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  • Digital customer management: Cooperation between Finnova and BSI
    2021-05-27 07:00 - (Finnova AG)

    Finnova and BSI sign cooperation agreement

    Lenzburg/Baden, 27 May 2021 – In the face of ongoing margin pressure and rapidly changing customer demands, banks are increasingly investing in digitalisation and automation. Against this backdrop, the software manufacturer BSI – which specialises in digital customer management – and the banking solution provider Finnova are entering into a strategic partnership in campaign management that will enable them to support banks even more effectively in their projects. The modern, tried and trusted digital experience platform BSI CX forms the basis for the CM Campaigns (Customer Management – Campaigns) solution. This was jointly designed by the two companies and is fully integrated into the Finnova Banking Software.

    CM Campaigns is one of the building blocks of the Finnova Customer Management solution. Further building blocks are CM Analytics, CM 360-degree customer view to facilitate customer lifecycle management and the CM Pending Tasks solution, which supports advisory teams in managing their workloads. After extensive market screening, Finnova chose the software manufacturer BSI – with which it had already been cooperating closely since 2019 – as its partner for the fixed supplement to the Campaign Management module. BSI was also favoured for its innovative capacity, the integrability of its solutions, its excellent customer orientation and its strong position on the software market in the DACH region. These strengths were compounded by BSI's extensive sector expertise, which is reflected in the product and its application and has already proved its value in real-world use at partner banks.

    Implementing strong campaigns together in the banking sector
    The cooperation aims to promote digitalisation in the banking sector and to combine the strengths from both product worlds. Banks are equipped to offer their customers the best user experience – meaning personalised, metrics-based and targeted – across all channels. BSI has incorporated the comprehensive functionalities of its customer-centred CX solution.
    Market demand is high, and many partner banks have so far taken only small steps towards digitalising their customer relationships in relation to campaign management. In cooperation with BSI, Finnova is now offering them the opportunity to combine multiple standalone solutions, enabling advisors to gain a 360° view of customers and automating processes in customer relationship management for the first time. Clean data separation and mapping of complex authorisation structures are assured.

    The CM Campaigns solution from Finnova and BSI is functionally integrated into the Finnova Client Engagement Suite. From a technical and procedural perspective, it is integrated into the Finnova Banking Software via the Integration Services of the Finnova Open Platform. Full front to back integration delivers benefits across the entire lifecycle: in operation, in maintenance and when rolling out new functionalities, with data homogeneity and consistency guaranteed.
    The solution supports banks over the long term in digitalisation and automation, as well as in the management of their customer-related touchpoints – and with an optimised total cost of ownership (TCO).

    High market demand in the Finnova Community testifies to success
    This is an offer that meets a very real market need. Several banks have already committed to implementing the CM Campaign solution from Finnova and BSI. Thanks to the two companies' combined expertise and innovative capacity, these banks will benefit from integrated data management across all customer-related processes as well as automated processes in the areas of sales, service and marketing in future. This way, the banks can implement personalised, tailor-made campaigns for their customers. At the same time, new insights into customer behaviour open up the possibility of developing and rolling out innovative products and services – including via partner ecosystems.

    "We are pleased to join forces with Finnova to support banks in creating impressive customer. experiences. Not only are our solutions a perfect fit, but the cooperation also works well on a human level", comments René Konrad, Community Manager Banking at BSI. "The topic of customer management with customers at its centre is gaining enormously in significance. This is confirmed by the great interest in the integrated CM Campaigns functionalities of BSI CX, and it is a pleasure to support banks in the challenges they face in digitalisation and automation in partnership with BSI and to drive this forward in the banking sector", says Dr Martin Widmer, Product Manager Customer Management at Finnova. "With its numerous reference projects in the sector and its reputation for customer orientation, BSI is the ideal partner for this."

    210527 Press Release Digital customer management: Cooperation between Finnova and BSI

  • Finnova launches 'Open Banking as a Service' solution
    2021-04-23 07:00 - (Finnova AG)

    Lenzburg/Zurich, 23 April 2021 – Finnova is launching its 'open banking as a service' solution with the implementation of the Swiss NextGen Banking API. The as-a-service solution enables the simple, efficient and secure connection of third-party companies and fintechs to the Finnova banks. To begin with, it addresses the payment initiation service and the account information service, which are two central business cases. The solution was put into productive operation in the Finnova Community on 1 April 2021. It is based on the standard defined by the independent association and is the Swiss answer to the EU's PSD2 directive on harmonisation of payment transactions. Ergon's Swiss open banking solution is a central part of the as-a-service product. This new offer makes 'banking in the value chain' tangible.

    "This solution is part of the Finnova product and services strategy. It offers our customer banks 'banking in the value chain'. The 'open banking as a service' solution offers our banks the possibility of implementing platform-based business models. This means that they can be effectively integrated into the ecosystem and interlinked with external partners for new collaborations. The banks thereby create innovative and attractive services as well as consistent user experiences for their end clients," explains Simon Kauth, Chief Product Officer of Finnova.

    Finnova is implementing its 'open banking as a service' solution in close cooperation with Swiss technology and security service provider Ergon Informatik AG. Ergon contributes its Swiss open banking solution and security products as well as its experience from similar projects with Swiss and EU banks. Adrian Berger, Ergon's MD Finance and Telecom Solutions, is pleased with the cooperation and adds: "The implementation of open banking and the conversion to API-capable infrastructures and platform models provide modern banks with significant advantages for new income and cost-effectiveness."

    Since April 2021, a Liechtenstein Bank has been using Finnova's 'open banking as a service' solution, based on the digital banking backbone of Finnova. It serves as a technical and conceptual backbone and as a starting point for developing new user experiences. On the basis of the digital banking backbone completed by Finnova, further 'open banking as a service' solutions will follow on an ongoing basis.

    Press Release 210423 Finnnova Open Banking aaS

  • Changes in the Board of Directors of Finnova AG
    2021-04-16 09:00 - (Finnova AG)

    Lenzburg, 16 April 2021 – Walter Knabenhans and Hanspeter Rhyner are both stepping down as members of the Board of Directors. Heinrich Leuthard and Pascal Niquille are replacing them as new representatives.

    The Board of Directors of Finnova AG has remained very stable in its composition for many years. Two changes are now taking place:

    Walter Knabenhans, long-standing member of the Board of Directors, is stepping down as he has reached retirement age and wishes to dedicate more time to private matters.
    Hanspeter Rhyner, who, in his previous role as CEO of Glarner Kantonalbank, represented the shareholder banks on the Board of Directors is also resigning.

    New members
    Pascal Niquille is coming on board as successor to Walter Knabenhans. As former CEO of Zuger Kantonalbank, he knows Finnova very well. Like most cantonal banks, Zuger Kantonalbank relies on the Finnova core banking system. Niquille is also Chairman of the Board of Directors of Viseca Holding and is extremely familiar with the trends and challenges of the sector and has a broad network in the Community.
    Heinrich Leuthard is joining the Board of Directors as representative of the shareholder banks. As the long-standing CEO of Nidwaldner Kantonalbank, he also knows Finnova very well. Leuthard is looking forward to successfully helping shape the long-term development of Finnova with his knowledge of the sector and end clients' needs.
    The elections took place at the Finnova General Assembly on 14 April 2021 and are effective immediately. Finnova's Board of Directors is therefore composed as follows:

    • Hans Zehetmaier (Chairman of the Board of Directors of Finnova and Chairman of the Board of the msg company group)
    • Stephan Frohnhoff (CEO of the msg company group)
    • Robert Gebel (Head of Banking, Swisscom)
    • Heinrich Leuthard (CEO of Nidwaldner Kantonalbank)
    • Pascal Niquille (independent representative of the Board of Directors)
    • Hendrik Lang (CEO of Finnova, Delegate of the Board of Directors)

    Press Release BoD 2012-04-16


    Nicole Irion, Head of Communication, Finnova
    Phone +41 62 886 49 60

  • Portal aaS from Finnova & ti&m for the Obwaldner Kantonalbank
    2021-01-27 16:40 - (Finnova AG)

    A new bank account in less than five minutes

    Zurich, 27 January 2021 – With the digital onboarding for Obwaldner Kantonalbank (OKB), Finnova and ti&m launched a new service for the Finnova Community at the beginning of the year. New clients can now open a bank account in less than five minutes, around the clock.

    ti&m's digital onboarding is a fully automated end-to-end process. It is part of the ti&m channel suite – ti&m's digitalisation construction kit for banks. New clients can quickly and easily open and immediately use a new account anytime, 24 hours a day. Thanks to the close cooperation between ti&m and Finnova, the solution fits in seamlessly with Finnova's existing core banking system and guides new clients step-by-step through all required actions. Client data is saved directly in OKB's core banking system, which significantly reduces effort compared with a conventional client opening.

    All required checks are fully automated. The latest technologies are used to identify fake identities and to ensure that people are real. The process is compliant with FINMA guidelines and includes all required background checks (blacklist, PEP check, duplicate check).

    The service is available to all banks from the Finnova Community from the beginning of the year and can be used immediately with ease. As a result of the reduced effort for the registration of new clients, banks can save considerable costs and offer their clients an innovative onboarding process. The onboarding solution is part of the Portal as a Service, an offer developed by Finnova together with ti&m.

    Thomas Wüst, CEO of ti&m, is enthusiastic about the new solution: "Despite the high degree of technical complexity, we have managed to develop an innovative onboarding solution, which is currently peerless in the Swiss market, in a short time. Thanks to the cooperation with Finnova, we can offer the onboarding process to all Finnova banks 'as a service', which saves banks time and money. A real bonus for banks and their clients."

    "In addition to digital onboarding, the Portal solution offers numerous other functionalities, such as digital document exchange, online appointments and a chat function. The Portal is being made available as a supplement to further OKB digital applications in Finnova's SaaS model. With this innovative platform from Finnova, it will be possible for OKB to orchestrate processes in a coordinated manner via applications or channels and to seamlessly integrate them into the core banking system," says Hendrik Lang, CEO of Finnova.

    Press Release Portal as a Service Finnova & ti&m for Obwaldner Kantonalbank

  • Chef des Bankensoftware-Herstellers Finnova: «Ein grosser Teil der Innovation spielt sich in der Zentralschweiz ab»
    2021-01-21 12:00 - (Luzerner Zeitung)

    Fast alle Zentralschweizer Kantonalbanken, Valiant und die Migros Bank nutzen die Bankensoftware des Lenzburger Herstellers Finnova. CEO Hendrik Lang sagt im Interview, was Kunden von ihren Banken erwarten und wie es um den Standort Seewen steht.

    von Maurizio Minetti, Luzerner Zeitung

    Sie entwickeln Software, die von Schweizer Banken genutzt wird. Was erwarten Kunden von ihren Banken?

    Hendrik Lang: Für Bankkunden, insbesondere den digital affinen, wird es generell immer wichtiger, dass sie so viele Prozesse wie möglich digital abwickeln können. Heutige Bankkunden wollen vielleicht in die Filiale gehen, um sich dort beraten zu lassen. Wenn sie aber nur eine neue Kreditkarte brauchen oder ihre Adresse ändern müssen, wollen sie dies vermehrt digital erledigen. Sie erwarten, dass sie so viel wie möglich bequem über das E-Banking-Portal oder die App machen können.

    Und sie erwarten auch, dass sie bei einem Problem nicht alles dreimal erklären müssen, sondern die Bankmitarbeiter bereits erkennen, wenn ein Kunde digitaleinen Prozess gestartet hat, und diesen dann nahtlos weiterführen.

    Die Sicherheit im Netz ist auch ein wichtiges Thema für Bankkunden. Welche Rolle spielt dabei, ob eine Bank Finnova-Softwareverwendet oder jene der Konkurrenz?

    Tatsächlich gibt es Kernbereiche einer Bankensoftware, die überall gleich sind. Der Bankkunde wird nie merken, ob seine Zahlung auf einer Finnova- Plattform abgewickelt
    wird oder über eine andere Software. Wir nennen dies den Backoffice-Bereich. Dann gibt es aber auch den Frontoffice-Bereich, und hier unterscheiden sich die Systeme zum Teil gewaltig. Wir sprechen vom Schaufenster der Bankensoftware, womit vor allem das E-Banking-System und die Mobile-App gemeint sind, aber auch viele andere Applikationen. Jedes Finanzinstitut entscheidet individuell, in welcher Art und Weise es welches Produkt seinen Kunden anbietet.

    Sie zählen die Zentralschweizer Kantonalbanken– ausser jene aus Luzern – zu Ihren Kunden. Auch Valiant und Migros Banknutzen die Finnova-Software. Wie gehen diese Banken mit Applikationen um? Sind sie experimentierfreudig?

    Diese Banken investieren fortlaufend in neue Themen, insbesondere auch im Bereich der Digitalisierung.

    Spricht man von der Schweizer Bankenlandschaft, hat man immer Zürich oder Genf im Kopf, dabei spielt sich ein grosser Teil der Innovation auch in der Zentralschweiz ab.

    Die Kantonalbanken der Innerschweiz haben mit uns schon diverse Pilotprojekte für verschiedene Applikationen durchgeführt. Sie führen also Produkte als erste Bank von unseren 100 Kundenbanken ein. Das ist eine Herausforderung, aber auch eine Chance, weil die Bank das Produkt so von Anfang an mitprägen kann und die Innovation als erste auf den Markt bringt. So hat zum Beispiel die Schwyzer Kantonalbank als erste Bank einen ganz neuen, modernen Beraterarbeitsplatz eingeführt oder die Obwaldner Kantonalbank ein neues Kundenportalmit der Möglichkeit des Self-Onboardings für Kunden. Damit ist die digitale Kontoeröffnung gemeint.

