient handling of banknotes in both open and closed teller concepts. The devices offer the possibility to process not only CHF but also EUR transactions online via the Finnova Teller application.

Sotremo SA Teller Safes

The teller safes are used for the secure and efficient handling of banknotes in both open and closed teller concepts while cash deposit machines allow bank clients to deposit cash around the clock, thus automating the processes for the bank branch.


CTI - Computer Telephony Integration

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) is a value-added service that increases efficiency by means of a close connection between the telephone and the individual applications available to the user.


CETIS AG      CETIS            

CETIS connects the telephone system with IT. With every incoming phone call, the calling client’s data are immediately visible on the monitor.


Payment / Antilaundering

Offline Banking

In addition to the Finnova e-banking and mobile banking functionalities, various solutions are available that allow end clients to conduct their bank transactions offline. The functionalities include, for example, payment entry, payments from financial accounting, transfers from payroll accounting etc.

Agro-Office AG AgroOffice

AgroOffice is an accounting program that was developed from scratch for the agricultural sector. It allows for the simple processing and administration of payment transactions.

bexio AG bexio bexio is a leading provider of cloud based business software for SMB`s, self employed and Startups in Switzerland. bexio`s Award winning tool covers the entire administrative workflows of an SMB on a single platform: beginning with a CRM, sales order management and invoicing, online accounting with accountant access and a bank interface that allows for automated bank account reconciliations and payments.
Crealogix AG CLX.FTX CLX.FTX is an offline solution. It is used to process and manage all payment transactions in Switzerland and abroad.

KLARA is the digital assistant of the Swiss SME for all administrative business processes. Standardized payment transaction integration makes it easy to link bank accounts. KLARA serves as a hub for the bank's SME clients.

Mammut Soft Computing AG mammut FOX 2.0

Mammut FOX 2.0 is a payment transactions and cash management software that can be used for different bank connections.

Paymash AG Paymash

Paymash integrates a mobile POS system, online shop and invoice tool into a complete multichannel sales solution for small and medium-sized businesses. The POS system for iOS and Android can be used in many ways and is popular with restaurateurs, retailers, service providers and in the beauty industry.

Compliance Solutions

In order to combat fraud and to comply with regulatory requirements, banks need to find ways to minimise risks and reduce losses.  


Eurospider Information Technology AG KYC Compliance CPM

KYC Compliance CPM is a name matching system. The product includes all the necessary components: data basis (sanctions lists, PEP databases, crime lists, etc.), effective name matching algorithms and processing modules.

SIX Financial Information Ltd PEP-Check PEP-Check rationalises the due diligence process through fast, accurate checks to combat money laundering and terrorist financing. With PEP-Check, companies can check if potential or existing clients or payment recipients appear on sanctions lists or on lists of politically exposed persons (PEP lists). Such checks are mandatory and need to be performed on a regular basis.


Scanning Solutions

ZV scanning and processing systems allow for the smooth throughput of physical payment orders, on the basis of either the structured A6 inpayment slips or completely unstructured orders by letter, lists, etc. 


IMTF Schweiz AG Hypersuite ZV/2

Hypersuite ZV/2 is a payment entry solution for automating the transaction processes and increasing the throughput speed for receipts.

Swiss Post Solutions AG proIntra Payments

With proIntra Payments, all paper-based payment orders are automatically entered - regardless of whether they are structured A6 inpayment slips, A4 forms, letters or lists, domestic or international orders, individual or collective payments, orders scanned in centrally or decentrally.


Payments Messaging Systems

Thanks to messaging systems, payments can be processed smoothly. They connect the licensed clearing and settlement systems with Finnova.


AnaSys AG MessageManager

MessageManager connects the Finnova Banking Software to SIC, euroSIC, SECOM and SWIFT via the new I2I interface. MessageManager also includes message transformation and realtime validation of transactions and customer data against sanctions and PEP lists.

Bottomline Technologies AG GTExchange

GTExchange is a high-performance financial messaging solution that acts as a comprehensive connection hub to SWIFT and other networks.

FINASTRA Switzerland GmbH Total Messaging/ IGTplus

Finastra’s Total Messaging and IGTplus connect the Finnova banking platform with the interbank services SWIFT, SIC, euroSIC and SECOM. In addition, high-performance applications like Total Screening monitor incoming and outgoing transactions in real time as well as client data by means of embargo and PEP lists.



Portfolio Management Systeme (PMS)

The connected systems offer functionalities in the areas of investment advisory, asset management or compliance (monitoring, suitability checks, risk management) or the entire range of functionalities (PMS).

