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  • Digital customer management: Cooperation between Finnova and BSI
    2021-05-27 07:00 - (Finnova AG)

    Digital customer management: Cooperation between Finnova and BSI

    Finnova and BSI sign cooperation agreement

    Lenzburg/Baden, 27 May 2021 – In the face of ongoing margin pressure and rapidly changing customer demands, banks are increasingly investing in digitalisation and automation. Against this backdrop, the software manufacturer BSI – which specialises in digital customer management – and the banking solution provider Finnova are entering into a strategic partnership in campaign management that will enable them to support banks even more effectively in their projects. The modern, tried and trusted digital experience platform BSI CX forms the basis for the CM Campaigns (Customer Management – Campaigns) solution. This was jointly designed by the two companies and is fully integrated into the Finnova Banking Software.

    CM Campaigns is one of the building blocks of the Finnova Customer Management solution. Further building blocks are CM Analytics, CM 360-degree customer view to facilitate customer lifecycle management and the CM Pending Tasks solution, which supports advisory teams in managing their workloads. After extensive market screening, Finnova chose the software manufacturer BSI – with which it had already been cooperating closely since 2019 – as its partner for the fixed supplement to the Campaign Management module. BSI was also favoured for its innovative capacity, the integrability of its solutions, its excellent customer orientation and its strong position on the software market in the DACH region. These strengths were compounded by BSI's extensive sector expertise, which is reflected in the product and its application and has already proved its value in real-world use at partner banks.

    Implementing strong campaigns together in the banking sector
    The cooperation aims to promote digitalisation in the banking sector and to combine the strengths from both product worlds. Banks are equipped to offer their customers the best user experience – meaning personalised, metrics-based and targeted – across all channels. BSI has incorporated the comprehensive functionalities of its customer-centred CX solution.
    Market demand is high, and many partner banks have so far taken only small steps towards digitalising their customer relationships in relation to campaign management. In cooperation with BSI, Finnova is now offering them the opportunity to combine multiple standalone solutions, enabling advisors to gain a 360° view of customers and automating processes in customer relationship management for the first time. Clean data separation and mapping of complex authorisation structures are assured.

    The CM Campaigns solution from Finnova and BSI is functionally integrated into the Finnova Client Engagement Suite. From a technical and procedural perspective, it is integrated into the Finnova Banking Software via the Integration Services of the Finnova Open Platform. Full front to back integration delivers benefits across the entire lifecycle: in operation, in maintenance and when rolling out new functionalities, with data homogeneity and consistency guaranteed.
    The solution supports banks over the long term in digitalisation and automation, as well as in the management of their customer-related touchpoints – and with an optimised total cost of ownership (TCO).

    High market demand in the Finnova Community testifies to success
    This is an offer that meets a very real market need. Several banks have already committed to implementing the CM Campaign solution from Finnova and BSI. Thanks to the two companies' combined expertise and innovative capacity, these banks will benefit from integrated data management across all customer-related processes as well as automated processes in the areas of sales, service and marketing in future. This way, the banks can implement personalised, tailor-made campaigns for their customers. At the same time, new insights into customer behaviour open up the possibility of developing and rolling out innovative products and services – including via partner ecosystems.

    "We are pleased to join forces with Finnova to support banks in creating impressive customer. experiences. Not only are our solutions a perfect fit, but the cooperation also works well on a human level", comments René Konrad, Community Manager Banking at BSI. "The topic of customer management with customers at its centre is gaining enormously in significance. This is confirmed by the great interest in the integrated CM Campaigns functionalities of BSI CX, and it is a pleasure to support banks in the challenges they face in digitalisation and automation in partnership with BSI and to drive this forward in the banking sector", says Dr Martin Widmer, Product Manager Customer Management at Finnova. "With its numerous reference projects in the sector and its reputation for customer orientation, BSI is the ideal partner for this."

