Partner Portal Roadmap

The Finnova Integration Layer (FIL) is the technological basis for the integration of different systems. It includes standardised Integration Services (so-called FIL IS) and project-specific or third-party application specific Business Service Adapters (so-called FIL BSA).

Both FIL IS and FIL BSA are REST-compatible programming interfaces. The Solution Integration Framework (SIF) for the Open Platform product group provides all the necessary tools for a secure and efficient integration of third-party products (API Gateway and Integration Engine).

The graphic below gives you a glimpse of which FIL ISs we are planning to implement in the coming months. It is updated periodically.

All productive interfaces (incl. access to the corresponding interface documentation), which are released throughout the Finnova Service Integration Framework (SIF) can be seen on the Finnova Partner Portal.

For licence holders, additional information such as pricing and implementation requirements is available in the relevant factsheet on the Finnova Extranet.


REST API Finnova

[Description: Actual stage of REST API development, July 2021]


Extract from the FIL IS Roadmap (product update)

Name Short description Area General Availability Product #
Real Estate Data (write access)
Writing of information regarding real estate properties and their components Financing Automn 2021 FIL.40.1
Loan Order (write access) Writing of loan data of one or more loan orders in use Financing open FIL.3.1
Card Management
Interface for Viseca card management ; Clients & Product open open
Provisional Calculation of Transaction Costs Transaction cost calculation for stock exchange orders Investment Management & Operations open open

Rev: July 2021