Finnova as an employer

We offer both experienced IT specialists and skilled banking experts – as well as IT apprentices – the opportunity to undertake interesting tasks. We do not expect you to be perfect. It is important to us that you accompany us on our journey with commitment and enthusiasm so that we can all move forward together.

A solid basis


Our history goes back to 1974 and we now have the largest banking community in Switzerland: Over 100 customer banks and over 70 partners trust in us. Join a team of 400 people to shape the future of financial business.

We have offices in

  • Lenzburg
  • Seewen
  • Nyon
  • Chur


Finnova Management Daniel Bernasconi

We do our utmost to enable successful banking for our customers with the Finnova software solutions. We tackle our tasks with a can-do attitude and follow through on what we say. We respect each other and behave with integrity.


We are convinced that being open to new things leads to better results. This applies to both our software platform and to working with others. We encourage open and honest communication. For us, being open also means being agile or adapting behaviour to new circumstances.


"Smarter banking" with Finnova – this is our claim. Smart solutions require ideas for developing new things and improving what exists. That is how we position ourselves sustainably on the market. Behind this are smart people; people who are curious and challenge what already exists.


We do not just talk about about agility – we live and breathe it. We move forward together with self-organised teams, communication on an equal footing and a focus on each person's strengths. Regular feedback, mutual trust and responsibility are fundamental prerequisites for us.

Human touch

Added value for everyone with head and heart. We are a people business and people are our focus. We encourage an open and informal culture. Team spirit is of the utmost importance to us, with mutual respect and individual responsibility.


We, Finnova's managers, trust that every employee will work with professionalism. We respect each other and have fun working together. We manage situations as they arise, follow clear standards and communicate with clear aims. We are committed, honest and positive towards our employees. These values are reflected in our management principles.