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Valid from: 20.05.2022

Exclusion of liability

The information and opinions on the websites, and (hereinafter ‘the Websites’) are provided solely for general information purposes and are not intended as full or conclusive statements on the topic concerned. Although finnova AG Bankware (hereinafter ‘Finnova’) endeavours to ensure that the information on the Websites is selected carefully and checked, no guarantee is given that it is accurate, complete or suitable for a specific purpose. Finnova excludes any liability for errors or omissions and for the consequences of using the information or Websites. Furthermore, Finnova does not accept any responsibility for external Internet sites and content which refer to the Websites or are referred to through links or in other ways by other websites.

No binding offers

Finnova does not make any binding offers to visitors of the Websites through the information and views published on the Websites.

Copyright and right of use

The contents of the Websites are copyright protected. With the exception of legitimate personal use in accordance with article 19 of the Federal Act on Copyright and Neighbouring Rights of 9 October 1992 (Copyright Act, CopA), downloading, storing, copying, printing, publishing, modifying and retransmitting content on the Websites, in particular photographs, logos and graphics, is forbidden without the written consent of Finnova.

Electronic communication (e-mail)

The Internet is a universally accessible medium. Standard e-mails sent over the internet are neither confidential nor secure. On the contrary, they may be viewed, intercepted or modified by third parties or may go astray. E-mails may cross national borders even when both the sender and recipient are in the same country.

Finnova therefore recommends that confidential information is always encrypted and/or transmitted to Finnova via a secure channel.

Finnova is not liable for losses that occur in connection with messages sent to Finnova via standard e-mail or using another electronic communication system.


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