    Sie haben im Kanton Schwyz eine Niederlassung. Was machenSie dort genau?

    Wir haben in Seewen nach dem Stammsitz Lenzburg diezweitgrösste Niederlassung mit aktuell rund 75 Angestellten. Sie kümmern sich um den Betrieb der
    Software, bearbeiten Anfragen der Banken, entwickeln kundenspezifische Lösungen und stellen die Software denBanken zur Verfügung. Wenn Sie zum Beispiel als Kunde der Obwaldner Kantonalbank das E-Banking nutzen, dannwird dieses von Seewen aus betrieben. Mehr als die Hälftedes Umsatzes im Dienstleistungsbereich generieren wirvon Seewen aus.

    Haben Sie in Seewen Ausbaupläne?

    In den letzten drei Jahren hat sich die Belegschaft in Seewen fast verdoppelt, wir wachsen also kontinuierlich und suchen noch weitere Mitarbeitende an unserem Standort in Seewen. Über alle Finnova-Niederlassungen hinweg haben wir im vergangenen Jahr 50 neue Stellengeschaffen.

    Wie ist das möglich, wenn die Finanzindustrie doch wegen tiefer Zinsen unter Druck ist und sparen muss? Erst kürzlich hat die UBS die Schliessung von 44 Filialen beschlossen.

    Die Banken wissen, dass sie in den digitalen Bereich investieren müssen. Eine Investition in eine moderne Bankensoftware hilft langfristig, effizienter zu werden und damit Kosten zu sparen. Darum ist die Nachfrage nach unseren Produkten hoch, obschon die Bankenbranche vor Herausforderungen steht. Unsere Auftragsbücher sind daher voll, vor allem in den Bereichen Digitalisierung, Data Analytics und Integration.

    Haben klassische Banken denn überhaupt eine Chance gegenagile Jungunternehmen, die viel tiefere Kosten haben?

    Natürlich. Umfragen zeigen, dass Schweizer eher den hiesigen Banken als den grossen Digitalfirmen vertrauen. Die Neobanken müssen sich das Vertrauen erst noch verdienen, ausserdem decken sie meistens nur einen Teil der Wertschöpfung ab, bieten also zum Beispiel nur Zahlungsverkehr an oder ein Vorsorgeprodukt. Letztlich geht es hier aber nicht um einen Kampf der Kulturen, denn es gibt schon seit längerem auch Kooperationen zwischen Banken und Start-ups.

    "Unsere Software hilft dabei, dass Banken Drittprodukte anderer Unternehmen integrieren können." Ein Trend sind zum Beispiel Produkte für das persönliche Finanzmanagement, die Einnahmen und Ausgaben grafisch aufzeigen. Dem Endkunden ist es letztlich egal, ob eine Applikation von Finnova oder von einem anderen Anbieterkommt. Er will bei seiner Bank die digitalen Produkte vorfinden, die er nutzen möchte.

    Die meistgenutzte Bankensoftware der Schweiz

    Der deutsch-schweizerische Doppelbürger Hendrik Lang(51) ist seit September 2018 CEO des Lenzburger Herstellers von Bankensoftware Finnova. Finnova gehört mehrheitlich dem deutschen IT-Unternehmen msg. Anteile besitzen auch die Swisscom sowie mehrere Banken, die zum Kundenkreis von Finnova gehören, sowie die Geschäftsleitung. Finnova beschäftigt insgesamt 450Mitarbeitende. Mit über 100 Banken auf der Kundenliste ist Finnova nach eigenen Angaben die meistgenutzte Bankensoftware der Schweiz. Zählt man allerdings die Zahl der Nutzer bei den verschiedenen Banken, schwingt der Mitbewerber Avaloq obenaus. Finnova und Avaloq teilen sich den Schweizer Markt für sogenannte Core-Banking-Systeme auf. Ein solches Kernbankensystem bildet die wichtigsten Prozesse innerhalb einer Bank ab, also zum Beispiel die Kontoführung oder den Zahlungsverkehr. Die Software arbeitet also im Hintergrund, im sogenannten Backoffice. In den letzten Jahren haben die beiden Softwarehersteller aber vermehrt auch Produkte entwickelt, die an der Schnittstelle zum Kunden genutzt werden.


  • Finnova appoints Daniel Bernasconi as Chief Technology Officer and strengthens the Executive Board with Olaf Romer, former Head of Corporate IT at the Baloise Group
    2020-10-14 14:00 - (Finnova AG)

    Lenzburg, 14 October 2020 – The new strategic division 'Technology' has been created as part of the 'transform25' growth strategy. Daniel Bernasconi will be responsible for this division as Chief Technology Officer from 1 November 2020. On the same date, Olaf Romer will take over the position of Chief Services Officer from Daniel Bernasconi. Finnova has gained a very experienced manager in Olaf Romer. He will use his experience to further develop the important Services division.

    Over the last five years, Daniel Bernasconi has successfully developed and expanded Finnova's Services division, which includes Application Management in Seewen and the newly established solutions business such as the Finnova Open Platform, SaaS, consulting and integration. As a result of its transformation into a solution provider with the consistent opening up of the Finnova Banking Software via the Open Platform and increased cooperation with numerous fintechs, topics such as further development of the Open Platform, modernisation of the Finnova Core and Architecture Consulting are very significant to Finnova and its overall architecture. That is why Daniel Bernasconi will be taking responsibility for this division as CTO with a dedicated team, also making his expertise available to customers and partners externally. "It was already very important to me to view the Finnova Banking Software as an open component in our customers' ever faster-moving world of solutions, not as a self-contained product. I am looking forward to continuing in this direction in my new role," said Bernasconi.

    Finnova's Executive Board has appointed Olaf Romer as the new Chief Services Officer. With over 20 years' experience in various management positions at the Baloise Group, he brings solid knowledge of IT and services with him. Hendrik Lang, CEO of Finnova said, "We are delighted to have gained a proven, customer-oriented expert and team player with Olaf, who knows the IT business from the ground up. With his know-how and his network in the world of insurance, Olaf's responsibilities will include developing business with bank-related institutions such as pension companies, insurers and asset managers."

    Daniel Bernasconi and Olaf Romer will both report to CEO Hendrik Lang.



  • Finnova Honored for Innovation in Financial Analytics with 2020 FinTech Breakthrough Award
    2020-03-12 06:00 - (Finnova AG)

    Finnova Honored for Innovation in Financial Analytics with 2020 FinTech Breakthrough Award

    Prestigious Awards Program Recognizes Outstanding Financial Technology Products and Companies

    LOS ANGELES, March 11, 2020 – FinTech Breakthrough, an independent market intelligence organization that recognizes the top companies, technologies and products in the global FinTech market, today announced that Finnova, a leading provider of banking software in the Swiss financial center, has been selected as the winner of the “Best Predictive Analytics Platform” award for its Finnova Analytical Framework (FAF).

    FAF is a truly unified analytical platform which fulfills all analytical needs of a modern financial institution, offering a complete and fully consistent 360° analytical view on all its threats, risks and potentials therein.

    FAF is based on a novel aggregated approach that covers a myriad of compliance and non-compliance related topics simultaneously, including anti-money laundering (AML), fraud detection & prevention, sanction screening, adverse media analysis, creditworthiness analysis, analytical CRM, cyber analytics, risk management & accounting modeling, robo-advisory or modeling of financial market data. All of these areas are well-covered by the single FAF analytical platform, resulting in enormous synergies, consistency, saving potential and cost reduction.


    Press Release Finnova Analytics FinTech Breakthrough 2020

  • Goodbye “Fin”? Hello “Tech”!
    2020-03-04 14:01 - (Finnova AG)

    The Swiss FinTech market has experienced a slowdown in growth compared to the previous year. At the same time, however, the industry has matured. This is shown by the results of the "IFZ FinTech Study 2020" of the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. A pattern is emerging among the players in the industry: Tech companies are beginning to outpace the financial companies.

  • Stabübergabe im Finnova Application Management in Seewen
    2020-01-17 07:00 - (Finnova AG)

    Lenzburg, 17.01.2020 – Nach erfolgreichen 15 Jahren hat Oswald Föhn die Führung des Application Managements der Finnova AG in Seewen/SZ per 1. Januar 2020 an Christian Reinhard übergeben.

    Oswald Föhn wird Finnova Mitte 2020 in Richtung Ruhestand verlassen. Dank seiner kompetenten, kundenorientierten und von Vertrauen geprägten Führungsarbeit hat sich die Abteilung Application Management zum strategischen Leistungszentrum entwickelt. Knapp 50 Mitarbeitende betreiben die Software für mehrere Kundenbanken auf unterschiedlichen Plattformen. Die Bedeutung des Applikations- und Plattformbetriebs wird in Zukunft weiter steigen, denn in einer zunehmend fraktalen Software-Landschaft stellt das Wissen um die Integration und den Betrieb von Bankensoftware mit vielfältigen Drittprodukten und -lösungen einen echten unternehmerischen Mehrwert dar. Auch zwei der drei Teams der 2018 gegründeten Abteilung Solutions arbeiten unter der Leitung von Arthur Camenzind am Standort Seewen. Oswald Föhn hat wesentlich zur Gründung dieser Abteilung beigetragen, der auch ein Team in Lenzburg angehört.

    Christian Reinhard wechselte im Februar 2019 von der Bank Julius Bär & Co. AG zu Finnova, wo er die Strategie Business Solutions as a Service (Finnova BSS) entwickelte. Erste Berührungspunkte mit Finnova hatte er bereits während seiner Tätigkeit für die Obwaldner Kantonalbank, einen Finnova-Kunden. Mit seinem breiten bankfachlichen Wissen, das von der Schalterarbeit über die Hypothekar- und Anlageberatung bis hin zu Projektleitung und Produktmanagement reicht, ist Christian Reinhard bestens für die Rolle als Leiter des Application Managements geeignet.

    200117 MM Stabübergabe Seewen

  • 2020-01-16 06:00 - (Finnova AG)
  • Dritter Finnova-Technology-Award am Churer Finnova-Standort vergeben
    2019-11-27 00:01 - (Finnova AG)

    Finnova-Technology-Award an der Fachhochschule Graubünden 

    Dritter Finnova-Technology-Award an Photonicsstudent der Fachhochschule Graubünden vergeben 

    Wie lässt sich Künstliche Intelligenz (KI) im Sanitärbereich einsetzen? Dieser Frage ist Viktor Kessler in seiner Bachelorarbeit im Rahmen seines Photonicsstudiums an der FH Graubünden nachgegangen. Für seine Arbeit wurde er am Dienstag, 26. November, mit dem Finnova-Technology-Award ausgezeichnet. Die Verleihung fand in den Räumlichkeiten der Finnova AG in Chur statt, wo Finnova Entwicklungsteams für Digital Banking und Core Applikationen beschäftigt.

    Lenzburg/Chur, 26. November 2019. – Viktor Kessler (Chur, GR) untersuchte in seiner Bachelorarbeit im Rahmen des Photonicsstudiums, wie Künstliche Intelligenz (KI) im Sanitärbereich eingesetzt werden könnte. Seine Absicht: das Bad soll intelligent und personalisiert werden. Kessler nahm sich zum Ziel, , das Potenzial von KI in Bezug auf die Produkte der Oblamatik AG zu ermitteln und eine mögliche Umsetzung aufzuzeigen. Im Rahmen von Workshops erarbeitete er zwei unterschiedliche Methoden und unterbreitete der Churer Oblamatik AG Empfehlungen. Der von ihm entwickelte Prototyp simuliert einen Wasserhahn, der berührungslos mit Gestenerkennung gesteuert werden kann.  

    Abschlussarbeiten mit hoher Praxisrelevanz
    Die Bachelorarbeit «Machbarkeitsstudie zur Anwendung von KI im Sanitärbereich» überzeugte die Jury des Finnova-Technology-Awards durch die fundierte Erörterung der Grundlagen Künstlicher Intelligenz, die systematische Herangehensweise und die hohe Praxisrelevanz der Forschungsergebnisse. Ralph Hutter, Head Product Management Ecosystems von Finnova, des in Lenzburg beheimateten führenden Bankensoftware-Herstellers überreichte Kessler den mit Tausend Franken dotierten Preis zusammen mit Prof. Corsin Capol, Dozent für Informatik, Institut für Photonics und ICT der FH Graubünden, am Dienstag in Chur.

    Insgesamt gingen neun Bachelorarbeiten für den diesjährigen Finnova-Technology-Award ein. Diese stammten aus ganz unterschiedlichen Disziplinen. «Die Arbeiten zeigen eindrücklich auf, was motivierte Studierende erreichen können. Technologie, Innovation und unternehmerisches Denken und Handeln wird an der FH Graubünden nicht nur gelehrt, sondern gelebt», sagte Professor Corsin Capol, Jury- Mitglied und Dozent für lnformatik an der FH Graubünden. Viktor Kesslers Bachelorarbeit besteche nebst seiner technisch-konzeptionellen Qualitäten auch durch die Nachhaltigkeit in der ökonomischen Betrachtung. Auch Jury-Mitglied Ralph Hutter betonte, dass mit der Vergabe des dritten Finnova-Technology-Award erneut exzellente Arbeiten ausgezeichnet würden. «Davon profitiert unser Entwicklungsstandort Chur und es untermauert die langjährige Zusammenarbeit mit der FH Graubünden», sagte er.

