Web-based Training: Finnova User Interface


To train participants for their future work with the Finnova application and familiarise them with the main functions of the user interface.

Target group

New bank staff


Course content – Web-based Training (WBT):

  • Navigating within the Finnova application
  • Modifying data
  • Creating favourites and views
  • How to configure the user interface

Technical prerequisites:
- Internet access
- Internet Explorer version 9.x or higher
- HTML, JavaScript and cookies enabled
- Adobe Flash version 9.x or higher

The difference between Virtual Classroom Training (VC) and Web-based Training (WBT) is that VC covers topics interactively in real time, with opportunities for in-depth answers to questions, while WBT adopts a general approach and is available to participants over an extended period, so they can choose for themselves where and when to learn.

Academy Coins programme:
With this programme, you purchase a suitable number of Academy Coins that can be redeemed for end user training courses.

Academy Coins   Price excl. VAT  
25 Coins   1'200.- CHF  
50 Coins   2'250.- CHF  
100 Coins   4'000.- CHF  
250 Coins   8'750.- CHF  
500 Coins   15'000.- CHF  
1'000 Coins   25'000.- CHF  

Course cost per individual participant:

Web based Training 6 Academy Coins

VC + WBT package for the same user:

1 x Virtual Classroom Training &
1 x Web based Training
11 Academy Coins

(Please state 'combined package' in the remarks field on the registration form.)

Unit prices:
The following terms apply to banks wanting once-only Web-based Training:

Web based Training 360 CHF excl. VAT



Academy_Coins_order_form.pdf (85.0 KiB)
Flyer_Finnova_User_Interface.pdf (272.2 KiB)

Course duration

approx. 2 hours (unlimited access for 3 months)

Course fee

CHF 360.-

Course dateApplication
DurationCourse languagePlaces available
1 Jun - 31 Aug 2220 May 222 Hrs.German9Application deadline expired
1 Jul - 30 Sep 2224 Jun 222 Hrs.German10Application
1 Aug - 31 Oct 2222 Jul 222 Hrs.German10Application
1 Sep - 30 Nov 2225 Aug 222 Hrs.German10Application
1 Oct - 31 Dec 2223 Sep 222 Hrs.German10Application
1 Nov 22- 31 Jan 2321 Oct 222 Hrs.German10Application
1 Dec 22- 28 Feb 2325 Nov 222 Hrs.German10Application