The Client Engagement Suite enables the implementation of hybrid branch strategies and customised advisory approaches. Finnova products play a key role in this. Furthermore, the Finnova ecosystem is an important cornerstone for the integration of value-added chains, ensuring the optimal implementation of bank-specific ideas and requirements.

The Client Engagement Suite is aimed at bank clients, such as private, business or investment clients, as well as external asset managers and bank advisors. The Client Engagement Suite combines the digital channels – such as E-Banking, Mobile Banking and the Advisor Workbench – with the physical touchpoints such as Teller and ATM. This forms the basis for the future end-to-end orchestration of processes, documents and tasks. In addition to functionally consistent topics across the channels and touchpoints, the applications of the Client Engagement Suite also have a catalogue of non-functional requirements in common, most notably the look and feel, and security.

Open for the integration of third-party providers

The capability to integrate third-party applications simply and seamlessly into the front-end applications of the Core Suite is a key element of our developments in the Client Engagement Suite.

Finnova Banking Software

Solutions for Smarter Banking

Strategic Focus
Industrialisation, Standardisation
Data, Analytics & Compliance

Finnova Banking Software

Solutions for Smarter Banking

Strategic Focus
Data, Analytics & Compliance
Industrialisation, Standardisation

E-Banking & Mobile Banking

Your personal finances under control anywhere, anytime on all devices: Finnova's central digital client front-end applications are both aligned with this guiding principle. From A to Z, they guarantee a consistent user experience for all financial transactions of bank clients – around the clock, 365 days a year and, of course, front-to-back. Together, E-Banking and Mobile Banking form the indispensable, central digital shop window and the actual 'shopping mall' of the bank. The E-Banking application can be integrated into the Finnova portal solution. The client-centred touchpoints are coordinated, which provides for a consistent user experience.


With the Finnova E-Banking application, private, business and investment clients – as well as external asset managers – are provided with a modern and high-performance solution. The excellent user experience of the E-Banking application is optimised for tablets and desktop devices. Native smartphone apps are also available in iOS and Android for small screens. In the Finnova E-Banking application, account, balance and posting queries are made, and payments are entered and processed. Thanks to options for analysing expenditure, household budgets or future account transactions, clients have an up-to-date and clear presentation of their financial situation at all times. The digital financial assistant provides a comprehensive overview of all transactions, including credit cards – also for corporate clients. Expenditure is automatically grouped into categories, and individual, personal budgets can be created. Financial circumstances are clearly displayed and are based on data as it is also available in the advisor's Portfolio Management System.

Furthermore, stock exchange orders can be entered, executed, queried and processed by means of STP in the E-Banking application. With the mortgage extension, existing financing can be directly handled by the client and processed in the Loans module in the Core Suite. Further modules include E-Bill, Electronic Archive and Secure Mail for secure communication with the bank. Whether from the Payment Transactions or Stock Exchange application, the Finnova software accepts the orders and further processes them in real time. Naturally, the new QR-bill has been integrated into the Finnova E-Banking application and provides for media disruption-free and cross-channel payments in e-banking and mobile banking.

The QR wizard also enables consistent processing of QR-bill codes directly from PDF documents on mobile terminal devices and the upload of electronic QR-bills to the E-Banking application. Our numerous partnerships enable a flexible choice of authentication and transaction signature procedures such as text message/mTAN, CrontoSign, smart card, Swisscom Mobile ID, Airlock 2FA or Kobil SSMS.

External asset managers (EAM) work with the Finnova Banking Software directly or via the E-Banking application. With the EAM profile, which is being expanded further, a specific EAM dashboard is available, which provides a clear overview of the most-used functionalities and the most important information. The focus is on efficient searches for clients, accounts, securities holdings and orders, as well as the list orders that are key for EAMs.

With the new dashboard for investment clients, we are meeting the special needs of demanding investment clients. Financial market information from Web Financial Group or FactSet has been integrated to complement this. From the bank website to e-banking: Along the customer journey, we integrate e-banking into the customer portal, which can be obtained as a solution offer from Finnova. Alongside the integration via iFrame, we offer additional functionalities such as central login/logout and direct navigation between portal and the common transaction-oriented business cases in the E-Banking application.

