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  • Finnova and Taxsource enter into partnership and already gain three banks for their tax reporting services
    2019-03-26 07:00 - (Finnova AG)

    Tax reporting services of Finnova and Taxsource

    Finnova and Taxsource enter into partnership and already gain three banks for their tax reporting services

    Lenzburg, 26.03.2019 – Finnova is also integrating Taxsource's 'ALPHATAX' tax solution into the Finnova Banking Software to offer banks added value with a future-oriented solution in the area of tax reporting. Finnova is thereby continuing the systematic opening up of its software and addressing banks' needs in this digitalisation era.

    The seamless integration of the Taxsource solution, one of the leading tax solutions for over 20 foreign jurisdictions, into the Finnova Banking Software allows Finnova's over 100 customer banks to offer their bank clients a tax reporting compliant with regulatory requirements in their familiar CI/CD. Schaffhauser Kantonalbank, NEUE BANK AG and acrevis Bank AG are the first Finnova banks to use this tax reporting solution for their clients.

    Simon Kauth, Chief Product Officer of Finnova, says, "Thanks to our additional partnership with Taxsource and its 'ALPHATAX' solution, we are looking forward to being able to further expand the Finnova ecosystem with regard to tax reporting. Products and services are often interchangeable in the software world. Therefore, software providers can only effectively differentiate themselves through service, customer benefit and innovation. With Taxsource, Finnova has gained a partner which also lives by these values."

    Christoph Rapp, CEO of Taxsource, adds, "The standard integration of our solution into the Finnova Banking Software allows banks to offer tax certificates that are compliant with regulatory requirements and easy to generate for bank clients with domicile in Switzerland and abroad.

    Press Release Finnova with Partner Taxsource 190326

  • Finnova and True Wealth enter into product partnership and acquire their first customer bank, Regiobank Solothurn
    2018-11-27 07:00 - (Finnova AG)

    Digital asset management from Finnova and True Wealth
    Finnova and True Wealth enter into product partnership and acquire their first customer bank, Regiobank Solothurn

    Lenzburg, 27.11.2018 – Finnova has integrated True Wealth's Robo-Advisor solution into the Finnova Banking Software to provide added value to banks with a forward-looking digital asset management solution. Finnova is thereby continuing the systematic opening up of its software and addressing banks' needs in this period of digitalisation.

    The seamless integration of True Wealth's solution into the Finnova Banking Software allows the 100 Finnova banks to offer their bank clients intuitive, feature-rich digital asset management as an enhancement.

    Regiobank Solothurn is the first Finnova bank to make this digital asset management available to its clients.

    It enables banks to provide their clients with the following advantages:
    • An intuitive, attractive investment experience directly in e-banking
    • Option to configure an individual investment strategy for implementing personal investment requirements
    • Full control and transparency thanks to daily reports and possibility of adjusting the portfolio and making inpayments or outpayments at the click of a button

    Banks themselves enjoy the following benefits:
    • Quick market launch and low investment costs thanks to software as a service and standard integration
    • Low costs thanks to straight through processing and full automation
    • Extended digital asset management range to appeal to the digitally savvy client segment with a professional, functionally attractive investment solution
    • Refined, yet easy-to-use options for individualisation – the solution appeals not only to classic wealth management clients, but also to a wide spectrum of clients with innovative investment opportunities

    Raphael Widmer, Finnova's Chief Customer Officer says, "We are pleased to further expand Switzerland's largest banking ecosystem thanks to the new partnership with True Wealth and new customer Regiobank Solothurn. Our aim is to appeal to more banks in the future." Christoph Erb, True Wealth's Head of Business Development adds, "The standard integration of the solution into the Finnova Banking Software provides banks with easy access to digital asset management."

