Operational excellence in asset management

The megatrend of individualisation is having an impact worldwide: Demanding customers in private banking increasingly expect custom-made, individual offers. If banks do not wish to fall behind in asset management and in the investment advisory of professional clients, they must be in a position to offer their clients customisable products. The Investment Cockpit (IC) supports product customisation with mass customisation, thereby enabling operational excellence.

From Investment Cockpit 1.0 to Investment Cockpit 2.0

The transformation process from the functionally comprehensive Portfolio Management System module of the Finnova Core Suite to the modern, webbased and process-oriented application for portfolio management and advisory of professional clients is being continued with Investment Cockpit 2.0. It supplements Investment Cockpit 1.0 with the operational process of portfolio implementation. The selection of portfolios for individual and bulk processing, e.g. for opening or removing mandates, or for global portfolio restructuring as part of an investment decision, is intuitive and simple.

The operations already known from Finnova PMS are experiencing various useful enhancements in Investment Cockpit 2.0. A guided step-by-step process supports portfolio managers in the efficient implementation of investment decisions in the mandates, with or without taking into account particular client instructions and investment preferences.

Guided process for simplifying day-to-day business in portfolio management

Apart from the opening of new mandates, a portfolio manager's day-to-day business also includes closures, strategy changes or deposits and disbursements in the case of existing mandates. The guided process in Investment Cockpit 2.0 simplifies this work and ensures that it takes place in accordance with the strategic and tactical specifications, in compliance with the rules and on the basis of the latest data. It has been designed according to the UX interaction design approach, which is oriented towards users and their needs. Investment and stock exchange restrictions can already be checked before forwarding to the Stock Exchange module. Intelligent search, sort and filter functions provide users with optimum support in the post-processing of generated orders.

Investment Cockpit 3.0: Advanced analyses for demanding advisory

Both for the annual ordinary portfolio meeting and for extraordinary advisory meetings, additional information is of great benefit for client advisors of demanding clients and for portfolio managers alike. In IC 3.0, the ad hoc portfolio analyses of IC 1.0 are being extended with additional, detailed position overviews. Transactions and investment performance can be analysed at position level so that successful and less successful investments can be tracked transparently. Performance attribution explains the accomplishment of portfolio management with regard to market positioning and securities selection, and income and expenditure as well as their impact on investment success can be shown via the success details.

Cache and notification centre for accelerating bulk processing jobs

The software architecture of the Investment Cockpit is designed for bulk processing, as it occurs as part of a global portfolio restructuring. A delivered caching functionality increases technical performance and reduces waiting periods when implementing strategies. All processing jobs run in the background. A clear notification centre displays the progress of all running processes to users and actively notifies them as soon as such a processing requires their attention again.

Made for the cloud

The Investment Cockpit is a cloud-native development and requires the Finnova Omega operating platform. Connection to the Finnova Core Suite is stablished via standardised Protected APIs, via which the business functionality is provided.