Integration & orchestration

The system landscape of our customers is becoming increasingly more complex. Within the framework of their digitalisation strategies, third-party systems are being connected to the Core Suite. These undertakings require a clean integration and a consistent data exchange in both directions. From analysis to implementation, Finnova Services guides and supports customers in their integration endeavours.

Growing importance of process orchestration

We provide a central overlying process view of the increasing number of interfaces and integrated services. On the basis of the Business Process Framework (BPF), Finnova Services enables our customers to automate their bank-specific processes. The processes are modelled in a standard format (BPMN 2.0), and are processed and executed directly by the Business Process Framework. Manual process steps can be automated in iteration and existing services can be orchestrated in a process-oriented manner, This enables our customers to handle their bank-specific processes from beginning to end in a consistent and transparent way.

Cross-system, end-to-end processes under control

As an elementary component of the Open Platform, the Business Process Framework (BPF), offers many possibilities. Using it, a bank can customise any processes from beginning to end and digitalise across multiple systems.

Digitalisation of partial processes in selected software solutions

Currently, processes are often only partially digitalised. They exhibit media disruptions at the beginning, in the middle or at the end. These media disruptions occur because, for example, front-end processes are digitalised in explicitly selected software solutions. However, as soon as data entered and generated in the process is to be transferred to other systems for further processing, this is implemented either via bridging with the BIO interface or via a point-to-point interface development. In rare cases, there is a central overview of which processes are allocated to which employees and which status these have.

Central process overview thanks to the Business Process Framework

If a bank decides to orchestrate cross-system, end-to-end processes via the Open Platform with BPF, it receives a central overview and evaluation options of processes that are ongoing and already executed per employee, organisational unit and process via the integrated process cockpit. The process overview can also be integrated into other systems via an interface so that all employees can find the information relevant for them in their most important work tool.