    181127 Press Release Product Partnership Finnova and True Wealth

  • Hypotheken – Die Beratungsqualität entscheidet
    2018-11-15 13:00 - (IFZ Institut für Finanzdienstleistungen HSLU)

    In der siebten Studie zum Schweizer Retailbanken-Markt zeigt das Institut für Finanzdienstleistungen Zug IFZ der Hochschule Luzern auf: Beim Hypothekarentscheid sind die Beratungsqualität sowie die Zinshöhe die wichtigsten Kriterien. Auf der Bankenseite gibt es im Hypothekarprozess dank der Digitalisierung noch ungenutztes Sparpotenzial. Im jährlichen Ranking der erfolgreichsten Retail-Banken schwingen wiederum kleine Banken oben auf.

    Es gibt verschiedene Gründe, warum sich Kunden für eine Bank entscheiden. Beim Abschluss einer Hypothek sind aber nicht nur günstige Zinsen, sondern eine gute Beratungsqualität und die persönliche Bekanntschaft zu einem Kundenberater entscheidend. Dies zeigt eine Umfrage bei rund 220 Kundinnen und Kunden im Rahmen der Retail Banking-Studie 2018 (siehe Kasten) des Instituts für Finanzdienstleistungen IFZ.

    Medienmitteilung IFZ HSLU Retailbanking Studie 2018

    Finnova engagiert sich als führender Anbieter von Bankensoftware seit 2012 als Sponsor der Retail-Banking-Studie des IFZ der Hochschule Luzern. Dank dem Finnova-Sponsoring lassen sich solche Studien von wissenschaftlicher Seite her überhaupt durchführen. Die Kunden von Finnova profitieren in zweierlei Hinsicht vom Engagement: einerseits von Vergünstigungen beim Kauf der Studienergebnisse (Spezialpreis CHF 270, bei Bestellung ‚Finnova‘ angeben) und andererseits vom Transfer der Erkenntnisse ins Finnova Product Management. Die Unabhängigkeit des Studienträgers ist für die neutrale, faktenbasierte Interpretation der Ergebnisse zwingend. Deshalb beschränkt sich Finnova auf die Rolle als Sponsor. 

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  • 2018-11-07 10:34 - (Finnova AG)
  • Finnova opens up further for fintechs and offers the Business Finance Manager
    2018-10-15 10:30 - (Finnova AG)

    Switzerland's largest banking community grows further
    Finnova opens up further for fintechs and offers the Business Finance Manager

    Lenzburg/Zurich, 15 October 2018 – Low brokerage fees and meagre interest rates define the market. In addition, increasing digitalisation is presenting the sector with major challenges, but also significant opportunities. Finnova is building on this, developing its partnership with Contovista and the Business Finance Manager for SMEs.

    Banks in transition – Digitalisation as an opportunity
    Digitalisation provides banks with significantly more potential than the development of a standardised customer journey. For example, using all available data sources and explaining relationships between events and behaviours, custom-made solutions can be developed. User profiles would thereby be continually refined, and made-to-measure solutions that match the clients' needs structure would result.

    Banks can future-proof their business models through innovation. The focus of new business ideas is often limited to visible elements, such as new apps. Other important areas are forgotten. Industrialisation in the finance sector has long included products and services from specialised third-party providers.

    Finnova develops successful partnership with Contovista and the Business Finance Manager
    An increasing number of fintechs are joining the Finnova Community to support banks with these solutions – the vision is still to develop the Finnova platform so that it is a leading ecosystem for modern end-to-end banking. Finnova is strengthening its strategic partnership with data analysis fintech Contivista, and now offers the Business Finance Manager (BFM) for SMEs.

    The BFM solution from Contovista saves valuable time for business clients during financial planning thanks to automatic classification of transactions. It also permits anticipatory liquidity planning, making it possible to offer custom-made products or to proactively initiate contact with the advisor. The software also supplements the accounting tools. The enriched data can be exported and used further, for example when posting business transactions. Finnova banks can simply integrate the BFM additional option into their client portal or e-banking, thereby offering their business clients new solutions.