    Die für den diesjährigen Finnova-Technology-Award eingereichten Bachelorarbeiten stammen aus den Bereichen Photonics, Information Science, Multimedia Production und Digital Business Management. Die Spannbreite der Themen umfasste die Bereichen Blockchain, Gesichtserkennung, Augmented Reality in Printmedien, Voice Commerce, Künstliche Intelligenz, Wearable Platform oder Usability.

    Award als Förderinitiative der Finnova 
    Der Finnova-Technology-Award ist eine Förderinitiative von Finnova im Bereich der angewandten Wissenschaften und findet bereits zum dritten Mal statt. Der Wirtschaft mangelt es an kompetenten und initiativen jungen Nachwuchskräften, welche die Transformation der Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft in Richtung Digitalisierung und Automatisierung vorantreiben. Sie stellt damit eine wichtige Verbindung zwischen Forschung und ökonomischer Praxis am Standort Chur dar. Die Teilnahme am Finnova-Technology-Award steht allen Studienrichtungen der FH Graubünden offen.

    Unser Alltag ist voll mit Protonics-Aufgabenstellungen
    Photronics spielt in unserem Alltag eine wichtige Rolle, ohne dass wir uns dessen bewusst sind. Früh am Morgen holt uns der Wecker des Smartphones aus dem Schlaf, eine Wischbewegung über den Touchscreen bringt ihn zum Schweigen. Beim Betreten eines Geschäftes öffnen uns optische Infrarotsensoren automatisch die Tür. Abends geniessen wir die brillanten Farben des OLED-Grossbild-TV. In all dem steckt Photonics und genau darum geht es im schweizweit einzigartigen Bachelorstudium: um das Verstehen, das Anwenden und das Weiterentwickeln von lichtbasierten Technologien. Die FH Graubünden bietet als einzige Fachhochschule der Schweiz ein Bachelorstudium in Photonics an.



    Foto: Yvonne Bollhalder (zur freien Medienverwendung mit Angabe)


  • Finnova further develops its community with a leading pension company
    2019-11-25 13:21 - (finnova AG Bankware)

    Lenzburg, 22.11.2019 – On 18 November 2019, independent pensions platform Liberty seamlessly replaced its old back end system with the Finnova Banking Software.

    "The decision to map our core processes using the proven Finnova Banking Software was made with full conviction following a thorough evaluation phase. In particular, the tried-and-tested breadth of banking functions, the flexible parameterisation options and the open system, which gives access to the large Finnova ecosystem, really convinced us," says Oliver Bienek, CEO of Liberty. "As we have only selected the software modules that are relevant to us in a SaaS solution from Finnova's Application Management and solution centre in Seewen (SZ), it is economically feasible for us as an SME too." The migration to the Finnova software began in April 2019 and was carried out in three phases: master data, transactions and reporting. The functionalities were implemented on the Finnova platform 'Business Solutions as a Service' (BSS).

    "We are pleased to have succeeded in the evaluation process up against specialised providers and that, with Liberty, the first pension company is running on our BSS platform," says Hendrik Lang, CEO of Finnova. In the context of its new strategy, Finnova is using BSS to offer the Finnova Banking Software to other financial institutions such as insurance companies, pension companies and external asset managers. "Thanks to the good cooperation with Liberty and our partner Soranus, who, alongside Finnova, was responsible for the overall project management and the migration service, the project could be implemented quickly."

    Finnova further develops its community with a leading pension company

  • Finnova and FactSet launch a shared market data portal for banks
    2019-10-30 11:00 - (Finnova AG)

    Lenzburg, October 30, 2019. – Finnova is certifying the market data portal of FactSet for the Finnova Banking Software to offer banks added value in the area of market data with an integrated solution. Finnova is thereby continuing the systematic opening up of its software and addressing banks' needs in this digitalisation era.

    The high-performance FactSet Markets Portal is seamlessly integrated as a data solution into the E-Banking suite of the Finnova Banking Software. This enables Finnova's over 100 customer banks to offer their bank clients the timely and comprehensive market information of FactSet in their usual design.

    The FactSet Markets Portal is a solution that is ready for immediate use and individually adaptable, which the Finnova banks can integrate into their own e-banking platforms. This allows them to access FactSet data, including news and prices, as well as macro data regarding indices, currencies, commodities and government bonds, and to provide these directly for their clients in an intuitive user interface. Furthermore, numerous functional components such as sample portfolios, watchlists and alerts are available to maximise the benefit for each individual user. The portal components can be generated automatically and adjusted in such a way that they correspond to the investments of the individual clients, thus promoting client engagement and communication. The FactSet Markets Portal enables banks to offer their clients a personalised, data-driven digital experience, without a costly in-house development being required.

    "We are delighted to expand our offer of digital services together with FactSet", says Simon Kauth, Chief Product Officer at Finnova. "True to our claim to provide information in an integrated way and in the right context, the FactSet Markets Portal provides bank clients with a high-quality and up-to-date view of markets, and offers them the corresponding online services. The multitude of market data and financial market contents can thus be presented in an individual and consolidated manner. With the FactSet solution integrated into our platform, we provide our customers with contextual, up-to-date market data and thereby not only improve decision bases, but also enable the development of further business potentials."

    "Private investors demand more real-time data and performance reporting that is tailored to their portfolios", observes Goran Skoko, Global Head of Wealth und Managing Director EMEA and APAC at FactSet. "This demand puts our customers under intense pressure, in particular medium-sized private client banks and financial advisors who are looking for digital solutions to expand and further improve their offer. With the introduction of our new portals, we are providing our customers with a technological infrastructure that can be scaled without major internal investment."

    Press Release Finnova and FactSet launch a shared market data portal for banks

  • Glarner Kantonalbank pilots Finnova Loan Advisory also for corporate client business
    2019-07-03 07:00 - (Finnova AG)

    Lenzburg/Glarus, 3 July 2019. – The cooperation between Finnova AG and Glarner Kantonalbank (GLKB) is bearing fruit: GLKB is piloting Loan Advisory – a digital loan advisory process – now also for corporate client business. Since December 2018, the digital loan advisory at GLKB has already been available to the private client business in the pilot. The go-live is planned for the third quarter of 2019: the new digital loan advisory solution will subsequently be available to all other banks or financial services providers.

    Finnova and GLKB have newly developed and entirely digitalised the loan advisory process with Loan Advisory. With this new software, all financing transactions for both private and corporate clients can be settled and processed in a digital workflow, from the tablet-supported loan advisory to the loan check, and to quality assurance without system discontinuity. The approval process for standard transactions has been fully automated.

    Loan Advisory is linked with the Finnova Core and is focused on banks' requirements with regard to a systemically consistent, process-supported advisory with a consistent client experience as well as cost-effective, front-to-back processing. Interfaces to the rating and real estate appraisal system as well as the connection of the client dossier complete the modern, digital process chain. With Loan Advisory, banks can provide advice on, approve and fully process all of their loans quickly and consistently; furthermore, 'Loan Advisory' can also be used for non-Finnova banks.

    190703_Press Release Finnova Cantoalbank of Glarus Business credits

  • Habib Bank AG Zurich chooses the Finnova Banking Software
    2019-06-05 08:59 - (Finnova AG)

    Lenzburg, 3 June 2019. – As of November 2019, Habib Bank AG Zurich will be using the Finnova Banking Software as its core banking solution and will outsource its IT and back-office processes to Swisscom.

    Since 1974, banks have relied on Finnova – in development, in operation and in advisory. Habib Bank AG Zurich has opted for Finnova's innovative and open core banking solution. It will thereby benefit from Finnova's strengths in the area of digitalisation as well as the future-oriented functionalities in the interaction with and advisory of its end clients. "The high stability and innovative features, such as the new digital workstation – Advisory Workbench – and the Investment Cockpit, as well as the high degree of flexibility with respect to the integration of third-party applications and with respect to partners for operation and business process outsourcing were certainly decisive factors for opting in favour of the Finnova Banking Software," says Hendrik Lang, CEO of Finnova. Habib Bank is acquiring fully managed Private Banking as a Service. Swisscom will coordinate and manage all licences and subsuppliers, ensure the stability, security and high-performance of the architecture of the overall system, and plan its further development.

    With the Finnova Banking Software, Habib Bank has both a functionally and economically attractive platform with modern services at its disposal. Finnova continually develops this platform and ensures its sustainable value preservation through substantial investments in the architecture. Finnova invests in innovative digitalisation solutions, while offering banks a high degree of individualisation via the Open Platform. In total, over 100 banks already rely on the Finnova software. Finnova thereby confirms its market leadership with the most installations in Switzerland.

    Press Release Finnova Habib Bank AG Zurich

  • Finnova and Taxsource enter into partnership and already gain three banks for their tax reporting services
    2019-03-26 07:00 - (Finnova AG)

    Tax reporting services of Finnova and Taxsource

    Finnova and Taxsource enter into partnership and already gain three banks for their tax reporting services

    Lenzburg, 26.03.2019 – Finnova is also integrating Taxsource's 'ALPHATAX' tax solution into the Finnova Banking Software to offer banks added value with a future-oriented solution in the area of tax reporting. Finnova is thereby continuing the systematic opening up of its software and addressing banks' needs in this digitalisation era.

    The seamless integration of the Taxsource solution, one of the leading tax solutions for over 20 foreign jurisdictions, into the Finnova Banking Software allows Finnova's over 100 customer banks to offer their bank clients a tax reporting compliant with regulatory requirements in their familiar CI/CD. Schaffhauser Kantonalbank, NEUE BANK AG and acrevis Bank AG are the first Finnova banks to use this tax reporting solution for their clients.

    Simon Kauth, Chief Product Officer of Finnova, says, "Thanks to our additional partnership with Taxsource and its 'ALPHATAX' solution, we are looking forward to being able to further expand the Finnova ecosystem with regard to tax reporting. Products and services are often interchangeable in the software world. Therefore, software providers can only effectively differentiate themselves through service, customer benefit and innovation. With Taxsource, Finnova has gained a partner which also lives by these values."

    Christoph Rapp, CEO of Taxsource, adds, "The standard integration of our solution into the Finnova Banking Software allows banks to offer tax certificates that are compliant with regulatory requirements and easy to generate for bank clients with domicile in Switzerland and abroad.

    Press Release Finnova with Partner Taxsource 190326

  • Finnova and True Wealth enter into product partnership and acquire their first customer bank, Regiobank Solothurn
    2018-11-27 07:00 - (Finnova AG)

    Digital asset management from Finnova and True Wealth
    Finnova and True Wealth enter into product partnership and acquire their first customer bank, Regiobank Solothurn

    Lenzburg, 27.11.2018 – Finnova has integrated True Wealth's Robo-Advisor solution into the Finnova Banking Software to provide added value to banks with a forward-looking digital asset management solution. Finnova is thereby continuing the systematic opening up of its software and addressing banks' needs in this period of digitalisation.

    The seamless integration of True Wealth's solution into the Finnova Banking Software allows the 100 Finnova banks to offer their bank clients intuitive, feature-rich digital asset management as an enhancement.

    Regiobank Solothurn is the first Finnova bank to make this digital asset management available to its clients.

    It enables banks to provide their clients with the following advantages:
    • An intuitive, attractive investment experience directly in e-banking
    • Option to configure an individual investment strategy for implementing personal investment requirements
    • Full control and transparency thanks to daily reports and possibility of adjusting the portfolio and making inpayments or outpayments at the click of a button

    Banks themselves enjoy the following benefits:
    • Quick market launch and low investment costs thanks to software as a service and standard integration
    • Low costs thanks to straight through processing and full automation
    • Extended digital asset management range to appeal to the digitally savvy client segment with a professional, functionally attractive investment solution
    • Refined, yet easy-to-use options for individualisation – the solution appeals not only to classic wealth management clients, but also to a wide spectrum of clients with innovative investment opportunities

    Raphael Widmer, Finnova's Chief Customer Officer says, "We are pleased to further expand Switzerland's largest banking ecosystem thanks to the new partnership with True Wealth and new customer Regiobank Solothurn. Our aim is to appeal to more banks in the future." Christoph Erb, True Wealth's Head of Business Development adds, "The standard integration of the solution into the Finnova Banking Software provides banks with easy access to digital asset management."

    181127 Press Release Product Partnership Finnova and True Wealth

  • Hypotheken – Die Beratungsqualität entscheidet
    2018-11-15 13:00 - (IFZ Institut für Finanzdienstleistungen HSLU)

    In der siebten Studie zum Schweizer Retailbanken-Markt zeigt das Institut für Finanzdienstleistungen Zug IFZ der Hochschule Luzern auf: Beim Hypothekarentscheid sind die Beratungsqualität sowie die Zinshöhe die wichtigsten Kriterien. Auf der Bankenseite gibt es im Hypothekarprozess dank der Digitalisierung noch ungenutztes Sparpotenzial. Im jährlichen Ranking der erfolgreichsten Retail-Banken schwingen wiederum kleine Banken oben auf.

    Es gibt verschiedene Gründe, warum sich Kunden für eine Bank entscheiden. Beim Abschluss einer Hypothek sind aber nicht nur günstige Zinsen, sondern eine gute Beratungsqualität und die persönliche Bekanntschaft zu einem Kundenberater entscheidend. Dies zeigt eine Umfrage bei rund 220 Kundinnen und Kunden im Rahmen der Retail Banking-Studie 2018 (siehe Kasten) des Instituts für Finanzdienstleistungen IFZ.

