Portal as a service – central component of the vision of digital banking

The needs of bank clients are manifold. Finnova's Portal as a service represents the technological basis and the functionally connecting element between the individual website, personal client contact and interaction as well as the established e-banking and mobile banking channels that are mostly geared towards transactions.

Together with strategic partner ti&m, Finnova supports banks in the expansion and customisation of their website and client portal. In this context, the professional and technical integration with Finnova and the portal framework Liferay are ensured, processes are centrally managed and an independent expansion by third-party providers is made possible. Thanks to the far-reaching Community, the banks continuously benefit from the enhancements of competitors and can also use them for themselves.

Finnova Portal as a Service

Added value for the bank and its clients

The Portal as a service is an out-of-the-box solution that has been integrated as far as the Finnova Core Suite and is continually being further developed. Thanks to numerous available business cases, banks do not need to start from scratch when digitalising the client interface.

Standard solution     Expansion
Website Digital branch Orchestrated business cases Interaction with Finnova E-Banking
The bank can design its website or portal, add and operate content, and use many available templates and formulations for it: The bank can license business modules already integrated in the function catalogue that are functional out of the box: The bank can license predefined standard processes, and adapt them to its needs: Bank clients obtain a central financial overview in the portal as well as an optimised, consolidated and consistent navigation via website, portal and e-banking:
  • Search
  • Chat
  • Media releases
  • Currency exchange rates
  • Job advertisements
  • Forms
  • Notifications
  • Create simple profile
  • Messaging
  • Make appointments online
  • Document exchange
  • Simple, personalised contact and campaigns
  • Various calculators (mortgages, Savings, investments)
  • Client onboarding/Client and product opening
  • Modification/opening of
– Addresses
– Contact details
– Powers of attorney
– Accounts
– And more
  • Integration of Finnova E-Banking via iFrame
  • Central login via single sign-on
  • Direct navigation between portal homepage and the established business cases in the E-Banking application

Simple entry into operation and concentration on core business

As the name suggests, the Portal as a service is offered as a service. This model guarantees minimised investment risk, transparent IT costs as well as fast and flexible implementation. Business Solutions as a Service (BSS) is offered by our Application Management in Seewen/SZ. Based on its long-standing experience in the operation of Finnova platforms, Finnova offers everything from a single source with BSS, from the infrastructure with the Core Suite and various non-core systems through to BPO, allowing customers to focus completely on their main business.