Orchestration pursues the goal of achieving a uniformly harmonised whole

Orchestration encompasses a wide variety of aspects. At its core, the term refers to the capability to enable the interaction of various components of complex systems. Orchestration pursues the goal of achieving a uniformly harmonised whole.

These services bring together the full functionality of FIL and include central interface management, versioning, authentication and scalability of interfaces, as well as lists of interface use, their testability and their interoperability.

FIL is not a product, but rather the technological basis for integrating different systems – it enables the implementation of the open banking concept.

Over the next few years, Finnova will offer a significant number of existing and new interfaces on the FIL – either as a FIL IS or FIL BA. The aim of FIL is to bring the functionalities of the individual services to the fore, which is why it was not created as a one-to-one conversion of the existing interfaces. The FIL Integration Services are standardised interfaces. They are defined by business analysts in close cooperation with Product Management. They are tailored to guarantee consistent functionalities and high reusability for the whole Finnova community. The FIL Business Service Adapter is a supplementary service from Finnova services for setting up project- and/or third-party specific connections in close coordination between the third-party product and the Finnova Banking Software.

Our customers have successfully implemented several projects in recent months via FIL, i.e. either FIL IS or FIL BSA. Other projects are in various stages of implementation. The promised ecosystem can thus become reality. We will continue to support our customers in the implementation of their digitalisation strategies.

A living and growing ecosystem

Tax reporting services of Finnova from different partners

Finnova is also integrating Taxsource's 'ALPHATAX' tax solution into the Finnova Banking Software to offer banks added value with a other future-oriented solution in the area of tax reporting. Finnova is thereby continuing the systematic opening up of its software and addressing banks' needs in this digitalisation era. Finnova's banks have a choice of partners also in the field of tax reportings.

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