    Medienmitteilung IFZ HSLU Retailbanking Studie 2018

    Finnova engagiert sich als führender Anbieter von Bankensoftware seit 2012 als Sponsor der Retail-Banking-Studie des IFZ der Hochschule Luzern. Dank dem Finnova-Sponsoring lassen sich solche Studien von wissenschaftlicher Seite her überhaupt durchführen. Die Kunden von Finnova profitieren in zweierlei Hinsicht vom Engagement: einerseits von Vergünstigungen beim Kauf der Studienergebnisse (Spezialpreis CHF 270, bei Bestellung ‚Finnova‘ angeben) und andererseits vom Transfer der Erkenntnisse ins Finnova Product Management. Die Unabhängigkeit des Studienträgers ist für die neutrale, faktenbasierte Interpretation der Ergebnisse zwingend. Deshalb beschränkt sich Finnova auf die Rolle als Sponsor. 

  • 2018-11-14 07:00 - (Finnova AG)

  • 2018-11-07 10:34 - (Finnova AG)
  • Finnova opens up further for fintechs and offers the Business Finance Manager
    2018-10-15 10:30 - (Finnova AG)

    Switzerland's largest banking community grows further
    Finnova opens up further for fintechs and offers the Business Finance Manager

    Lenzburg/Zurich, 15 October 2018 – Low brokerage fees and meagre interest rates define the market. In addition, increasing digitalisation is presenting the sector with major challenges, but also significant opportunities. Finnova is building on this, developing its partnership with Contovista and the Business Finance Manager for SMEs.

    Banks in transition – Digitalisation as an opportunity
    Digitalisation provides banks with significantly more potential than the development of a standardised customer journey. For example, using all available data sources and explaining relationships between events and behaviours, custom-made solutions can be developed. User profiles would thereby be continually refined, and made-to-measure solutions that match the clients' needs structure would result.

    Banks can future-proof their business models through innovation. The focus of new business ideas is often limited to visible elements, such as new apps. Other important areas are forgotten. Industrialisation in the finance sector has long included products and services from specialised third-party providers.

    Finnova develops successful partnership with Contovista and the Business Finance Manager
    An increasing number of fintechs are joining the Finnova Community to support banks with these solutions – the vision is still to develop the Finnova platform so that it is a leading ecosystem for modern end-to-end banking. Finnova is strengthening its strategic partnership with data analysis fintech Contivista, and now offers the Business Finance Manager (BFM) for SMEs.

    The BFM solution from Contovista saves valuable time for business clients during financial planning thanks to automatic classification of transactions. It also permits anticipatory liquidity planning, making it possible to offer custom-made products or to proactively initiate contact with the advisor. The software also supplements the accounting tools. The enriched data can be exported and used further, for example when posting business transactions. Finnova banks can simply integrate the BFM additional option into their client portal or e-banking, thereby offering their business clients new solutions.

    The cooperation between Finnova and Contovista has proved itself. Nine Swiss Finnova banks are already using the financial assistant for private clients for client retention and increase in turnover, and with the BFM, the partners are reacting to the significant demand on the market for a corresponding solution for corporate clients. The cooperation is completed through joint appearances – for example at the Swiss Fintech Day on 16 October in Zurich – where the companies will present the solution approaches for the bank of tomorrow together.

    Gian Reto à Porta, CEO of Contovista, says, "With our Business Finance Manager, we offer SMEs simple and fast options for keeping track of their liquidity management and focusing on their core business. It also offers new advisory methods for banks. For example, proactive, targeted recommendations or services could be offered on the basis of cash-flow analysis."

    Ralph Hutter, Product Manager Digital Banking at Finnova adds, "We are always on the lookout for dynamic, innovative products that provide real added value for banks and bank clients, especially in times of digital transformation and open banking. With Contovista, we are holding onto one of our most important product partners. We are already looking forward to relevant future services."


  • Change of CEO: Charlie Matter is handing over the helm to Hendrik Lang
    2018-06-26 09:45 - (Finnova AG)

    Lenzburg, 26 June 2018 – In his 20th year at Finnova, Charlie Matter, the company's CEO and Delegate of the Board of Directors, has decided to retire and concentrate on his private projects. The Board of Directors has appointed Hendrik Lang, currently Chief Customer Officer and Member of the Executive Board at Finnova, as his successor. The handover will take place as of 1 September 2018. Raphael Widmer, currently Head of Presales, will take over Hendrik Lang's previous role as of then.  

    Charlie Matter decides to leave Finnova 
    After almost 20 years, Charlie Matter, CEO and Delegate of the Board of Directors at Finnova, has decided to retire. Since his entry in 1999, Finnova has grown from a handful of customer banks and around 55 employees to one of the leading providers of banking software in Switzerland with around 100 customer banks, over 70 partner companies, 400 employees, and a large external workforce. In the past few years, in accordance with customer needs, Charlie Matter has driven a transformation in all dimensions into an agile organisation with new recruits and a new strategy. This is reflected in a focus on the Swiss market with a clear product and services offer by Finnova, which can be flexibly expanded with offers from partner companies, customised developments, or in-house developments of banks. This change is underpinned by new technologies and architectures.  
    'I look back at a fulfilled time at Finnova in which we, together with our employees, customers, partners and shareholders, created the largest banking ecosystem in Switzerland, which is ready for the future of banking. Now is the right time to hand over the helm,' says Charlie Matter. 
    Hendrik Lang is to become the new CEO as of 1 September 2018 
    Hendrik Lang has already been a Member of the Executive Board since 2015, and will take over the role as CEO on 1 September 2018. Hendrik Lang has managed to gain comprehensive experience and build up a broad network in the Swiss IT and banking market over almost 25 years. He can look back on a successful career in banking advisory and as an executive with large international corporations. 
    During a transition period until the end of the year, Charlie Matter will still play a part so that a seamless transfer is ensured. 'I look forward to the new challenge and will pursue the transformation into an open ecosystem for end-to-end banking which covers the different needs of our customer banks and new customers, always with a focus on the high-performing Finnova Banking Software,' comments Hendrik Lang.   
    Raphael Widmer succeeds as Chief Customer Officer 
    Raphael Widmer, who has already been working for Finnova for many years and who is currently Head of Presales, will take over the previous role of Hendrik Lang as Chief Customer Officer and Member of the Executive Board as of 1 September 2018. He has an established network among customers and partners, and has extensive knowledge of Finnova's product and services offer.  
    'As chairman of Finnova's Board of Directors, I am exceptionally pleased that we can ensure a seamless change in leadership with extremely competent new representatives from our own ranks. In particular, I wish to thank Charlie Matter for his tireless work for Finnova over two decades with constantly changing requirements for the company,' says Hans Zehetmaier, at once founder and managing director of msg systems ag, the majority shareholder of Finnova and one of the leading software integration companies in Germany with around 7,000 employees worldwide.  


  • Finnova and Glarner Kantonalbank sign agreement for joint development of the loan advisory solution 'Finnova Loan Advisory'
    2018-03-15 07:00 - (Finnova AG)

    Lenzburg/Glarus, 15 March 2018. – Finnova AG and Glarner Kantonalbank have converted the declaration of intent announced in August 2017 into a development cooperation agreement. The partners have agreed not to disclose details.

    The loan advisory solution is being integrated into the Finnova Banking Software as a new, practical loans module to coexist with the existing solution. The jointly developed product covers the entire loan process, from client advisory to approval and the downstream processing operations. The development is focused on meeting the requirements of banks in terms of a systemically consistent and process-supported advisory with a consistent client experience, as well as cost-effective, front-to-back processing with full integration into the Finnova Core system. The new advisory solution will be introduced shortly onto the market under the name 'Finnova Loan Advisory' and is aimed at both Finnova banks and banks using other core banking solutions.

    180315_Press_Release_Finnova Loan Advisory

  • Finnova supports banks during digital transformation – fintech companies and the Finnova Community play an important role
    2018-03-12 07:00 - (Finnova AG)

    Digital transformation now appears to have reached the local market in conjunction with fintechs too. Now that banks no longer feel that their business model is threatened by fintechs, Finnova has noted an upturn in demand for its fintech solutions. The large Finnova Community provides a point of entry for fintechs in Switzerland and abroad to grow. Finnova is therefore confident in further structuring and developing its ecosystem and related integration services/APIs for its 100+ retail and private customer banks. Finnova thereby supports the digital transformation of its customer banks, paving the way for efficient, cost-effective end-to-end banking.

    Media Release Finnova Digitalisation FinTech Study 2018

  • 25 Regionalbanken mit neuem IT-Provider
    2018-01-09 08:20 - (Clientis AG)

    25 Regionalbanken lassen ihre IT neu durch die Inventx AG betreiben. Der reibungslos verlaufenen Transition zum Jahreswechsel und der erfolgreichen Betriebsaufnahme gingen intensive Projektarbeiten während 20 Monaten voraus. Bezüglich der Anzahl Banken handelt es sich um den grössten IT-Wechsel der letzten Jahre in der Schweiz.

    2017-08-24 07:00 - (Finnova AG)

    Lenzburg/Glarus, 24 August 2017 – Finnova AG and Glarner Kantonalbank want to enhance their cooperation. A new loan advisory solution will be developed against the backdrop of digitalisation and industrialisation. It will be available as an extension to the existing Finnova Banking Software module and as a standalone product.

    Finnova's partner Glarner Kantonalbank is a pioneer in the field of innovative digital banking tools with its products Hypomat (B2C) and Softlink (B2B). With this partnership, Finnova is striving towards the goal of promptly offering its customers a new, practical loans module alongside the existing solution.

    Glarner Kantonalbank and Finnova are thereby forging ahead with their digitalisation and industrialisation strategy in a targeted manner. In the first phase, the partners are focussing on the volume-intensive mortgage lending business.

    With the new loan advisory solution, role-specific interfaces will be developed for the front office advisory process and for back office processing steps. Additionally, any services required for automatic approval and processing are to be integrated into the solution.


  • Arner Bank and Bank von Roll choose Finnova Banking Software
    2017-05-19 11:00 - (Finnova)

    Finnova's service partner InCore – a SOBACO group company – has recently successfully migrated private banks Arner Bank and Bank von Roll to its private banking hub. The hub now has 16 financial institutions, making it Switzerland's largest multi-tenant tower based on the Finnova Banking Software for efficient private banking. The Finnova ecosystem, made up of around 100 banks and 70 partner companies, continues to grow.

  • Finnova wins Banking IT Innovation Award 2016
    2016-11-03 09:30 - (Finnova AG)

    Finnova Analytical Framework brings artificial intelligence into the banks' back office.

    Lenzburg, 3 November 2016. – With the Finnova Analytical Framework (FAF), Finnova has won the Banking IT Innovation Award 2016 in German-speaking regions. The award was presented by the Competence Centre Sourcing (CC Sourcing) last night for the 6th time already at the Business Engineering Forum in St. Gallen. CC Sourcing emphasises that, with the FAF, Finnova has 'created a technology that brings concepts such as artificial intelligence and evolutionary learning into the back office of financial institutions, and accurately solves analytical tasks in all areas. Currently described as a decision support and analysis tool, the FAF will be able to automate a considerable part of knowledge processes in financial institutions in the not too distant future.

    Media Release Finnova Analytical Framework wins IT Innovation Award

  • Neue Bank AG mit DWH Framework von Finnova Services produktiv in nur sechs Wochen.
    2016-07-01 14:44 - (Finnova AG)

    Seit dem 1. Juli 2016 werden bei der NEUE BANK AG in Vaduz die aktuellsten Daten aus der Finnova Banking Software ins DWH FRAMEWORK der Finnova Services eingespielt. Im Mai 2016 hat sich die NEUE BANK AG aus Vaduz für die Data Warehouse Lösung DWH FRAMEWORK von Finnova Services entschieden. Nach einer kurzen Einführungszeit von rund 6 Wochen ist die Lösung nun in Betrieb.

    Emil Eugster, Leiter Informatik/Organisation der NEUE BANK AG, zeigt sich erfreut: „Mit dem DWH FRAMEWORK verfügen wir über eine zukunftsträchtige Basislösung, die es uns erleichtert auf der vorhandenen Datenbasis Auswertungen und Analysen vorzunehmen und Business Intelligence Funktionen alleine oder mit Partnern zu entwickeln. Wir waren überrascht und erfreut über die kurze Einführungszeit und über die partnerschaftliche Zusammenarbeit mit dem DWH Team von Finnova Services.“

    Finnova Services unterstützt Finnova-Kundenbanken rund um die Finnova Banking Software mit qualitativ hochstehenden Dienstleistungen. Das Finnova-Serviceangebot beitet u.a. dezidierte Unterstützung für Finnova-Kunden, wenn es um die Datenbereitstellung für Analysen und um Business Intelligence Funktionen geht. Das DWH FRAMEWORK von Finnova Services ist in Zusammenarbeit mit mehreren Kundenbanken entstanden. Es basiert vollständig auf Microsoft-Komponenten und ermöglicht Finnova-Kunden einen einfachen Start in die Daten- und Analyse-Welt zu einem vernünftigen Preis-/Leistungsverhältnis. Die Finnova DWH FRAMEWORK Community wächst kontinuierlich. Mit mit dem Going Live der NEUE BANK AG ist bereits siebte Finnova-Kundenbank mit Finnova DWH FRAMEWORK produktiv.

  • 2016-02-23 13:17 - (Finnova AG)
  • Finnova Banks highly profitable
    2016-01-04 07:13 - (Finnova AG)

    Lenzburg, 4 January 2016. - The Swiss retail banks’ annual results once again show that banks which use Finnova Banking Software as their IT solution are more profitable compared to competing non-Finnova banks. Of the 90 Swiss retail banks whose annual results are available, the first 3 places for cost/income ratio are held by banks that use Finnova Banking Software as their IT solution. Of the 15 most profitable banks, 12 are Finnova banks.


