Finnova concludes new contracts for the standard functionalities of the Finnova Banking Software (= Core Suite) in the rental model. This feeds our maintenance and enhancement budget, from which the maintenance of the software and some of the change requests can be implemented. Licensing for these contracts occurs on the basis of a combination of FTE (full-time equivalent) and the balance sheet total of the bank.

Fee licence extenstions

Fee-based licence extensions

Finnova decides which further developments are implemented in the standard software.These do not impact the amount of rent to be paid. Functions that, for example, need to be developed by Finnova due to regulatory or legal provisions (tax, compliance and market infrastructure requirements) and that exceed the maintenance and enhancement budget are implemented as fee-based licence extensions. These functions are mandatory for the banks so that the overwhelming majority of the Finnova Community can operate their banking business in Switzerland in compliance with regulations. In addition to the licence fees, a maintenance fee can also be charged here.

Additional functions

The additional functions cover specific business requirements, which the banks request in accordance with their individual business model. They are divided into options and FIL Integration Services.


FIL Integration Services

Licensing of the options can also occur on the basis of FTE. However, transaction-based or volume-based calculation bases can also be applied. Depending on the option, licensing is on the basis of the models 'Licensing with annual maintenance fee', 'User fee' or 'Rental'.

The Finnova Integration Layer (FIL) is the technological basis for the integration of third-party applications. It comprises small, independent integration services that cover specific use cases. The individual FIL Integration Services can be licensed as products. Various metrics and licensing models are used here as well. Depending on the metric, the costs can be determined, for example, on the basis of FTE, or according to the volume or the number of business cases. Different licensing models are also possible.

Customised solutions


With the products of the Open Platform and the offer of Finnova Services, Finnova enables the development and connection/integration of customised solutions. Customised requirements of individual banks can thus be effectively implemented.