Our Organisation

We are a 100% self-financed limited company under Swiss law. Various stakeholder groups are represented in our shareholder base, in which all owners have a long-term commitment and share the company vision.

The majority shareholder of Finnova (registered as finnova AG Bankware) is the German IT consulting and system integration company msg systems ag. As part of the msg group, we have access to this globally designed network that includes over 8,000 experts and offers strategic consulting as well as value-adding IT solutions, primarily for sectors with vertical value-added chains, such as insurance companies, banks and the public sector.

In addition, several customer banks, our strategic partner Swisscom and members of our Executive Board also have shares. This balanced structure, which is also reflected in the Board of Directors, incorporates the interests of the most important stakeholder groups. All of this enables strategic corporate management designed to be long-term and sustainable and makes us a reliable partner. Hans Zehtmaier (founder and CEO, and from 1 January 2020 onwards, chairman of the supervisory board of msg systems ag) has been chairman of Finnova's Board of Directors since 2015.