  • Banks focus on real business drivers - Efficiency of Finnova banks confirmed
    2015-12-09 08:15 - (Finnova)

    Finnova banks have once again taken places one to four in the cost/income ratio ranking of the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts IFZ’s Swiss 2015 Retail Banking Study. Banque Cantonale de Fribourg, AEK Bank 1826 Genossenschaft, Banque Cantonale du Valais and Schwyzer Kantonalbank have successfully proved their leading positions. This shows that Finnova's increasing investment in the key areas – industrialisation, digitalization and compliance – is the right choice. That is why Finnova is making significant investment in development resources. Optimisation of functionalities and interaction with bank clients, bank client advisors, middle office and back office divisions of banks should progress considerably, as should compliance and DWH solutions.

    Press Release Finnova about the IFZ Retail Banking Study 2015

  • Finnova extends shareholder base and Board of Directors
    2015-04-02 09:51 - (Finnova)

    The current strategic partners of Finnova have now committed themselves even stronger to the shareholder base and the Board of Directors. msg systems ag acquires a majority stake of 51.4% and Swisscom (Switzerland) AG takes a shareholding of 9% and takes up a seat in the Board of Directors.

    PR 2015-04-02 shareholder base and Board of Directors extension

  • Finnova banks can benefit from Contovista PFM solution
    2015-02-03 23:29 - (Finnova)

    Lenzburg, Schlieren, 3rd February 2015 - Finnova AG and Contovista AG are entering into a partnership in order to offer the Finnova banks a functionally rich Personal Finance Management (PFM) solution. As the first Finnova bank to do so, Schwyzer Kantonalbank has decided to use the new personal financial assistant of Contovista.

    Media release (pdf 30KB)

  • Further banks successfully change to Finnova
    2015-01-29 21:41 - (Finnova)

    At the turn of the year, with Banque Cantonale du Jura, a Zurich-based commercial bank and a Geneva-based private bank, three more banks switched over to Finnova.

    Further banks successfully change to Finnova (pdf 122KB)

  • Schwyzer Kantonalbank und Nidwaldner Kantonalbank setzen auf Finnova Analytics als zentrales Analyse- und Reporting-Instrument
    2015-01-19 21:48 - (Finnova)

    Mit Finnova Analytics erhält das Management einer Bank volle Transparenz über wichtige Kennzahlen wie Nettogeldfluss, Kosten und Rentabilität. Finnova Analytics ist ein Data Warehouse, in das über das Modul Finnova Control® Daten aus der Finnova Banking Software eingespeist und dem Management in Form von Analysen und Reports zur Verfügung gestellt werden.

    Schwyzer Kantonalbank und Nidwaldner Kantonalbank setzen auf Finnova Analytics (pdf 186KB)

  • “Banking as a Service” – HP and Finnova develop prototype together with Berner Kantonalbank (BEKB)
    2014-11-07 21:58 - (Finnova)

    It is the goal of the cooperation project to further develop the integration module “Financial Transaction Processor”. This module connects different IT platforms and software modules for a bank and allows for parallel operation.

    “Banking as a Service” – HP and Finnova develop prototype (pdf 225KB)

  • Finnova-Analytics bei der Schwyzer Kantonalbank produktiv
    2014-07-07 23:19 - (Finnova)

    Mit dem Modul «Nettogeldfluss» der Finnova nutzt die Schwyzer Kantonalbank (SZKB) seit Juni 2014 eine integrierte Softwarelösung. Diese besteht aus Finnova Control® und aus Finnova Analytics. Dabei werden die definierten Kennzahlen von Finnova Control® errechnet, in das Data Warehouse Finnova Analytics übertragen und dem User zur Verfügung gestellt. 

    Medienmitteilung (pdf 210KB)

  • Finnova AG and Swisscom expand their strategic partnership
    2014-06-12 22:33 - (Finnova)

    A year ago Swisscom launched Switzerland’s leading transaction processing centre for banks, based on Finnova banking software. Parallel to implementing this industrialisation project, the strategic partners are now intensifying their collaboration in the field of front-office applications. First step: develop and set up an innovative multi-channel client advisor workstation.

    Finnova AG and Swisscom expand their strategic partnership (pdf 268KB)

  • ZKB entrusts its payment transactions to Swisscom and Finnova
    2014-04-15 22:40 - (Finnova)

    From 2016 onwards, Zürcher Kantonalbank (ZKB) will process its payment transactions through the banking processing platform of Swisscom. At the heart of this future-oriented processing platform lies the banking software of the Lenzburg-based Finnova AG.

    ZKB entrusts its payment transactions to Swisscom and Finnova (pdf 263KB)

  • Finnova integrates eGRIS and implements liquidity reporting according to Basel III
    2013-12-19 00:00:00 - (Finnova)

    As part of planned release changes and implementations, Finnova AG has further expanded the range of functionality of its core banking solution. Thus the connection to Terravia – the electronic property information system (eGRIS) - was concluded. Thanks to the implementation of the Liquidity Ordinance within the framework of Basel III, already since mid-2013, the Finnova banks can now additionally create the newly introduced liquidity report in the legally required form.

    Finnova integrates eGRIS and implements liquidity reporting according to Basel III

  • The Lenzburg software house integrates eGRIS and implements liquidity reporting according to Basel III
    2013-12-19 00:00:00 - (Finnova)

    As part of planned release changes and implementations, Finnova AG has further expanded the range of functionality of its core banking solution. Thus the connection to Terravia – the electronic property information system (eGRIS) - was concluded. Thanks to the implementation of the Liquidity Ordinance within the framework of Basel III, already since mid-2013, the Finnova banks can now additionally create the newly introduced liquidity report in the legally required form.

    Finnova with eGRIS and liquidity reporting according to Basel III

  • Finnova occupies all three podium positions
    2013-10-17 00:00:00 - (Finnova)

    A study of the Hochschule Luzern makes it clear: The Freiburger Kantonalbank is the master of efficiency in Swiss retail banking. And with the AEK Bank 1826 cooperative as well as the Schwyzer Kantonalbank, two further Finnova institutions occupy the other podium places with regard to cost-to-income ratio.

    Finnova occupies all three podium positions (PDF)

  • Finnova AG appoints Alexander Rüegg to its Executive Board
    2013-07-23 00:00:00 - (Finnova)

    According to the announcement of the Board of Directors of Finnova AG, its Executive Board is being strengthened with the addition of Alexander Rüegg (45). Mr Rüegg is responsible for the "Banking Development" division, which he has managed on an interim basis over the past six months. He brings many years of software development experience with him to supplement the top management.

    Finnova AG appoints Alexander Rüegg to its Executive Board

  • Finnova AG increases investments in innovations and partnerships
    2013-07-10 00:00:00 - (Finnova)

    The banking software producer Finnova AG continues to increase its innovative capacity. Product Management is constantly being expanded and partnerships are consistently being exploited.  One example of this is the further development of Finnova's e-channel product portfolio with the addition of the latest Finnova Mobile Banking App for iOS and Android, which is the functionally most comprehensive front-end application for mobile banking in Switzerland. Furthermore, Finnova recently launched its new data warehouse solution, which was developed in a joint partnership, and its interface to EasyTax for the automated creation of international tax statements.

    Press Release Innovations & Partnerships

  • Compliance Product Manager
    2013-06-14 00:00 - (Finnova)

    To ensure a market-oriented continued development of its core banking solution in the future, Finnova AG has reinforced its product management. A seasoned banking expert, Jürg Frei took up the newly created position of Compliance Product Manager at the Lenzburg software company in early May. The new position was created at the beginning of this year in the context of the reorganisation and expansion of the software development team.

    Compliance Product Manager

  • Finnova AG’s management better equipped for the Future
    2013-02-25 00:00:00 - (Finnova)

    Finnova AG is currently working on a new management structure. The leading Swiss banking software solutions provider is extending its management board with Daniel Premori, the new head of “Technical Development and Operations”. In order to strengthen its leading position in the banking software business, finnova AG is gearing its management up to tackle future market requirements. Therefore, a typical Product Management department has been put in place and the software development department has been reorganised into two specialised divisions.

    Finnova AG’s management better equipped for the Future

  • InCore Bank migriert erfolgreich auf Finnova
    2013-01-15 00:00:00 - (Finnova)

    Anfangs 2013 haben die InCoreBank AG sowie sieben ihrer Kundenbanken die Migration auf Finnova abgeschlossen. Ein über einjähriges Grossprojekt wurde damit erfolgreich umgesetzt.

    Incore Bank migriert auf Finnova

  • 2012-10-01 00:00:00 - (Finnova)
  • Nettogeldfluss bei der NEUE BANK AG
    2012-07-16 00:00:00 - (Finnova)

    Finnova Control® Modul Nettogeldfluss bei der NEUE BANK AG im produktiven Einsatz
    Erfüllung der Regulatorien, Bank- und Mitarbeiterführung – weitere Module werden ab 2013 zur Verfügung stehen

    Nettogeldfluss (in German)

  • Sicherheitslösung von United Security Providers für Finnova
    2012-07-04 00:00:00 - (Finnova)

    Die Finnova E-Bankinglösung kann neu mit den Produkten von United Security Providers geschützt werden. Damit ermöglicht die Finnova ihren Kunden und Partnern mehr Flexibilität in der Auswahl von IT-Security Lösungen.

  • Finnova develops Data Warehouse (in German)
    2012-07-02 00:00:00 - (Finnova)

    Die Zusatzkomponente ermöglicht ein bankenspezifisches Reporting und erhöht die Konkurrenzfähigkeit der Benutzer.

    Finnova Data Warhouse (in German)

  • Die Finnova AG mit Meilenstein bei Abgeltungssteuer
    2012-07-01 00:00:00 - (Finnova)

    Ab Mitte Juli 2012 stehen den Kundenbanken des Lenzburger Softwarehauses die Funktionalitäten zur Regularisierung der Vergangenheit zur Verfügung.


  • Entris Banking: 12 weitere Banken migriert (in german)
    2012-06-05 00:00:00 - (Finnova)

    Neue IT und neues Leistungsmodell. Entris Banking ist in der Schweiz grösster Outsourcing-Anbieter auf einer Finnova-basierten Plattform.


  • Förderpreis "Finnovation 2012" - Auszeichnung für „Medical Record“, der neuen Software-Lösung für Tablet PCs
    2012-05-25 00:00:00 - (Finnova)

    Am 21. Mai wurde an der Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz FHNW in Brugg/Windisch der Förderpreis "Finnovation" verliehen. Acht Teams des Studiengangs Informatik präsentierten ihre Projektarbeiten. „Medical Record“, die Software-Lösung für Tablet PCs, soll die Einführung von elektronischen Patientenakten erleichtern und holte sich den mit CHF 2'000.- dotierten ersten Preis. Die diesjährige Ausschreibung  „Finnovation 2012“ wurde zum fünften Mal vom Lenzburger Informatikunternehmen finnova AG Bankware gestiftet. Damit will man auf die hervorragenden Ausbildungs- und Arbeitsaussichten in der Informatik aufmerksam machen und die jungen Leute für einen spannenden Beruf begeistern.

  • Docucom AG wird neuer Partner der Finnova AG
    2012-05-24 00:00:00 - (Finnova)

    Docucom AG bietet Kunden künftig ein Dienstleistungsportfolio für die Integration und den Betrieb eines externen Output-Management-Systems der Gesamtbankenlösung namens Finnova an. Die Produkte-Partnerschaft erfolgt über die Schnittstellenvereinbarung des Lenzburger Softwarehauses.

    Neuer Partner Docucom

  • Finnova World to premiere in Baden on 20 September 2012
    2012-05-15 00:00:00 - (Finnova)

    Finnova World is both an information exchange platform and a networking get-together. As of late April 2012, 27 partners of the Lenzburg-based software house have announced their participation at the inaugural event.

    Finnova World to premiere in Baden on 20 September 2012

  • Netcetera und Finnova bauen mobiles Banking aus
    2012-05-05 00:00:00 - (Finnova)

    Das Mobile Banking nimmt in der Abwicklung von Bankgeschäften rasant an Bedeutung zu. Entsprechend sind die Anforderungen an die Sicherheit, Funktionalität und Benutzerfreundlichkeit sehr hoch. Eine kontinuierliche Weiterentwicklung von Apps für mobile Endgeräte ist deshalb unabdingbar. Die Finnova AG, führende Schweizer Herstellerin von Bankensoftware, hat mit Netcetera einen renommierten Partner für den weiteren Ausbau ihrer Mobile Banking Apps gefunden

  • Ten in one go – further RBA/Entris banks go live with Finnova
    2011-10-10 00:00:00 - (Finnova)

    The Lenzburg-based software success story continues: another ten banks are now productive with the Finnova integrated banking solution at Entris Banking. All 42 banks in the group, as well as the Entris companies, will be migrated to Finnova by the end of 2012.

    Ten in one go – further RBAEntris banks go live with Finnova

  • SOBACO führt Finnova bei der Bankhaus Jungholz AG ein
    2011-10-05 00:00:00 - (Finnova)

    Die Bankhaus Jungholz AG in St. Gallen hat per 1. Oktober 2011 die Gesamtbankenlösung Finnova eingeführt. Die Schweizer Tochter der österreichischen Raiffeisenbank Reutte wird nach der erfolgreichen Migration als vierter Mandant auf dem Finnova-Tower der SOBACO AG betrieben.

