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  • Finnova and FactSet launch a shared market data portal for banks
    2019-10-30 11:00 - (Finnova AG)

    Lenzburg, October 30, 2019. – Finnova is certifying the market data portal of FactSet for the Finnova Banking Software to offer banks added value in the area of market data with an integrated solution. Finnova is thereby continuing the systematic opening up of its software and addressing banks' needs in this digitalisation era.

    The high-performance FactSet Markets Portal is seamlessly integrated as a data solution into the E-Banking suite of the Finnova Banking Software. This enables Finnova's over 100 customer banks to offer their bank clients the timely and comprehensive market information of FactSet in their usual design.

    The FactSet Markets Portal is a solution that is ready for immediate use and individually adaptable, which the Finnova banks can integrate into their own e-banking platforms. This allows them to access FactSet data, including news and prices, as well as macro data regarding indices, currencies, commodities and government bonds, and to provide these directly for their clients in an intuitive user interface. Furthermore, numerous functional components such as sample portfolios, watchlists and alerts are available to maximise the benefit for each individual user. The portal components can be generated automatically and adjusted in such a way that they correspond to the investments of the individual clients, thus promoting client engagement and communication. The FactSet Markets Portal enables banks to offer their clients a personalised, data-driven digital experience, without a costly in-house development being required.

    "We are delighted to expand our offer of digital services together with FactSet", says Simon Kauth, Chief Product Officer at Finnova. "True to our claim to provide information in an integrated way and in the right context, the FactSet Markets Portal provides bank clients with a high-quality and up-to-date view of markets, and offers them the corresponding online services. The multitude of market data and financial market contents can thus be presented in an individual and consolidated manner. With the FactSet solution integrated into our platform, we provide our customers with contextual, up-to-date market data and thereby not only improve decision bases, but also enable the development of further business potentials."

    "Private investors demand more real-time data and performance reporting that is tailored to their portfolios", observes Goran Skoko, Global Head of Wealth und Managing Director EMEA and APAC at FactSet. "This demand puts our customers under intense pressure, in particular medium-sized private client banks and financial advisors who are looking for digital solutions to expand and further improve their offer. With the introduction of our new portals, we are providing our customers with a technological infrastructure that can be scaled without major internal investment."

    Press Release Finnova and FactSet launch a shared market data portal for banks

  • Glarner Kantonalbank pilots Finnova Loan Advisory also for corporate client business
    2019-07-03 07:00 - (Finnova AG)

    Lenzburg/Glarus, 3 July 2019. – The cooperation between Finnova AG and Glarner Kantonalbank (GLKB) is bearing fruit: GLKB is piloting Loan Advisory – a digital loan advisory process – now also for corporate client business. Since December 2018, the digital loan advisory at GLKB has already been available to the private client business in the pilot. The go-live is planned for the third quarter of 2019: the new digital loan advisory solution will subsequently be available to all other banks or financial services providers.

    Finnova and GLKB have newly developed and entirely digitalised the loan advisory process with Loan Advisory. With this new software, all financing transactions for both private and corporate clients can be settled and processed in a digital workflow, from the tablet-supported loan advisory to the loan check, and to quality assurance without system discontinuity. The approval process for standard transactions has been fully automated.

    Loan Advisory is linked with the Finnova Core and is focused on banks' requirements with regard to a systemically consistent, process-supported advisory with a consistent client experience as well as cost-effective, front-to-back processing. Interfaces to the rating and real estate appraisal system as well as the connection of the client dossier complete the modern, digital process chain. With Loan Advisory, banks can provide advice on, approve and fully process all of their loans quickly and consistently; furthermore, 'Loan Advisory' can also be used for non-Finnova banks.

    190703_Press Release Finnova Cantoalbank of Glarus Business credits

  • Ab November 2019 setzt die Habib Bank AG Zürich als Kernbankenlösung auf die Finnova Banking Software und lagert ihre IT- und Backoffice-Prozesse an die Swisscom aus
    2019-06-05 08:59 - (Finnova AG)

