Finnova PMS

The Finnova PMS application is a portfolio management system for specialists. It has a wide range of functionalities for ful-ly-integrated, optimal support of the investment process, from portfolio implementation to investment controlling and reporting.

A completely revised status concept in the portfolio implementation process (Global Order) and the possibility of creating template parameter sets mean that the level of automation can be increased as desired, up to and including complete system-controlled periodic rebalancing of standard tenants that only require manual intervention in exceptional cases.

Extensive ad hoc query options (debit balance list, restriction violations, valuation details, performance and risk analyses) support portfolio managers in the management of new tenants, changes of strategy and portfolio balancing. Experienced client advisors are supported as they individually advise the clients assigned to them. A large set of freely combinable reporting modules are available for creating reports for clients. In particular, they enable targeted reporting in the area of performance evaluation.

The focus is not only on the requirements of private clients but also on the increased requirements of professional clients. In the Investment Cockpit, going forward, the focus will increasingly be on user-friendliness, operability and process orientation. Graphical analysis and dashboards should improve the acceptance of occasional users, and make day-to-day work easier for experienced users.