    SOBACO führt Finnova bei der Bankhaus Jungholz AG ein

  • Finnova mit umfassender Erweiterung des Mobile Banking (in german)
    2011-09-15 00:00:00 - (Finnova)
  • Stärkung des Software-Werkplatzes Schweiz: Finnova AG vergibt Forschungsprojekt Babelfisch an FHNW Brugg/Windisch
    2011-09-15 00:00:00 - (Finnova)

    Ziel von „Babelfisch“ ist die Erstellung eines flexiblen Software Quality Data Warehouse im Oracle- und Finnova-Umfeld. Mit dessen Hilfe sollen die Fehlerlokalisierung automatisiert, die Auswirkungen des Softwaredesigns auf die Software-Updates aufgezeigt und die Effizienz in der Softwareproduktion gesteigert werden. Um die Übersicht und die Nachvollziehbarkeit für die Entwickler sowie das Application Management zu erhöhen, soll dies auch in grafischer Form erfolgen. Für die Vorstudie, welche mit der Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz in Windisch (FHNW) gemeinsam erarbeitet wird, investiert die Finnova AG einen hohen fünfstelligen Betrag.

    Babelfisch FHNW

  • Live with Finnova – successful migration for a second group of RBA banks
    2011-06-14 00:00:00 - (Finnova)

    Four more Clientis banks – Bank Oberaargau, Bank im Thal, EB Entlebucher Bank and Sparkasse Sense – have successfully begun operating with Finnova software. The changeover affects 104 bank staff.

    To read more about see:

  • WIR bank adopts a new IT platform
    2011-04-08 00:00:00 - (Finnova)

    WIR Bank has started operating with the Finnova IT platform on 4 April 2011. By joining the ESPRIT network and adopting a new core banking system from Finnova, WIR Bank has laid the ideal foundation for even better standards of customer service in the future.

    WIR bank adopts a new IT platform

  • One more successful changeover to Finnova on schedule
    2011-01-06 00:00:00 - (Finnova)

    Alongside the two first RBA banks – Valiant Bank and Clientis Bernerland Bank – and located in the eastern part of Switzerland, another private bank has taken up operations on Finnova’s high-performance IT platform. In the meantime, RBA affiliates are providing their full range of IT and banking service on Finnova.

    Read more:

  • The first RBA banks migrate to Finnova
    2011-01-06 00:00:00 - (Finnova)

    Valiant Bank and Clientis Bernerland Bank are the first of the RBA banks to migrate their operations to a new and powerful Finnova-based IT platform. Meanwhile, RBA Group companies Entris Banking, Entris Operations and Primanet are providing the newly-migrated banks with extensive Finnova-oriented IT and banking services.

    The first RBA banks migrate to Finnova

  • Finnova steps into the future with Java and Microsoft
    2010-12-15 00:00:00 - (Finnova)

    In keeping with its open architecture approach, Finnova has decided to let its over 90 banks choose between front-end technologies.

    Finnova steps into the future with Java and Microsoft

  • Enterprise Services (EPS) now a certified FDK Partner
    2010-12-08 00:00:00 - (Finnova)

    Enterprise Services, a consulting firm for financial services providers based in Basel (Switzerland), has been granted certification as an official Finnova FDK Partner. The FDK (Finnova Development Kit) enables Enterprise Services to implement functionalities and applications that share the Finnova ‘look and feel’ while maintaining version independence from the core banking solution. Customers for FDK-based applications from Enterprise Services have the assurance that the software code has been examined by Finnova and verified to fit in smoothly and seamlessly with the integrated banking solution. Banks that commission an FDK development benefit from owning a fully integrated, yet exclusive and custom solution that they can use to their competitive advantage. To read more about see:

  • EPS becomes a certified partner of Finnova
    2010-12-08 00:00:00 - (Finnova)

    Enterprise Services (EPS) is a newly certified partner of Finnova for the development of applications and functions of Finnova’s standard banking solution.

    EPS becomes certified partner of Finnova

  • Release management today - how it works
    2010-12-07 00:00:00 - (Finnova)

    Always wanted to find out about our forward-looking software release management? Learn more in this insightful study concerning itopia ag:

  • Mercantil Bank (Schweiz) AG goes live with Finnova Plug&Bank®
    2010-08-03 00:00:00 - (Finnova)

    The private bank Mercantil Bank (Switzerland) has successfully taken up business with Finnova Plug&Bank® on 2 August 2010. The migration project under the lead of the Zurich-based Business Solution Group was conducted within only a few months and concluded within the agreed time and costs. Mercantil Bank (Switzerland) is the first bank to use a Spanish-localised version of the Finnova software.

  • Finnova Community Keeps Growing
    2010-03-09 00:00:00 - (Finnova)

    Finnova is proud to welcome Bank für Tirol und Vorarlberg Aktiengesellschaft (BTV) in its growing community. The renowned Austrian financial intermediary with strong regional roots and a private banking nature has decided to implement the Finnova software for its Swiss subsidiary in Staad. The going-live is scheduled for the end of 2010.

    Finnova is proud to welcome Bank für Tirol und Vorarlberg (BTV) in its growing community. The renowned Austrian financial intermediary with strong regional roots and a private banking nature has decided to implement the Finnova software for its Swiss subsidiary in Staad. The going-live is scheduled for the end of 2010.
  • Finnova Congratulates Clients on Good Business Results
    2010-03-03 00:00:00 - (Finnova)

    After the Finnova clients Graubündner Kantonalbank, Schwyzer Kantonalbank and Banque Cantonale Neuchâteloise, Banque Cantonale de Genève has also presented its business results for 2009 at the beginning of March. We would like to congratulate our clients on the positive business development and profit growth and are looking forward to continuing our successful partnerships and cooperations.

  • Finnova runs on Linux
    2010-02-22 00:00:00 - (Finnova)

    The operating system SUSE Linux Enterprise 11.2 is now certified as fourth platform for the Finnova software. Linux provides for cost-effective operation and is seen as alternative to Unix.

    Finnova has already received many inquiries from various interested banks. Due to the stability and the popularity of the operating system (OS), an increasing number of administrators are working with Linux. Against the background of a cost-effective infrastructure, Linux may also be considered as platform of choice for Finnova Plug&Bank®.

  • NEUE BANK AG als erste Privatbank live mit Finnova
    2010-01-06 00:00:00 - (Finnova)
    Die NEUE BANK AG in Liechtenstein entschied sich im Januar 2009 für die Gesamtbankenlösung Finnova auf der Basis der Private Banking Modellbank.

    Erste Privatbank live mit Finnova

  • Migros Bank Cutover - November 2009: Background information
    2009-11-09 00:00:00 - (Finnova)

    For background information about the successful cutover of Migros Bank on November 3, 2009, please read the interview with Migros Bank and Finnova under

  • Clients acknowledge adaptability of Finnova Academy
    2009-11-03 00:00:00 - (Finnova)

    Finnova’s training programmes are aimed at business partners and banks who wish to train their specialist and executive staff or even entire business units to use the Finnova software for specific purposes.

    Our clients’ needs for training are what matters to us. In addition to standard training, we therefore offer individualised programmes that we developed in cooperation with our clients. We advise them on subject matters and recommend seminars and coaches.

    Vlado Sutter, senior staff member of Entris Banking’s HRM and training department, expresses his satisfaction:
    ‘Our cooperation with Finnova is very cordial, supportive and solution-oriented. Personal contacts are pleasant and obliging. Finnova puts great effort into offering customised and customer-oriented training.’

    Tobias Kurz, member of Entris Banking’s business development department, adds:
    ‘The Finnova Academy offers solid and qualified standard training. If there are any deviations, the Academy team simply integrates the specific requirement and adapts the programme in a pragmatic and solution-oriented way.’

    Have we sparked your interest? Please contact us by phone on +41 (0)62 / 886 48 43 or by e mail at For further information about our training programmes, please visit

  • Mercantil Bank AG: eine weitere Privatbank mit Finnova
    2009-11-02 00:00:00 - (Finnova)

    Die Mercantil Bank (Schweiz) AG ist eine Tochtergesellschaft der Mercantil Servicios Financieros, C.A., die 1997 mit Sitz in Caracas (Venezuela) gegründet wurde. Sie zählt heute zu den führenden Finanzdienstleistern in Venezuela. Wie es der Name der Bank erahnen lässt, richtete die Privatbank während der Evaluationsphase ihr Augenmerk auf die Eröffnung und Abwicklung von Akkreditiven, den Devisenhandel und Treuhandgeschäfte. Der Entscheid der Privatbank Mercantil (Schweiz) beweist, dass dank der Funktionalitätsbreite der Finnova-Gesamtbankenlösung selbst Bedürfnisse in Spezialgebieten abgebildet werden können und dennoch für eine kleinere Bank das Preis/Leistungsverhältnis attraktiv bleibt.
    For more information please refer to „Presse“.

  • New management seminars: Finnova and msgGillardon use existing synergies to introduce training facilities
    2009-07-16 00:00:00 - (Finnova)
  • Five new Finnova tenants migrate successfully to the ESPRIT platform
    2009-07-13 00:00:00 - (Finnova)

    Five finance companies adopt the integrated bank management solution of Finnova to run their complex banking operations. They are the financial intermediaries Alpha Rheintal Bank, Bank CA St. Gallen, swissregiobank, Sparkasse Wiesendangen and the leading BPO provider Finanz-Logistik. 13 July 2009 represents a milestone in this project as the group of five has been successfully migrated to the ESPRIT platform. This expansion means that 20 tenants and almost 900 users are now working productively on this platform.

    Finnova has once again managed to integrate a great number of service centre functions into its core application and asserts its leading role as provider of 'BPO ready' software.

  • Finnova appoints two new members to the Executive Board
    2009-03-30 00:00:00 - (Finnova)
    The two newly elected members underline Finnova’s increased effort toward private banks and international expansion.

    At the general meeting of Finnova, the two approved experts Hans Zehetmaier and Walter Knabenhans have been newly elected to the Executive Board. The new structure of this regulatory and governing committee underlines Finnova’s strong commitment to realise the defined market and growth strategy. The reconfirmation of Jörg Steinemann as Chairman is also an important indicator of Finnova’s determined business strategy.

    press release

  • Finnova wins over a private bank from Liechtenstein
    2009-02-11 00:00:00 - (Finnova)

    On the 22nd of January 2009 and after comprehensive evaluations, the NEUE BANK AG from the Principality of Liechtenstein has decided to implement the integrated banking solution Finnova and its model bank for private banking. Finnova AG has asserted itself to the competition of renowned national and international providers of private banking software.

    The main reasons in favour of Finnova were its extensive functionality, its open software architecture, its flexibility and a low cost structure. Another decisive aspect was the possibility to parameterise the software and to tailor it easily to the specific needs of the NEUE BANK AG by developing and integrating additional functions in a short amount of time. The way to success was paved during joint workshops of the NEUE BANK AG and finnova AG Bankware that brought forward a mutual understanding of the project. Finnova was able to identify the needs of the private bank and will adapt its strategy to support the software accordingly.

    This new cooperation represents for Finnova AG the first step out of Switzerland. It also represents the starting point towards building up the presence in the private banking sector to reach a similar position as in the universal and retail banking sector.

  • RBA banks go for Finnova
    2008-11-26 00:00:00 - (Finnova)
    The 50 RBA banks have decided in favour of the banking platform Finnova on 26.11.2008. The number of banks using Finnova is therefore more than doubled at one go – the software house from Lenzburg becomes the leader in Switzerland

    press release

  • On time rollout of Finnova at BCGE
    2008-10-03 00:00:00 - (Finnova)
    Finnova AG meets its cutover deadline once more: Banque Cantonale de Genève is online with the complete Finnova banking solution since the early afternoon of 2 October 2008. Around 800 additional end users can now benefit from the banking software.

    Banque Cantonale de Genève is the first stock exchange participant that goes into production with the Finnova solution. This represents a significant step in the development of our product.

    We congratulate Banque Cantonale de Genève on smoothly switching the platform and would like to thank them for the confidence they have placed in us. We also thank all their employees and other partners for their dedication.

    press release

  • Finnova - higher performance at lower costs | Most recent tests show double digit savings with CPU and memory.
    2008-10-02 00:00:00 - (Finnova)
    The range of Finnova's functions is constantly growing, just as the number of its users. At the same time, Finnova has managed step by step to improve the performance of its complete banking solution. The savings related to the core server of the CPU are at 10 to 20 percent and those related to the memory even at 25 percent. The strategy towards a continuous enhancement and the consistent engineering bear the exptected fruit. The creation of a team within the Performance Management Team has been an important factor contributing to this satisfying result. This step underlines the client and service orientation of the software house from Lenzburg.

    press release (German)

  • Fourteen institutes on one single platform
    2008-09-09 00:00:00 - (Finnova)

    After only five months of implementation, Coop Depositenkasse has started its productive operation with Finnova on the multitenant Esprit installation. Since September 1, 2008 Esprit does now include fourteen institutes with a wide variety of business models – eleven regional banks, VZ Depotbank, Alternative Bank Schweiz and Coop Depositenkasse.
    The project was originally started at a kick-off meeting in April 2008. The decision to change to Finnova was made based on two main factors: the desire to not further develop the old TellerOffice solution to meet the regulatory requirements and the determination to work with the well-established standard solution of the Lenzburg-based software house.
    Coop Depositenkasse offers alternative investment opportunities in the form of deposit accounts and medium-term notes that pay attractive interest and that are free of charge. The Coop members contribute with their deposits to the financing of the cooperative or the group respectively. As mutual savings bank of the Coop Group, Coop Depositenkasse is neither subject to the federal banking law nor to the SFBC. The institute is however subject to the Money Laundering Ordinance.
    Responsible for the timely implementation of Finnova at Coop Depositenkasse was Finnova’s implementation partner Comit. As a consequence, further 84 employees at 20 different locations can now profit from the modular total banking solution by Finnova. In other words this means that a total of around 600 employees work on the Esprit platform as of the beginning of September.