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  • Finnova launches 'Open Banking as a Service' solution
    2021-04-23 07:00 - (Finnova AG)

    Lenzburg/Zurich, 23 April 2021 – Finnova is launching its 'open banking as a service' solution with the implementation of the Swiss NextGen Banking API. The as-a-service solution enables the simple, efficient and secure connection of third-party companies and fintechs to the Finnova banks. To begin with, it addresses the payment initiation service and the account information service, which are two central business cases. The solution was put into productive operation in the Finnova Community on 1 April 2021. It is based on the standard defined by the independent association and is the Swiss answer to the EU's PSD2 directive on harmonisation of payment transactions. Ergon's Swiss open banking solution is a central part of the as-a-service product. This new offer makes 'banking in the value chain' tangible.

    "This solution is part of the Finnova product and services strategy. It offers our customer banks 'banking in the value chain'. The 'open banking as a service' solution offers our banks the possibility of implementing platform-based business models. This means that they can be effectively integrated into the ecosystem and interlinked with external partners for new collaborations. The banks thereby create innovative and attractive services as well as consistent user experiences for their end clients," explains Simon Kauth, Chief Product Officer of Finnova.

    Finnova is implementing its 'open banking as a service' solution in close cooperation with Swiss technology and security service provider Ergon Informatik AG. Ergon contributes its Swiss open banking solution and security products as well as its experience from similar projects with Swiss and EU banks. Adrian Berger, Ergon's MD Finance and Telecom Solutions, is pleased with the cooperation and adds: "The implementation of open banking and the conversion to API-capable infrastructures and platform models provide modern banks with significant advantages for new income and cost-effectiveness."

    Since April 2021, a Liechtenstein Bank has been using Finnova's 'open banking as a service' solution, based on the digital banking backbone of Finnova. It serves as a technical and conceptual backbone and as a starting point for developing new user experiences. On the basis of the digital banking backbone completed by Finnova, further 'open banking as a service' solutions will follow on an ongoing basis.

    Press Release 210423 Finnnova Open Banking aaS

  • Changes in the Board of Directors of Finnova AG
    2021-04-16 09:00 - (Finnova AG)

    Lenzburg, 16 April 2021 – Walter Knabenhans and Hanspeter Rhyner are both stepping down as members of the Board of Directors. Heinrich Leuthard and Pascal Niquille are replacing them as new representatives.

    The Board of Directors of Finnova AG has remained very stable in its composition for many years. Two changes are now taking place:

    Walter Knabenhans, long-standing member of the Board of Directors, is stepping down as he has reached retirement age and wishes to dedicate more time to private matters.
    Hanspeter Rhyner, who, in his previous role as CEO of Glarner Kantonalbank, represented the shareholder banks on the Board of Directors is also resigning.

    New members
    Pascal Niquille is coming on board as successor to Walter Knabenhans. As former CEO of Zuger Kantonalbank, he knows Finnova very well. Like most cantonal banks, Zuger Kantonalbank relies on the Finnova core banking system. Niquille is also Chairman of the Board of Directors of Viseca Holding and is extremely familiar with the trends and challenges of the sector and has a broad network in the Community.
    Heinrich Leuthard is joining the Board of Directors as representative of the shareholder banks. As the long-standing CEO of Nidwaldner Kantonalbank, he also knows Finnova very well. Leuthard is looking forward to successfully helping shape the long-term development of Finnova with his knowledge of the sector and end clients' needs.
    The elections took place at the Finnova General Assembly on 14 April 2021 and are effective immediately. Finnova's Board of Directors is therefore composed as follows:

    • Hans Zehetmaier (Chairman of the Board of Directors of Finnova and Chairman of the Board of the msg company group)
    • Stephan Frohnhoff (CEO of the msg company group)
    • Robert Gebel (Head of Banking, Swisscom)
    • Heinrich Leuthard (CEO of Nidwaldner Kantonalbank)
    • Pascal Niquille (independent representative of the Board of Directors)
    • Hendrik Lang (CEO of Finnova, Delegate of the Board of Directors)

    Press Release BoD 2012-04-16


    Nicole Irion, Head of Communication, Finnova
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  • Portal aaS from Finnova & ti&m for the Obwaldner Kantonalbank
    2021-01-27 16:40 - (Finnova AG)