    Lenzburg, 3. Juni 2019

    Seit 1974 vertrauen Banken auf Finnova – in der Entwicklung, im Betrieb und in der Beratung. Die Habib Bank AG Zürich (Habib Bank) hat sich für die innovative und offene Kernbankenlösung von Finnova entschieden und setzt damit auf die Stärken im Bereich der Digitalisierung sowie auf zukunftsweisende Funktionalitäten in der Interaktion und der Beratung ihrer Endkunden: «Ausschlaggebend für den Entscheid zugunsten der Finnova Banking Software waren sicherlich die hohe Stabilität, innovative Features wie beispielsweise der neue digitale Arbeitsplatz – Advisory Workbench – oder das Investment Cockpit sowie das hohe Mass an Flexibilität, einerseits hinsichtlich Integration von Drittapplikationen und andererseits hinsichtlich Partnern für den Betrieb und Business Process Outsourcing» so Hendrik Lang, CEO der Finnova. Die Habib Bank bezieht sämtliche Systeme sozusagen aus der Steckdose – full managed Private Banking as a Service von der Swisscom, welche die Koordination und Führung sämtlicher Lizenzen und Sublieferanten übernimmt, sich ebenfalls um eine stabile, sichere und leistungsfähige Architektur des Gesamtsystems kümmert und dessen Weiterentwicklung plant.
    Mit der Finnova Banking Software steht der Habib Bank eine sowohl funktional als auch betriebswirtschaftlich attraktive Plattform mit modernen Banking Services zur Verfügung. Finnova entwickelt diese Plattform kontinuierlich weiter und stellt durch substanzielle Investments in die Architektur deren nachhaltigen Werterhalt sicher. Finnova investiert selbst in innovative Digitalisierungslösungen, gleichzeitig bietet sie über die Open Platform Banken ein hohes Mass an Individualisierung. Insgesamt vertrauen inzwischen bereits über 100 Banken auf Finnova. Damit bestätigt Finnova ihre Marktführerschaft mit den meisten Installationen in der Schweiz.

    Finnova Medienmitteilung Habib Bank Zürich

  • Finnova and Taxsource enter into partnership and already gain three banks for their tax reporting services
    2019-03-26 07:00 - (Finnova AG)

    Tax reporting services of Finnova and Taxsource

    Finnova and Taxsource enter into partnership and already gain three banks for their tax reporting services

    Lenzburg, 26.03.2019 – Finnova is also integrating Taxsource's 'ALPHATAX' tax solution into the Finnova Banking Software to offer banks added value with a future-oriented solution in the area of tax reporting. Finnova is thereby continuing the systematic opening up of its software and addressing banks' needs in this digitalisation era.

    The seamless integration of the Taxsource solution, one of the leading tax solutions for over 20 foreign jurisdictions, into the Finnova Banking Software allows Finnova's over 100 customer banks to offer their bank clients a tax reporting compliant with regulatory requirements in their familiar CI/CD. Schaffhauser Kantonalbank, NEUE BANK AG and acrevis Bank AG are the first Finnova banks to use this tax reporting solution for their clients.

    Simon Kauth, Chief Product Officer of Finnova, says, "Thanks to our additional partnership with Taxsource and its 'ALPHATAX' solution, we are looking forward to being able to further expand the Finnova ecosystem with regard to tax reporting. Products and services are often interchangeable in the software world. Therefore, software providers can only effectively differentiate themselves through service, customer benefit and innovation. With Taxsource, Finnova has gained a partner which also lives by these values."

    Christoph Rapp, CEO of Taxsource, adds, "The standard integration of our solution into the Finnova Banking Software allows banks to offer tax certificates that are compliant with regulatory requirements and easy to generate for bank clients with domicile in Switzerland and abroad.

    Press Release Finnova with Partner Taxsource 190326

  • Finnova and True Wealth enter into product partnership and acquire their first customer bank, Regiobank Solothurn
    2018-11-27 07:00 - (Finnova AG)

    Digital asset management from Finnova and True Wealth
    Finnova and True Wealth enter into product partnership and acquire their first customer bank, Regiobank Solothurn

    Lenzburg, 27.11.2018 – Finnova has integrated True Wealth's Robo-Advisor solution into the Finnova Banking Software to provide added value to banks with a forward-looking digital asset management solution. Finnova is thereby continuing the systematic opening up of its software and addressing banks' needs in this period of digitalisation.

    The seamless integration of True Wealth's solution into the Finnova Banking Software allows the 100 Finnova banks to offer their bank clients intuitive, feature-rich digital asset management as an enhancement.

    Regiobank Solothurn is the first Finnova bank to make this digital asset management available to its clients.

    It enables banks to provide their clients with the following advantages:
    • An intuitive, attractive investment experience directly in e-banking
    • Option to configure an individual investment strategy for implementing personal investment requirements
    • Full control and transparency thanks to daily reports and possibility of adjusting the portfolio and making inpayments or outpayments at the click of a button

    Banks themselves enjoy the following benefits:
    • Quick market launch and low investment costs thanks to software as a service and standard integration
    • Low costs thanks to straight through processing and full automation
    • Extended digital asset management range to appeal to the digitally savvy client segment with a professional, functionally attractive investment solution
    • Refined, yet easy-to-use options for individualisation – the solution appeals not only to classic wealth management clients, but also to a wide spectrum of clients with innovative investment opportunities

    Raphael Widmer, Finnova's Chief Customer Officer says, "We are pleased to further expand Switzerland's largest banking ecosystem thanks to the new partnership with True Wealth and new customer Regiobank Solothurn. Our aim is to appeal to more banks in the future." Christoph Erb, True Wealth's Head of Business Development adds, "The standard integration of the solution into the Finnova Banking Software provides banks with easy access to digital asset management."

    181127 Press Release Product Partnership Finnova and True Wealth