Mobile Banking

Experience banking in a new light with the third generation Finnova Mobile Banking application – simple, innovative and contemporary. With the Finnova Mobile Banking app, bank end clients have access to their assets and bank transactions safely, anytime, anywhere. The Finnova Mobile Banking application offers a fundamentally revised user experience and new functions in the areas of assets overview, payment transactions and client/bank interaction. This allows banks to send out a signal on the most important touchpoint of the future. Bank clients have their bank transactions 'in their own hands'. The Mobile Banking application guarantees secure and simple access for completing bank transactions at home or on the move. The use of native platform technologies provides for user-friendliness, accessibility, security and performance.

The Mobile Banking application offers all clients an uncomplicated and personal opportunity for interaction with their bank. The app, conceived in a new design language, clearly displays information relevant for end users. The user is supported by new assistants. The optimised user flows in payment transactions – characterised by a modern and contemporary appearance – are also helpful. As part of the strategic initiative for the harmonisation of cross-channel functions as part of the Finnova multi-channel strategy, Mobile Banking and E-Banking will grow closer to each other functionally in future.

Clear information and secure dialog

The Mobile Banking application has been designed for all bank clients who wish to access their bank and asset information securely and conveniently, and to participate fully in payment transactions and securities trading. The app enables the convenient management of cards and ensures the direct and confidential connection to a client advisor via Secure Mail or chat.

Integrated document scanner

Naturally, a convenient document scanner is available for both the old and new QR inpayment slips and enables media disruption-free payment of bills received in formats including PDF directly via smartphone. The integrated Scanner Plus enables bank clients to use a smartphone as a device for entering documents in the E-Banking application and saves them the purchase of a scanning device. Thanks to personal finance management (PFM), bank clients always keep an overview of their personal income and expenditure and are supported in the best way possible when reaching their saving goals by means of individual budgets.

Use with the important operating platforms

The third-generation Mobile Banking app is available as a native smartphone app for the Android and iOS platforms.

Branch & ATM

Branch (Teller)

The Finnova Teller application enables banks to efficiently serve their clients in the branch. Various client needs are covered here: deposits and disbursements in Swiss francs or foreign currencies, money exchange, precious metals, coins, collection of cheques, coupons and securities, and cash deposit for subscribed medium-term notes. The Finnova software enables the creation of physical and digital client and bank documents, including barcodes, as well as the fully automatic archiving of documents via document scanning. Via a standard interface, different types of automated teller safes can be controlled. The Teller application also contains auxiliary functions that enable control activities in the operation. In order to guarantee a maximum level of security, the most important business cases are also available in critical situations thanks to the integrated offline operating mode.

New branch models with a focus on client experience are emerging due to changing client needs. Cash transactions can be executed via a QR code, which can be used at the ATM in the branch. A teller safe is no longer required for this purpose. The bank can implement the cashless branch with this solution, without having to accept a fundamental dismantling of services. The solution also offers considerable advantages in crime prevention and protects the front office employees from such negative experiences.

ATM (Automated Teller Machine)

The ATM application enables the operation of ATMs, currency exchange machines and deposit machines with the Finnova application. Processes carried out at the ATM with banks' own clients take place entirely in the Finnova Banking Software. The application processes services for cards issued by the bank, such as withdrawals, deposits and account transfers. It also supports the withdrawal of foreign currencies and the management of multi-accounts. A multitude of accounts can be assigned to a card and individual authorisations can be defined per account. Calculations of limits and transaction fees are also carried out. In the context of the standardisation of the ATM business by SIX, the module has been revised and updated. All business cases are settled via SIX and processed accordingly in the ATM module. For example, it will be possible to connect pure deposit machines directly to the Finnova application in future. The new card types from Aduno/Viseca and SIX are being integrated into the ATM business in 2020.