Allocare AG Allocare AMS Allocare AMS fully satisfies the complex requirements of modern asset management.
CPU Bankensoftware AG Investment Advisor The Investment Advisor is a consultation software that supports and centrally controls the advisory process for asset investments.
Expersoft Systems AG PM1 Expersoft PM1 is a modular software platform for providers of asset management services for high net worth individuals and institutional clients as well as for retail banks and private banks.
ECOFIN Software & Technology AG


FINFOX Pro is a comprehensive, multi-channel capable software solution for structuring the advisory, sales and monitoring process in investment and financial consulting, taking into account the relevant regulatory standards.
Insa Investment Software AG INSA PMS The INSA Portfolio Management System software offers a professional financial portfolio management, reporting, analyses and performance measurement.
Profidata Group AG e-Amis

e-AMIS is the wealth management system of Profidata that covers the entire investment process from asset analysis to income reporting.


Regulatory reporting (SNB, Government and Taxe authorities))

Banks are required to send various reports to the Swiss National Bank (SNB), the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) and the Financial Market Authority Liechtenstein (FMA). The international end clients rely on country-specific tax reports.


BearingPoint Switzerland AG FiRE

With FiRE, the necessary bank reports can be created in accordance with the law.

Sopra Banking Software Sopra Banking Compliance- Report

To address the continuously increasing regulatory requirements, Sopra Banking Software has created Report, a software package that enables you to automatically produce reports while ensuring data traceability and reliability from start to finish. Sopra Banking Compliance-Report is a single solution for managing national and international regulatory reports, as well as internal reports. More than 650 institutions in 26 countries use Sopra Banking Compliance-Report on a daily Basis.

Taxsource GmbH AlphaTax

AlphaTax provides tax reports for private banking clients domiciled in Switzerland and in more than 20 jurisdictions worldwide. The tax solution includes the extraction of source data out of the Finnova Banking Software, the enrichment with external tax data and the integration of tax reports into the Finnova Banking Software.


Securities data

The Swiss securities number and the German securities identification number are unique identification numbers for listed securities and financial instruments. Here, the focus lies on master data, income data and corporate actions.


SIX Financial Information Ltd VDF Valordata feed

The Valordata Feed (VDF) is a fully structured and encoded financial data feed offering near real-time securities data. Based on a modular database, VDF supplies reference data, price information and corporate actions.

WM- Datenservice WM-Data feed

WM-Datenservice provides data for tax statements and portfolio management, among other things.


Pension provision

The highly complex topic of ‘pension provision’ is playing an increasingly important role in client advisory services. Specific know-how in the areas of social security, social and welfare policy, financing, risk hedging and taxes are just as important as specific pension solutions tailored to the bank clients’ needs.


Swisscanto Asset Management AG Swisscanto Private Vorsorge

Swisscanto offers innovative building blocks for building up private pension provision.


Account data reconciliation

Consolidated transparency in all business areas reduces operational risk and ensures that regulatory requirements are complied with effectively.

Bottomline Technologies AG GTMatch

GTMatch is the company-wide solution for data reconciliation and exceptions management. It helps to improve the operational efficiency of banks while reducing the risk exposure at the same time.



Electronic archive solution

Electronic archive solutions allow for an unchangeable, long-term revision-proof storage, management and provision of electronically or physically available documents.

Elca Informatik AG EL4BS / eDossier

eDossier enables the administration of all documents and correspondence from and to clients. The documents are managed in an electronic client file that employees can access centrally.

IBM Schweiz AG IBM Content Manager OnDemand

IBM Content Manager OnDemand is a standard archive solution used worldwide. Via an interface, documents from Finnova can be archived and accessed directly. Additional applications can be connected very easily. Thanks to optimised loading and storage mechanisms, this IBM archive solution is particularly suitable for large data volumes.

IMTF Schweiz AG Hypersuite/5

HYPERSUITE / 5 is the central information platform which allows to manage electronically all the content of a Finnova Bank (documents, voice, video, chats) across every channel. Core components such as folder management, case management, eBanking and legal archiving are available for the information processing of the digital bank of tomorrow.

PMC Informatik AG

dg hyparchive

dg hyparchive makes it possible to manage all archiving matters in the company via a uniform and central infrastructure. Typical applications include the archiving of documents, e-mails, ERP vouchers and data, file server and sharepoint objects as well as innovative fields such as the archiving of voice recordings.