    A new bank account in less than five minutes

    Zurich, 27 January 2021 – With the digital onboarding for Obwaldner Kantonalbank (OKB), Finnova and ti&m launched a new service for the Finnova Community at the beginning of the year. New clients can now open a bank account in less than five minutes, around the clock.

    ti&m's digital onboarding is a fully automated end-to-end process. It is part of the ti&m channel suite – ti&m's digitalisation construction kit for banks. New clients can quickly and easily open and immediately use a new account anytime, 24 hours a day. Thanks to the close cooperation between ti&m and Finnova, the solution fits in seamlessly with Finnova's existing core banking system and guides new clients step-by-step through all required actions. Client data is saved directly in OKB's core banking system, which significantly reduces effort compared with a conventional client opening.

    All required checks are fully automated. The latest technologies are used to identify fake identities and to ensure that people are real. The process is compliant with FINMA guidelines and includes all required background checks (blacklist, PEP check, duplicate check).

    The service is available to all banks from the Finnova Community from the beginning of the year and can be used immediately with ease. As a result of the reduced effort for the registration of new clients, banks can save considerable costs and offer their clients an innovative onboarding process. The onboarding solution is part of the Portal as a Service, an offer developed by Finnova together with ti&m.

    Thomas Wüst, CEO of ti&m, is enthusiastic about the new solution: "Despite the high degree of technical complexity, we have managed to develop an innovative onboarding solution, which is currently peerless in the Swiss market, in a short time. Thanks to the cooperation with Finnova, we can offer the onboarding process to all Finnova banks 'as a service', which saves banks time and money. A real bonus for banks and their clients."

    "In addition to digital onboarding, the Portal solution offers numerous other functionalities, such as digital document exchange, online appointments and a chat function. The Portal is being made available as a supplement to further OKB digital applications in Finnova's SaaS model. With this innovative platform from Finnova, it will be possible for OKB to orchestrate processes in a coordinated manner via applications or channels and to seamlessly integrate them into the core banking system," says Hendrik Lang, CEO of Finnova.

    Press Release Portal as a Service Finnova & ti&m for Obwaldner Kantonalbank

  • Chef des Bankensoftware-Herstellers Finnova: «Ein grosser Teil der Innovation spielt sich in der Zentralschweiz ab»
    2021-01-21 12:00 - (Luzerner Zeitung)

    Fast alle Zentralschweizer Kantonalbanken, Valiant und die Migros Bank nutzen die Bankensoftware des Lenzburger Herstellers Finnova. CEO Hendrik Lang sagt im Interview, was Kunden von ihren Banken erwarten und wie es um den Standort Seewen steht.

    von Maurizio Minetti, Luzerner Zeitung

    Sie entwickeln Software, die von Schweizer Banken genutzt wird. Was erwarten Kunden von ihren Banken?

    Hendrik Lang: Für Bankkunden, insbesondere den digital affinen, wird es generell immer wichtiger, dass sie so viele Prozesse wie möglich digital abwickeln können. Heutige Bankkunden wollen vielleicht in die Filiale gehen, um sich dort beraten zu lassen. Wenn sie aber nur eine neue Kreditkarte brauchen oder ihre Adresse ändern müssen, wollen sie dies vermehrt digital erledigen. Sie erwarten, dass sie so viel wie möglich bequem über das E-Banking-Portal oder die App machen können.

    Und sie erwarten auch, dass sie bei einem Problem nicht alles dreimal erklären müssen, sondern die Bankmitarbeiter bereits erkennen, wenn ein Kunde digitaleinen Prozess gestartet hat, und diesen dann nahtlos weiterführen.

    Die Sicherheit im Netz ist auch ein wichtiges Thema für Bankkunden. Welche Rolle spielt dabei, ob eine Bank Finnova-Softwareverwendet oder jene der Konkurrenz?