    The cooperation between Finnova and Contovista has proved itself. Nine Swiss Finnova banks are already using the financial assistant for private clients for client retention and increase in turnover, and with the BFM, the partners are reacting to the significant demand on the market for a corresponding solution for corporate clients. The cooperation is completed through joint appearances – for example at the Swiss Fintech Day on 16 October in Zurich – where the companies will present the solution approaches for the bank of tomorrow together.

    Gian Reto à Porta, CEO of Contovista, says, "With our Business Finance Manager, we offer SMEs simple and fast options for keeping track of their liquidity management and focusing on their core business. It also offers new advisory methods for banks. For example, proactive, targeted recommendations or services could be offered on the basis of cash-flow analysis."

    Ralph Hutter, Product Manager Digital Banking at Finnova adds, "We are always on the lookout for dynamic, innovative products that provide real added value for banks and bank clients, especially in times of digital transformation and open banking. With Contovista, we are holding onto one of our most important product partners. We are already looking forward to relevant future services."


  • Change of CEO: Charlie Matter is handing over the helm to Hendrik Lang
    2018-06-26 09:45 - (Finnova AG)

    Lenzburg, 26 June 2018 – In his 20th year at Finnova, Charlie Matter, the company's CEO and Delegate of the Board of Directors, has decided to retire and concentrate on his private projects. The Board of Directors has appointed Hendrik Lang, currently Chief Customer Officer and Member of the Executive Board at Finnova, as his successor. The handover will take place as of 1 September 2018. Raphael Widmer, currently Head of Presales, will take over Hendrik Lang's previous role as of then.  

    Charlie Matter decides to leave Finnova 
    After almost 20 years, Charlie Matter, CEO and Delegate of the Board of Directors at Finnova, has decided to retire. Since his entry in 1999, Finnova has grown from a handful of customer banks and around 55 employees to one of the leading providers of banking software in Switzerland with around 100 customer banks, over 70 partner companies, 400 employees, and a large external workforce. In the past few years, in accordance with customer needs, Charlie Matter has driven a transformation in all dimensions into an agile organisation with new recruits and a new strategy. This is reflected in a focus on the Swiss market with a clear product and services offer by Finnova, which can be flexibly expanded with offers from partner companies, customised developments, or in-house developments of banks. This change is underpinned by new technologies and architectures.  
    'I look back at a fulfilled time at Finnova in which we, together with our employees, customers, partners and shareholders, created the largest banking ecosystem in Switzerland, which is ready for the future of banking. Now is the right time to hand over the helm,' says Charlie Matter. 
    Hendrik Lang is to become the new CEO as of 1 September 2018 
    Hendrik Lang has already been a Member of the Executive Board since 2015, and will take over the role as CEO on 1 September 2018. Hendrik Lang has managed to gain comprehensive experience and build up a broad network in the Swiss IT and banking market over almost 25 years. He can look back on a successful career in banking advisory and as an executive with large international corporations. 
    During a transition period until the end of the year, Charlie Matter will still play a part so that a seamless transfer is ensured. 'I look forward to the new challenge and will pursue the transformation into an open ecosystem for end-to-end banking which covers the different needs of our customer banks and new customers, always with a focus on the high-performing Finnova Banking Software,' comments Hendrik Lang.   
    Raphael Widmer succeeds as Chief Customer Officer 
    Raphael Widmer, who has already been working for Finnova for many years and who is currently Head of Presales, will take over the previous role of Hendrik Lang as Chief Customer Officer and Member of the Executive Board as of 1 September 2018. He has an established network among customers and partners, and has extensive knowledge of Finnova's product and services offer.  
    'As chairman of Finnova's Board of Directors, I am exceptionally pleased that we can ensure a seamless change in leadership with extremely competent new representatives from our own ranks. In particular, I wish to thank Charlie Matter for his tireless work for Finnova over two decades with constantly changing requirements for the company,' says Hans Zehetmaier, at once founder and managing director of msg systems ag, the majority shareholder of Finnova and one of the leading software integration companies in Germany with around 7,000 employees worldwide.