Signature Check

With the basic module SignBase, it is possible to enter, store and manage the signatures of clients and their power of attorney holders. SignBase is the basis for all further modules, such as SignMast or SignCheck.

GSN Global Signature Net AG SignCheck

SignCheck is used for signature checks in paper-based payment transactions. Signatures on payment orders are automatically compared with the signatures stored in SignBase and payment orders are authorised.

GSN Global Signature Net AG SignPlus

SignPlus is a product series that combines all products for the administration and use of signatures of account holders and authorised persons in the banking industry.


Output Management Systeme


Output management systems allow for the creation, generation, controlling and distribution of documents that are available in electronic or physical form.

Assentis Technologies AG DocFamiliy

With the client communication management platform DocFamily, all relevant requirements for comprehensive client communication can be solved across all channels. Interactive document creation, the integration of electronic enclosures, ad hoc/on demand or mass printing can be implemented individually and problem-free thanks to the innovative web application.

Docucom AG DomTrac

DomTrac automatically creates personalised documents that are implemented in line with CI/CD specifications and prepared professionally for the various output channels and distributed in a target-oriented way.

Leuchter IT Solutions AG Docugate

Docugate is a “corporate template and document management” solution specialised in individual and complex document output. The document creation process is fully automated. The creation and management of templates and forms is based on Microsoft Office.



Bank control and bank management

Products for bank control and bank management comprise the strategies, goals and control standards for controlling the entire bank. They make it possible to measure resources, create cost transparency and calculate the profitability of organisational units, offered products as well as clients or client groups.

CPU Bankensoftware AG Value Mirror

The Value Mirror is a bank controlling solution that meets the requirements of small and medium-sized banks.

msgGillardon MARZIPAN

MARZIPAN is a proven solution for the calculation of and advisory services for products of the lending and deposit-taking business. The calculation on the basis of the net present value method and structure-congruent refinancing allows for a profit-oriented conditioning of products.

msgGillardon THINC

THINC is an integrated solution for risk-oriented and value-driven corporate management. For each topic, THINC offers innovative software modules. Thanks to this modular structure, every institute can use an individually customised scope of services. Each module can perform calculation, computation and assessment tasks as a stand-alone solution. When combined, the modules form an integrated solution for your comprehensive corporate management.

SunGard Ambit Focus

Ambit Focus offers a comprehensive balance sheet management (interest risk/ALM, liquidity risks/Basel III, market interest rate method, market risks) on a modular platform. By means of the multi-dimensional simulation, income, present values, sensitivities, cash flows etc. can be projected into the future and planned against regulatory conditions (LCR, NSFR). This allows for a sound risk identification (present value and income fluctuations), decisions relating to hedging and investment, the budgeting of future income, the setting of incentives via transfer prices for the interest and liquidity components, as well as the avoidance of income fluctuations thanks to the integrated hedge accounting process.


Credit risk management systems

Credit risk management systems calculate credit ratings and pricing or perform a scoring.


Risk Consulting Group AG RatingView

RatingView is a solution for measuring and controlling risks in the Swiss lending business.

Risk Solution Network AG CreditMaster

CreditMaster provides a comprehensive offering for measuring, controlling and settling credit risks.


Real estate appraisal

Appraisal tools are used throughout Switzerland to appraise properties, real estate portfolios or the market environment on the basis of different appraisal methods.


IAZI offers a holistic assessment of the real estate and market characteristics. The property appraisals are based on various benchmark data that focus on the current market environment or on future developments.

Wüest & Partner AG WUPNET

WUPNET is a web application for the valuation of home ownership and investment properties. On the one hand, the application comprises hedonic valuation models for deriving the market values of single-family houses and owner-occupied flats. On the other hand, investment properties, such as multi-family residences or commercial properties, can be valuated with the capitalisation model.

Electronic property information system

The electronic property information system allows for the electronic information exchange in the land register sector. This includes, for example, a cross-cantonal information system or the electronic processing of business operations with the land register office.


SIX Terravis AG  Terravis Terravis allows for electronic business transactions between institutions, notaries and authorities to be conducted without any media discontinuity. The process platform supports the processing of mortgage, property and commercial register transactions via one single interface.


Mortgage bond bank system

The external application for the mortgage bond bank enables a simplified combination of the pledged properties and an automatic exchange of modifications with the mortgage bond bank.

Base-Net Informatik AG BondCom XML

The BondCom XML web service allows third-party manufacturers of banking systems to integrate the management of the electronic pledge registry into their solution in consultation with the mortgage bond bank. The web service in question is based on standardised methods for data exchange between the member bank and the mortgage bond bank.