  • Finsys receives order from Migros Bank
    2008-07-09 00:00:00 - (Finnova)
    Migros Bank announces that it has accepted the tender offer of CPU Finsys Bankensoftware AG in St. Gall – a subsidiary of CPU Softwarehouse AG – for the implementation of its controlling solution. In the future, the credit institution will run Finsys’ controlling application along with the implementation of the total banking solution by software developer Finnova.

    After completion of the ongoing projects, Migros Bank plans to integrate further software components from the risk and banking management solution of the three partners Finnova, Finsys and GILLARDON.

    press release (German)

  • Sobaco: Into the future with Finnova
    2008-03-04 00:00:00 - (Finnova)
    After intensive negotiations Finnova Ltd. and SOBACO have concluded a cooperation agreement. With this strategic decision Finnova Ltd. is strengthening its market position in the private banking sector.

    Sobaco launched a broad market analysis before the decision in favour of Finnova Ltd. was made. The objective of this evaluation was to present both the clients and the staff members a durable and future-oriented perspective.

    Together with Finnova Sobaco offers its private banking clients a mature and sustainable total banking solution and aims for a transition to the solution of Finnova until the end of 2010.

    press release

  • Successful Finnova banks
    2008-01-30 00:00:00 - (Finnova)
    The year 2007 was turbulent for the financial world in some respects – a situation which is still lasting to date.

    However, the past year’s review is not negative for all banks. Various Finnova banks are presenting outstanding results for 2007 to which the total banking solution of the Lenzburg software house has contributed substantially. The Schwyzer Kantonalbank is showing again – amongst other pleasant key data – an excellent Cost-Income-Ratio.

    Finnova Ltd. congratulates the Finnova banks on their outstanding results of the past year.

    press release (German)

  • BCN - Successful start into the new year with Finnova!
    2008-01-04 00:00:00 - (Finnova)

    The new year has started well for the Cantonal Bank of Neuchâtel (BCN). With the first banking day BCN has put into operation its new total banking solution Finnova.

    After the successful implementation on schedule of Finnova in five more banks in 2007, BCN is the first bank that migrates to Finnova in 2008. 25 out of 32 Swiss banks which have opted for the package of the Lenzburg software house to this day employ Finnova daily on a productive base.

    We congratulate the Cantonal Bank of Neuchâtel on the seamless change of platform and express our thanks for the confidence placed in us. We are also thanking its employees and the involved partners accenture (implementation), IBM Banking Competency Center (computer data centre) and COMIT (application management) for their commitment.

  • The Alternative Bank ABS runs on Finnova
    2007-11-05 00:00:00 - (Finnova)
    Shortly after the first installations of Finnova went into service in the Romandy, the Alternative Bank ABS has also migrated to a multilingual version of Finnova. Thanks to the change to the new total banking platform the bank can systematically implement its strategy in the investment market. By 2008 it will integrate a modern e-banking solution. After the once more on schedule and successful introduction, 25 of the 32 Swiss banks which have opted for the package of the Lenzburg software house employ Finnova daily on a productive base.

    We congratulate the Alternative Bank ABS on the seamless change of platform and express our thanks for the confidence placed in us. We also thank its employees and the involved partners COMIT (migration, implementation and operation) and Swisscom IT Services (computer data centre operation, workplace management) for their professional commitment.

    press release (German)

  • Walliser Kantonalbank switched over to Finnova!
    2007-09-14 00:00:00 - (Finnova)
    Continuing in the three-monthly cycle the Walliser Kantonalbank switched over to Finnova as second bank in French-speaking Switzerland. With this major leap into a new banking era, all employees and clients will benefit from the advantages of this modern, bilingual total banking platform. The system was again introduced according to schedule, and to date, out of the twelve cantonal banks which have decided to run with the package from the Lenzburg-based software house, ten are already in daily production with Finnova.

    Finnova would like to thank the Walliser Kantonalbank for its trust and congratulates it on a seamless change of platform. Thanks also go to its employees and partners for their professional commitment to this challenging project, in which accenture is responsible for the implementation, IBM Banking Competency Center for the operation and COMIT AG for the application management.

    press release (German)

  • Migros Bank chooses Finnova
    2007-08-01 00:00:00 - (Finnova)
    After extensive evaluation, Migros Bank has come down in favour of the integrated banking solution of Finnova, which thereby prevailed on national and international competitors.

    Three convincing reasons tipped the scales: first, the high flexibility and adaptability of the open architecture that allows to link up third party systems in an efficient way; second, the possibility to develop additional features with both innovative functionalities and low time-to-market and last but not least, the availability of qualified resources for implementation.

    With Migros Bank’s choice, the Lenzburg software firm now tops the list of Swiss software firms for retail banks.

    press release (German)

  • Cantonal Bank of Fribourg runs on Finnova - bilingually
    2007-07-03 00:00:00 - (Finnova)
    The modular whole banking solution of Finnova has been implemented successfully at the Cantonal Bank of Fribourg. With the cutover on juli 2nd 2007, the 15-month project has been completed in due time. Hence 9 of the 12 banking institutes that have opted for the solution of the software house in Lenzburg perform live on Finnova.

    The implementation of a bilingual version in German and French was for the finnova Bankware AG and for COMIT AG a particular challenge – the Cantonal Bank of Fribourg is the first partner in the French speaking part of Switzerland, that is live on Finnova. To set the course for the future, Finnova not only translated the output into French, but also localized the whole software accordingly. For prospects from the Romandie, Finnova offers now a complete software package, that is tailored to meet their needs.

    „We consider the professional cooperation between us in the role of buyer, finnova as producer and COMIT as consultant as the key to success“ comments François Briguet, project manager Finnova at the Cantonal Bank of Fribourg, in his positive project review.
  • Strategic cooperation of Finnova, FINSys and Gillardon
    2007-06-27 00:00:00 - (Finnova)
    In June 2007, Finnova AG, FINSys and Gillardon agreed on a strategic cooperation arrangement. The aim of this collaboration is to optimise client management and to provide an integrated "Transactional and Analytical Banking System".
    In the short term, the collaboration will mean more efficient and harmonised processes in the area of customer support. The banks will have a focused and unique partner associated with them, which will be responsible for communication and coordination of the partners. One of the first steps as part of the cooperation arrangement is the preparation of a blueprint in the area of overall bank management. In the medium term, a fully integrated and comprehensive solution suited to Finnova will be developed. For the first time, this will provide across-the-board options for analysis, which are standard in production industry, to the banking sector as well – and with a less complex interface and an increased range of functionality. It will be possible to analyse added value processes in detail, and to localise lucrative lines and potential for improving the product portfolio. Ultimately, well-founded decisions will be made on this basis to increase earning power.

    More information at:

    FINSys AG
    Gillardon AG
  • VZ Depotbank live with Finnova
    2007-04-03 00:00:00 - (Finnova)
    Only just established and already live with Finnova: at the end of February 2007 VZ Depotbank acquired its banking licence and on April 2nd started productive operation.

    The Finnova banking software was implemented within two months: as an additional client of the Esprit installation, the VZ Depotbank chose the optimum starting point for a quick takeoff. The chosen computing centre and application management partners ensure thanks to their long standing handling experience a high quality operational service from the beginning.

    It is noteworthy that VZ Depotbank, a custodian bank in the private banking sector, uses the same client installation as twelve universal banks – this is made possible due to the flexibility and openness of the Finnova client concept.

    Finnova wishes VZ Depotbank a successful launch.
  • Finnova and T-Systems sign cooperation agreement
    2007-03-01 00:00:00 - (Finnova)
  • New banking system for the Alternative Bank ABS
    2007-01-12 00:00:00 - (Finnova)
    In future Finnova will be providing the Alternative Bank ABS with support in the handling of the business processes through modern IT. The changeover in the IT platform will enable the ABS to achieve selective expansion of its offering in the targeted client segment. The ABS will be connected to the existing client installation of the regional banks with the firm of Comit. The switchover in the system is planned to take place in autumn 2007.

    ABS Press Release (German)

    ABS Press Release (German)

  • Graubündner Kantonalbank goes live with Finnova
    2007-01-11 00:00:00 - (Finnova)
    On 3 January, 2007, Graubündner Kantonalbank also replaced its previous system with Finnova, the modular total banking solution. This means that the software application is now in productive daily use in eight out of twelve Cantonal Banks that have decided to integrate the solution from finnova AG Bankware. Since the beginning of the year, staff and customers of the Graubündner Kantonalbank benefit alike from one of the most innovative comprehensive banking solutions on the market. The introduction was completed on time – for the first time at a mid-sized Cantonal Bank – on the basis of the project-specific model bank.

    Graubündner Kantonalbank Press Release

    Graubündner Kantonalbank Press Release (German)

  • Banque Cantonale de Genève, Anker Bank and Synchrony Asset Management choose Finnova
    2006-11-02 00:00:00 - (Finnova)
    Banque Cantonale de Genève (BCGE) has opted for the Finnova platform, following a thorough evaluation. This decision means that 50% of the cantonal banks will be clients of Finnova Ltd. The decisive factors leading to the selection of the Finnova platform were cost reduction, ergonomics, ease of use and functionality. BCGE thereby hopes to gain further competitive advantages in future, partly through improved customer service.

    BCGE's subsidiaries, the private bank Anker Bank and Synchrony Asset Management, are also migrating to the platform. Unicible will operate the solution for BCGE Group using its multi-user enabled capability.

    Press release Unicible (French)

  • Elca becomes an implementation partner
    2006-11-01 00:00:00 - (Finnova)
    Elca has certified several of its employees to use Finnova software and has now become a new implementation partner. Finnova has thus added another professional partner to its network.

    press release (German)

  • New shareholder structure for Finnova Ltd
    2006-10-02 00:00:00 - (Finnova)
    Finnova is gaining new expertise and consultancy capacity in the area of finance. The composition of the Board of Directors is being adjusted and corporate independence maintained.

    After an intensive evaluation phase lasting some eighteen months, Finnova Ltd has found the ideal investor in the German company msg systems ag. In the first stage, the latter will acquire a 20 percent share in the software company, which is based in Lenzburg, Aargau. The two-tier model will see the stake increase on 1 January 2009 under clearly defined conditions. From that date onwards, msg systems ag and the management team of the Swiss software specialist will hold a majority stake in Finnova Ltd. The management team will continue to own more than 10 percent of the company. As a result, the shareholding banks will no longer hold a majority of votes and shares in Finnova. They will however retain a stake of approximately 40 percent after 2009. The company will thus benefit from a balanced shareholder structure. This will ensure that the software products continue to be developed over the long term, while guaranteeing the company maximum independence and room for growth.

    press release (German)

  • Finnova live at Appenzeller Kantonalbank
    2006-10-01 00:00:00 - (Finnova)
    On 1 October 2006, Appenzeller Kantonalbank joined the growing number of institutions using one of the most innovative modular IT platforms around. Exactly nine months after the first successful launch of the "Säntis" project - a joint initiative by the cantonal banks of Nidwalden, Glarus, Obwalden and Appenzell - Finnova went live at the last of the four banks. The system works on the basis of a common database in which each participating bank has access to its own data only. The "Säntis" project was concluded efficiently and on time.

    With the installation, Appenzeller Kantonalbank became the eighteenth cantonal or regional bank to install Finnova's integrated solution for the benefit of its staff and customers.
  • Third Finnova Partner Summit a success
    2006-09-20 00:00:00 - (Finnova)
    On September 19 2006 Finnova held their third annual Partner Summit at the ConventionPoint of the Swiss Stock Exchange. Leading representatives of the academic, financial and IT world held well appreciated speeches on the topic of the Sales Bank.

    Read the speeches here

    Insight newsletter, Partner Summit Special

  • Finnova expands stock market application
    2006-09-01 00:00:00 - (Finnova)
    Finnova's stock market application now supports straight-through processing (STP) for trades in Swisscanto investment fund units.

    The expansion of order routing options in Finnova's stock market application means that integrated support can now be offered for trading in Swisscanto investment fund units.

