Finnova Community

With 100 banks and over 70 partner companies, the Finnova Community is Switzerland's largest, most diverse banking IT ecosystem. It brings together banks with different business models and a wide range of sizes.

We actively manage our Community via our topic-specific Expert Panels, the Advisory Panel at strategic level and the CEO Panel at the top level. The Finnova Community offers banks and partners the opportunity to actively help shape and further develop the Finnova Banking Software and to drive innovations forward together. It means that we are always up-to-date with our customers and partners, and can therefore set the right priorities.


CEO Panel
CEOs discuss the disruptive trends and longer-term developments in the financial industry and in the technology sector. The aim is to develop a common understanding of the driving forces in the industry.

Advisory Panel
At senior management level, we provide the opportunity to discuss strategic topics. The purpose of the Advisory Panel is to hold discussions about required action in product development.

Product Sounding Board
The Product Sounding Boards are also at senior management level. They are convened on a product-specific basis for larger strategic projects.

Expert Panel
The purpose of an Expert Panel is to prioritise banking and operational topics, to discuss tasks that are brought up, and to make decisions.

Practice Groups
Practice Groups are made up of members of a higher-level group. They are convened as needed, as working groups for specific questions. Generally they are temporary.

Product Demo
The aim of Product Demos is transparency in operative product implementation. They provide an opportunity to look back at the most important developments and to look ahead to planned implementation topics.