Digital Experience

Digital experience is understood to be the sum of digital interactions between a client and a company and the resulting impres-sion. In the case of the Client Engagement Suite, the name says it all. The Finnova E-Banking application and the Mobile Bank-ing app have already gained a foothold in the market. With Loan Advisory and the Advisor Workbench, two further flagship products are about to be established in the Finnova Community.

User behaviour is from interst

In order to keep pace with changed user behaviour, Finnova has continually developed the product range in the front-end channels in the past years. The current E-Banking application (payment transactions, stock exchange) is becoming a complete, fully-fledged application for existing clients thanks to additional self-service elements such as power of attorney and card administration, integrated robo-advisory or direct connection of ERP systems. Furthermore, general understanding of increasing mobility and location independence are taken into account. The Mobile Banking application will appear with a new look in 2019 and is oriented towards the current E-Banking application in terms of design and usability.

In parallel to the self-service channels of bank clients, the workstation of client advisors is aligned with the respective role and the associated needs with the Advisor Workbench (AWB) and Loan Advisory (LA).

Front peoples are gathering for support

The Advisor Workbench has recently reached general availability and is being used productively on a daily basis. The advisor dashboard aggregates the considerable calls to action (pending tasks) and is the starting point for the client search, advisories, and client and product processes. The client dashboard enables the quick view of a client. In addition to a complete financial overview, products and services used are the focus of the respective viewer. Many functionalities for increasing efficiency and assuring quality are already being analysed, planned or implemented for further development: order management (payment transactions and stock exchange), connection of the Finnova Analytical Framework to the AWB opening process (with integrated real-time compliance check) and enhancements for legal entities – these will facilitate day-to-day business for banks in future.

Loan Advisory has also reached market maturity. It addresses several roles: the advisor in client meetings, the advisor in the processing of loan trans­actions, and, if necessary, all middle and back office parties involved in the loan decision. The modern tablet application offers support in face-to-face advisory with convincing and high-quality visualisations and leads to a quicker loan decision thanks to an integrated set of rules. Client meetings become more structured as a result and acquiring a home becomes perceptible, tangible and documentable for the client.

The back-end solution of Loan Advisory sets new standards in process optimisation. The flexibly parameterisable set of rules distinguishes between standard and non-standard cases and thus ensures quick decision-making processes and throughput times. Integrated price, rating and appraisal services support automation, thereby gaining in time and quality. The end-to-end process in the banks’ lending business can be redefined with the future transfer to the Finnova Core Suite (under development). With a generic interface, it will be possible to integrate third-party tools easily and efficiently into Loan Advisory and avoid double entries in future.

With the evaluation of a suitable portal solution, Finnova wishes to bridge the gap between the anonymous bank website and the mainly transaction-oriented E-Banking/Mobile Banking application in future. In conjunction with a central orchestration component, the portal enables the interplay of the content of client and advisor channels (so-called customer journeys), and thus a further important step in the direction of digital experience.