Information Orchestration

Finnova understands the term ‘information orchestration’ as meaning the orchestration of processes, documents and pending tasks across various channels with a consolidated view of all client interactions of a certain role or person.

The Finnova Business Process Framework (BPF) is available as part of the Finnova Open Platform. It enables ­Finnova customers and partners to efficiently and flexibly automate and monitor their business processes. The Open Platform links the client channels, Finnova applications, partner applications and customised solutions with the Finnova Core. The BPF supports the automation of end-to-end banking – it links clients with bank advisors and partners, thus enabling cross-channel experiences. The focus here is on client interaction and the visibility of the current status, both for the bank client and the bank advisor.

Illustrated by the example of client onboarding

The interplay of the various channels and solutions is illustrated well by the example of client onboarding: Prospects initiate the client opening process themselves in the bank’s portal. During the client opening, partner solutions for self- or video identification are managed via the BPF. The opening in the Core Suite occurs either fully automatically or can be post-processed in advance via the process dashboard in the client advisor’s Advisor Workbench. The documents necessary in the process are compiled and prepared in the respective process step with the orchestration of the document management system (DMS) and are then made available to the client in e-banking or in the portal, and to the bank in the archive.

The interplay of Open Platform, BPF and Finnova Integration Layer will enable the orchestration of processes, documents and pending tasks across various systems and partner solutions in the future. This results in efficient, centrally managed processes, with which client interaction can be consistently designed and monitored.