    Tatsächlich gibt es Kernbereiche einer Bankensoftware, die überall gleich sind. Der Bankkunde wird nie merken, ob seine Zahlung auf einer Finnova- Plattform abgewickelt
    wird oder über eine andere Software. Wir nennen dies den Backoffice-Bereich. Dann gibt es aber auch den Frontoffice-Bereich, und hier unterscheiden sich die Systeme zum Teil gewaltig. Wir sprechen vom Schaufenster der Bankensoftware, womit vor allem das E-Banking-System und die Mobile-App gemeint sind, aber auch viele andere Applikationen. Jedes Finanzinstitut entscheidet individuell, in welcher Art und Weise es welches Produkt seinen Kunden anbietet.

    Sie zählen die Zentralschweizer Kantonalbanken– ausser jene aus Luzern – zu Ihren Kunden. Auch Valiant und Migros Banknutzen die Finnova-Software. Wie gehen diese Banken mit Applikationen um? Sind sie experimentierfreudig?

    Diese Banken investieren fortlaufend in neue Themen, insbesondere auch im Bereich der Digitalisierung.

    Spricht man von der Schweizer Bankenlandschaft, hat man immer Zürich oder Genf im Kopf, dabei spielt sich ein grosser Teil der Innovation auch in der Zentralschweiz ab.

    Die Kantonalbanken der Innerschweiz haben mit uns schon diverse Pilotprojekte für verschiedene Applikationen durchgeführt. Sie führen also Produkte als erste Bank von unseren 100 Kundenbanken ein. Das ist eine Herausforderung, aber auch eine Chance, weil die Bank das Produkt so von Anfang an mitprägen kann und die Innovation als erste auf den Markt bringt. So hat zum Beispiel die Schwyzer Kantonalbank als erste Bank einen ganz neuen, modernen Beraterarbeitsplatz eingeführt oder die Obwaldner Kantonalbank ein neues Kundenportalmit der Möglichkeit des Self-Onboardings für Kunden. Damit ist die digitale Kontoeröffnung gemeint.

    Sie haben im Kanton Schwyz eine Niederlassung. Was machenSie dort genau?

    Wir haben in Seewen nach dem Stammsitz Lenzburg diezweitgrösste Niederlassung mit aktuell rund 75 Angestellten. Sie kümmern sich um den Betrieb der
    Software, bearbeiten Anfragen der Banken, entwickeln kundenspezifische Lösungen und stellen die Software denBanken zur Verfügung. Wenn Sie zum Beispiel als Kunde der Obwaldner Kantonalbank das E-Banking nutzen, dannwird dieses von Seewen aus betrieben. Mehr als die Hälftedes Umsatzes im Dienstleistungsbereich generieren wirvon Seewen aus.

    Haben Sie in Seewen Ausbaupläne?

    In den letzten drei Jahren hat sich die Belegschaft in Seewen fast verdoppelt, wir wachsen also kontinuierlich und suchen noch weitere Mitarbeitende an unserem Standort in Seewen. Über alle Finnova-Niederlassungen hinweg haben wir im vergangenen Jahr 50 neue Stellengeschaffen.

    Wie ist das möglich, wenn die Finanzindustrie doch wegen tiefer Zinsen unter Druck ist und sparen muss? Erst kürzlich hat die UBS die Schliessung von 44 Filialen beschlossen.

    Die Banken wissen, dass sie in den digitalen Bereich investieren müssen. Eine Investition in eine moderne Bankensoftware hilft langfristig, effizienter zu werden und damit Kosten zu sparen. Darum ist die Nachfrage nach unseren Produkten hoch, obschon die Bankenbranche vor Herausforderungen steht. Unsere Auftragsbücher sind daher voll, vor allem in den Bereichen Digitalisierung, Data Analytics und Integration.

    Haben klassische Banken denn überhaupt eine Chance gegenagile Jungunternehmen, die viel tiefere Kosten haben?

    Natürlich. Umfragen zeigen, dass Schweizer eher den hiesigen Banken als den grossen Digitalfirmen vertrauen. Die Neobanken müssen sich das Vertrauen erst noch verdienen, ausserdem decken sie meistens nur einen Teil der Wertschöpfung ab, bieten also zum Beispiel nur Zahlungsverkehr an oder ein Vorsorgeprodukt. Letztlich geht es hier aber nicht um einen Kampf der Kulturen, denn es gibt schon seit längerem auch Kooperationen zwischen Banken und Start-ups.