Advisor Workbench

The Advisor Workbench plays a central role in the Client Engagement Suite. As the most advanced generation of an advisor workstation, it enables consistent, digitalised front-to-back processes in conjunction with Finnova and third-party products. The field of application of the Advisor Workbench is aimed at all front-oriented staff members such as client advisors or teller employees, and is also being extended for call centre employees.

  • Comprehensive client view

Demanding clients and higher compliance requirements pose great challenges for banks. Therefore, being able to access extensive client information quickly and easily is of vital importance. The Advisor Workbench summarises information regarding a client on a few screens.

  • Guided processes

Efficiency is of paramount importance for banks, also in a digitalised world. Guided processes enable quick client and product openings without limiting the required flexibility.

  • Modern look and feel

The advisor workstation is characterised by a modern look and feel; it is being developed in close cooperation with UX specialists and client advisors on the bank side and is regularly checked.

  • Flexibility

The Advisor Workbench can be individually adapted to the specific needs of banks and users, thus offering then the best added value.

  • Comprehensive range of functions

The range of functions includes the advisor dashboard, client search, client dashboard, client and product openings, client modifications, card administration and integration of third-party content. The Advisor Workbench is being gradually expanded in cooperation with the sounding banks.

Loan Advisory

Financial advisory is made easy with Finnova Loan Advisory. Aimed at all client types and transaction types, first-class visualisations and a comprehensive set of rules support convenient, differentiated and structured client advisory, thereby enabling a prompt loan decision.

The advisor can refer to integrated appraisal, rating and pricing tools for this. The application supports the entire process, from the loan advisory through to processing – in a digitalised, automated and fully integrated manner.

With the digitally supported advisory discussion, the tablet application allows the client advisor to perform a comfortable face-to-face client advisory for home financing tailored to the client. A novel and unique advisory experience for both clients and client advisors takes centre stage – the client advisor gains time for the client. In conjunction with the desktop application, the advisory part can be optimally used in a seamless and efficient overall process for pre- and post-processing, the loan decision, quality assurance and refinement in the back office. Full integration into the Finnova core (Core Suite) is part of Loan Advisory.

The solution is based on modern web technologies and an be used on all terminal devices. Thanks to new orchestration possibilities, client advisors will be able to automatically load data from third party tools into the Core Suite or call data from third-party applications, for instance from their Advisor Workbench, in future. Loan Advisory is being gradually further developed and thus adapted to the market needs of the Community in cooperation with the sounding banks.

Customer Management

With Customer Management, the Finnova Banking Software offers detailed information and structured evaluations. These and further functionalities are also currently available directly in the Advisor Workbench (AWB). In future, data from any systems and applications will be summarised and orchestrated, analysed and made available again accordingly prepared in a central data storage – regardless of the non-core systems. This information can be used to get a clear and detailed image of the client. It allows client advisors to interact with them via their preferred channel and to advise them better and in an individualised manner.

With regard to Customer Management, four fields of action have been defined in a first phase: pending tasks, campaigns, analytics and comprehensive 360-degree client view. For example, this allows pending tasks to be managed and edited, categorised and prioritised more efficiently and more effectively as a result of the expansion of the pending task system for pending task management in a central location. Campaigns and next best action can be executed in a fully automated, cross-channel and fully integrated manner.

Business Banking

Functionalities specifically for business clients are combined in the Business Banking module. A lot can be expected here in future, in particular with the further integration of banking services into the processes of business clients. The Finnova Payment Transactions (ZV) application currently puts banks in a position to offer their demanding business clients competitive payment transactions and cash management. The support of this important client segment is gaining in significance, in particular in international competition. This includes the processing of electronically submitted payment files, client cash reporting in line with market requirements, as well as the support of clients with several bank accounts (multi-banking).

Business banking functionalities are available in the Finnova E-Banking and Mobile Banking applications and are completed with business connectivity solutions. This comprises the connection of third-party ERP and business software solutions, the connection to the SIX API platform 'b.Link', as well as the support of current formats and standards of or EBICS.