    "Unsere Software hilft dabei, dass Banken Drittprodukte anderer Unternehmen integrieren können." Ein Trend sind zum Beispiel Produkte für das persönliche Finanzmanagement, die Einnahmen und Ausgaben grafisch aufzeigen. Dem Endkunden ist es letztlich egal, ob eine Applikation von Finnova oder von einem anderen Anbieterkommt. Er will bei seiner Bank die digitalen Produkte vorfinden, die er nutzen möchte.

    Die meistgenutzte Bankensoftware der Schweiz

    Der deutsch-schweizerische Doppelbürger Hendrik Lang(51) ist seit September 2018 CEO des Lenzburger Herstellers von Bankensoftware Finnova. Finnova gehört mehrheitlich dem deutschen IT-Unternehmen msg. Anteile besitzen auch die Swisscom sowie mehrere Banken, die zum Kundenkreis von Finnova gehören, sowie die Geschäftsleitung. Finnova beschäftigt insgesamt 450Mitarbeitende. Mit über 100 Banken auf der Kundenliste ist Finnova nach eigenen Angaben die meistgenutzte Bankensoftware der Schweiz. Zählt man allerdings die Zahl der Nutzer bei den verschiedenen Banken, schwingt der Mitbewerber Avaloq obenaus. Finnova und Avaloq teilen sich den Schweizer Markt für sogenannte Core-Banking-Systeme auf. Ein solches Kernbankensystem bildet die wichtigsten Prozesse innerhalb einer Bank ab, also zum Beispiel die Kontoführung oder den Zahlungsverkehr. Die Software arbeitet also im Hintergrund, im sogenannten Backoffice. In den letzten Jahren haben die beiden Softwarehersteller aber vermehrt auch Produkte entwickelt, die an der Schnittstelle zum Kunden genutzt werden.


  • Finnova appoints Daniel Bernasconi as Chief Technology Officer and strengthens the Executive Board with Olaf Romer, former Head of Corporate IT at the Baloise Group
    2020-10-14 14:00 - (Finnova AG)

    Lenzburg, 14 October 2020 – The new strategic division 'Technology' has been created as part of the 'transform25' growth strategy. Daniel Bernasconi will be responsible for this division as Chief Technology Officer from 1 November 2020. On the same date, Olaf Romer will take over the position of Chief Services Officer from Daniel Bernasconi. Finnova has gained a very experienced manager in Olaf Romer. He will use his experience to further develop the important Services division.

    Over the last five years, Daniel Bernasconi has successfully developed and expanded Finnova's Services division, which includes Application Management in Seewen and the newly established solutions business such as the Finnova Open Platform, SaaS, consulting and integration. As a result of its transformation into a solution provider with the consistent opening up of the Finnova Banking Software via the Open Platform and increased cooperation with numerous fintechs, topics such as further development of the Open Platform, modernisation of the Finnova Core and Architecture Consulting are very significant to Finnova and its overall architecture. That is why Daniel Bernasconi will be taking responsibility for this division as CTO with a dedicated team, also making his expertise available to customers and partners externally. "It was already very important to me to view the Finnova Banking Software as an open component in our customers' ever faster-moving world of solutions, not as a self-contained product. I am looking forward to continuing in this direction in my new role," said Bernasconi.

    Finnova's Executive Board has appointed Olaf Romer as the new Chief Services Officer. With over 20 years' experience in various management positions at the Baloise Group, he brings solid knowledge of IT and services with him. Hendrik Lang, CEO of Finnova said, "We are delighted to have gained a proven, customer-oriented expert and team player with Olaf, who knows the IT business from the ground up. With his know-how and his network in the world of insurance, Olaf's responsibilities will include developing business with bank-related institutions such as pension companies, insurers and asset managers."

    Daniel Bernasconi and Olaf Romer will both report to CEO Hendrik Lang.