    Orders for fund units are forwarded to the various counterparties concerned via a direct link to the Swisscanto Order Routing System (S.O.R.S):

    [ ] Swiss Swisscanto funds go to Banque Cantonale Vaudoise, Lausanne (BCV)
    [ ] Luxembourg-registered Swisscanto funds go to Banque et Caisse d'Epargne de l'Etat, Luxembourg (BCEE)
    [ ] Funds from third-party providers are routed to Swisscanto Funds Center London (SFCL)

    All incoming execution data is received electronically and directly triggers the production of individual customer statements. The expanded solution is fully integrated in to the Finnova stock market application, permitting an efficient launch.
  • Finnova live at Obwaldner Kantonalbank
    2006-07-01 00:00:00 - (Finnova)
    Into a new IT era with new banking software: On 1 July 2006 Obwaldner Kantonalbank replaced its existing computer system with Finnova. The roll-out of this comprehensive, modular package was as smooth and efficient at the third of the four banks in the "Säntis" project as it was at the others. "Säntis" is a joint IT migration project run by the cantonal banks of Nidwalden, Glarus, Obwalden and Appenzell. Finnova is already in productive daily use at six of the eleven cantonal banks which have so far opted for the software offered by finnova AG Bankware. Based on a project-specific bank model, the entire launch was completed on schedule in just three months. Obwaldner Kantonalbank's staff and customers alike are now able to profit from one of the most innovative bank-wide solutions available for full-service banks.
  • Glarus cantonal bank goes live with Finnova
    2006-04-05 00:00:00 - (Finnova)
    A new era in banking IT got off to a great start at Glarus cantonal bank on 31 March 2006, as Finnova superseded the old system at the second of four banks that are migrating in a joint project with the codename “Säntis”. At this latest count, five out of eleven cantonal banks that selected the package from the Lenzburg-based software house are now operating productively with the system. Work was completed on schedule just three months after implementation at the Nidwalden cantonal bank, based on a model bank that was established for the purposes of this project. Employees and customers of the Glarus cantonal bank are all benefiting from the most advanced total banking solution currently around for universal banks
  • Valais cantonal bank selects Finnova
    2006-03-02 00:00:00 - (Finnova)
    Valais cantonal bank has selected the Finnova platform for its future operations. In addition to 11 regional banks, this bank likewise brings to 11 the number of cantonal banks that have placed their confidence in the Finnova modular total banking solution for universal and private banks.
  • Finnova – Pfandbriefbank interface implemented
    2006-03-01 00:00:00 - (Finnova)
    An interface for transmitting the full set of required land plot, loan and coverage data to the covered bond register has been productive since March 2006. This completely automated functionality was developed in close cooperation with eleven regional banks and the Pfandbriefbank Schweizerischer Hypothekarinstitute (Mortgage Bond Bank of Swiss Mortgage Institutions). Finnova is once again proving itself an open, flexible solution.
  • RENDITA pension solution products integrated with Finnova
    2006-01-02 00:00:00 - (Finnova)
    Finnova now supports the RENDITA product portfolio as well as other pension solution products. Everything from data entry to reporting and information interchange with the account managing body is fully integrated with Finnova workflow. Once again, Finnova customers are benefiting from the application’s open architecture, which offers banks genuine freedom of choice and flexibility.
  • Nidwalden cantonal bank goes live with Finnova
    2006-01-01 00:00:00 - (Finnova)
    Nidwalden cantonal bank put the Finnova platform into productive operation starting 1 January 2006. The platform changeover proceeded smoothly and on schedule.
    The first of the former AGI banks has thus completed the switch to Finnova. Nidwalden cantonal bank was the pilot institution for the SÄNTIS project, where the Glarus, Obwalden and Appenzell cantonal banks are likewise implementing a change of platform.
    The SÄNTIS banks decided for a mandate installation in order to exploit synergies and cost advantages.
    Nidwalden cantonal bank is the 15th such institution to productively deploy the Finnova total banking solution.
  • The Cantonal Bank of Neuenburg chooses Finnova
    2005-12-02 00:00:00 - (Finnova)
    The Cantonal Bank of Neuenburg will in future also be putting its faith in the Finnova platform. With the addition of this cantonal bank, in addition to the 11 regional banks, this will mean in future that 10 cantonal banks will also be putting their faith in the Finnova modular total banking solution for full-service and private banks.

    Press release Finnova AG (German)

  • The Cantonal Bank of Freiburg – the first Finnova client in the French-speaking region of Switzerland
    2005-12-01 00:00:00 - (Finnova)
    The Cantonal Bank of Freiburg will in future be putting its faith in the software platform from the firm of Finnova AG. The implementation partner will be Swisscom / Comit.

    We are pleaesed to welcome the first Swiss-French bank to the Finnova Community, the ninth cantonal bank in total.

    press release (German)

  • Another 7 regional banks go live with Finnova
    2005-10-01 00:00:00 - (Finnova)
    Since the end of September 2005, a further seven regional banks have put their trust in the Finnova AG company’s software. This means that the staff and customers of the Amtsersparniskasse Schwarzenburg, the EEK Bank, Bern, the BBO Bank Brienz Oberhasli, Brienz, the Bezirks-Sparkasse Dielsdorf, the Ersparniskasse Rüeggisberg, the Ersparniskasse of the Interlaken Official District and the Spar- und Leihkasse Bucheggberg, Lüterswil, are also benefiting from the advantages of what is currently the most innovative modular total banking solution for full-service and private banks.
    Thus all eleven regional banks, which carried out the system changeover under the name ESPRIT, are operating productively on the new platform only nine months after their decision in favour of the Lenzburg software house’s product. Finnova is operated in a joint computer centre, thus giving impressive proof of its multi-client capability.
  • Finnova credit advice in production
    2005-09-02 00:00:00 - (Finnova)
    The credit advice system for detached house and apartment building new business has been in use at the customer front in the Urner Kantonalbank and the Schwyzer Kantonalbank since mid-2005. The credit adviser can carry out the advice session live on the system with the client, including preparing documents such as credit and offer documents, and can thus ensure exceptionally good customer service. According to front-line staff experience to date, time savings of three-quarters of an hour per credit application can be achieved. Thus Finnova has again proved its leading role as a provider of innovative, integrated solutions for full-service and private banks.
  • Finnova in production with sourcag
    2005-09-01 00:00:00 - (Finnova)
    In the context of the “Esprit” project, 11 regional banks have decided to use the Finnova bankware and to outsource paper-based domestic payment transactions and paperless postgiro cheque receipt to the sourcag AG company. In close collaboration with the overall project management, sourcag AG and Finnova AG, the solution was developed, tested and commissioned within a few months. Thus the attractiveness of the Finnova bankware has increased still further, and it has expanded its position as a leading, innovative banking solution.
  • Finnova’s multi-client capability stands up to the test
    2005-08-03 00:00:00 - (Finnova)
    With three additional regional banks going live at the beginning of August 2005, four regional banks will now be hosted in a multi-client capable installation at the application management and computer centre operated by Swisscom IT Services.

    Multi-client capability – buzzword or reality?

    Multi-client capability is implemented in different ways by banking software providers. ‘Finnova’ gives a bank the platform that offers the option of multi-client capability on the technical, application and process-related levels.

    When is a standard solution ‘multi-client capable’ from the viewpoint of a bank? Which factors are crucial for a computer centre or the application management?

    From the viewpoint of the bank a platform is multi-client capable if
    - the process applications of a number of banks can be operated on a single platform;
    - competence centres can be operated, enabling a bank to handle banking processes for a number of banks (e.g. scanning payment slips) without the banking transactions having a reciprocal effect for the bank or the bank client;
    - the maintenance of the master data (e.g. securities data) can be carried out by one bank for a number of banks.

    From the viewpoint of a computer centre a platform is multi-client capable if
    - a number of clients can be operated on a single server;
    - a number of clients can be stored in a single database instance;
    - the monitoring for a number of clients can be carried out on a single console;
    - the external systems are also multi-client capable;
    - there is reciprocal protection for multi-client capable data and processes.

    In short: the most cost-effective solution from the viewpoint of a computer centre is achieved by minimising the necessary hardware, the system-level software and the processes that are to be monitored.

    From the viewpoint of the application management by contrast, a platform is considered multi-client capable if
    - all data is located in the same database schematic (data model);
    - the software and patches only need to be installed once;
    - basic parameterisation can be performed centrally, on a one-time basis;
    - individual bank parameterisation is then simply a matter of making incremental changes to the basic parameters thus established;
    - application testing using standard parameterisation can be carried out centrally.

    Conclusion: the most cost-effective solution from the viewpoint of the application management is achieved through data and hardware being located centrally.


    Multi-client capability in Finnova leads to the optimisation of costs through
    - inter-bank processes
    - minimum number of systems and databases
    - central application management
  • Central securities organisation – one centre for everyone
    2005-08-02 00:00:00 - (Finnova)
    Breaking down the value added chain by outsourcing banking processes makes sense if meaningful parts of the process are performed by third parties who possess the requisite expertise. As a general rule this helps the bank to achieve cost reductions and offer additional banking expertise to its clients.

    Regiobank Solothurn operates the central securities organisation on its own behalf and on that of three other regional banks – thanks to the new Finnova banking solution. The multi-client capable installation provides for the securities data to be maintained and managed centrally and for the data to be made available to all the banks. As a result, the data is only recorded once but used repeatedly – not only dispensing with the need for duplicate recording but also enabling the expertise to be applied on a focused basis and consequently utilised to optimum effect.
  • 3 more banks go live with Finnova
    2005-08-01 00:00:00 - (Finnova)
    Since the beginning of August three more banks have been putting their faith in the Finnova banking platform. Employees and clients of AEK THUN 1826, Spar- und Leihkasse Frutigen as well as Bank Thalwil will in future benefit from the advantages offered by the most innovative, modular total banking solution around today for full-service and private banks. In conjunction with the Business Solution Group as the implementation partner and Swisscom IT Services as the hosting partner, Finnova LTD Bankware completed the complex introduction process on time and within budget. The software, with parameter settings drawn up by the banking specialists of the Business Solution Group, will be operated jointly with Regiobank Solothurn at a Swisscom IT Services computer centre, thus demonstrating its ability to meet client requirements.
  • Finnova successfully introduced at Regiobank Solothurn
    2005-07-01 00:00:00 - (Finnova)
    The timetable was extremely ambitious: just six months after eleven regional banks had opted for the software from Finnova LTD Bankware the introduction at Regiobank Solothurn was successfully completed. Another full-service bank is therefore now equipped with the most innovative, modular total banking solution around today. The system changeover proceeded smoothly, both for clients as well as employees – Finnova is in operational use within all areas of the bank.
  • 5 June 2005 Finnova Community Event
    2005-06-01 00:00:00 - (Finnova)
    On Sunday, 5 June 2005, Finnova LTD invited representatives of its client banks and their families to a horse racetrack in Aarau. The course, on the banks of the River Aare, is considered the most beautiful in Switzerland and attracts around 30,000 visitors each year from throughout Switzerland.

    The ‘Finnova Community’ enjoyed a marvellous Sunday outing in this unique setting. The event offered our guests plenty of time for relaxed talks in the Finnova marquee, an exciting series of races, guided tours of the racetrack as well as a chance for the youngest visitors to pet and feed some farm animals.

    Following a brief welcome speech by Charlie Matter, CEO of Finnova LTD, the buffet was opened. Shortly afterwards the group of guests was welcomed by the President of the Racing Club, Dr. Beat Ries, on behalf of the racetrack and received an initiation into the day’s racing. Mr. Markus Bolliger, head of the racetrack tote betting board, subsequently gave the Finnova Community an introduction into betting. Everyone was bitten by the ‘betting’ bug! The guests were then able to spend their time wandering between the marquee, the paddock, the racetrack and the stands.

    After a highly successful event our guests set out on their journey home with happy but tired kids.

    Article on the racetrack in the Wynentaler Blatt (German)

  • New “Schedule of income for German clients” module goes live
    2005-05-01 00:00:00 - (Finnova)
    The preparation of tax statements for Swiss clients in Finnova is well known not only for its highly automated process but also for its extensive flexibility. This concept has been transferred to the new “Schedule of income for German clients” module

    This year, at Schaffhauser Kantonalbank, the schedule of income in Germany and the annual certificate of investment income for German clients was drawn up and sent out for the first time.

    The schedule of income essentially includes the types of income described within the framework of the German tax legislation, particularly in § 20 Paragraph 1 No. 1 and 7 as well as in Paragraph 2 (calculated on the basis of the market return). This involves income accrued within the tax period, such as dividends, interest, broken-period interest and other income derived from capital assets as well as proceeds from the sale of specific debt securities such as zero bonds, discounted bonds, etc.

    Where relevant, such types of income are then aggregated for the annual certificate and shown in the official form.

    These two lists considerably simplify the task for the German banking client and/or his/her tax adviser of producing the German income tax return and in particular for "Anlagen KAP (Einkünfte aus Kapitalvermögen)" and "AUS (Ausländische Einkünfte und Steuern)".
  • 1st electronic stock market access via Reuters Order Routing goes into operation
    2005-04-02 00:00:00 - (Finnova)
    The first installation of the Finnova electronic stock market access via Reuters Order Routing (ROR) was commissioned into operational use by Schwyzer Kantonalbank. Since 20 April 2005 stock market orders on the SWX and Virt-X have been electronically processed via Basler Kantonalbank.More Finnova installations and broker connections will follow. There are already plans to conduct broker tests in May with Zürcher Kantonalbank for connecting Urner Kantonalbank to the system.
  • Additional business partners certified
    2005-04-01 00:00:00 - (Finnova)
    On 15 April 2005 a further group of employees from Swisscom IT Services AG, Comit – and for the first time participants from IBM and ibo as well – successfully completed the ‘Finnova Certified Professional’ certificate course. Congratulations from the Finnova Academy! Another certificate course is already under way...
  • Implementers and ApplicationMgmt Supporters certified
    2005-02-01 00:00:00 - (Finnova)
    On 11 February 2005 a group of employees from Swisscom IT Services AG, Comit and the BS Group successfully completed the ‘Finnova Certified Professional’ certificate course. Congratulations from the Finnova Academy! Following on from this course the budding ‘Finnova Certified ApplicationManagement Supporters’ spent one week at an actual banking establishment, giving these participants a perfect insight into a real Finnova environment.

    Further certificate courses will already start in March 2005, the aim of which is to enable more participants to obtain certification.
  • Additional Implementers certified
    2004-12-02 00:00:00 - (Finnova)
    On 23 December 2004 a group of employees from Comit, Swisscom IT Services AG and the BS Group again successfully completed the ‘Finnova Certified Professional’ certificate course. Congratulations from the Finnova Academy! Further certificate courses will start in January 2005 with the aim of providing comprehensive training for our business partners’ employees.
  • Sales success achieved by the regional banks
    2004-12-01 00:00:00 - (Finnova)
    Eleven regional banks which had withdrawn from the RBA bank association have opted for the Finnova banking platform. The aim is for the changeover to be completed by the end of 2005. You can find further information on this in the press release.

    press release

  • Graubündner Kantonalbank
    2004-11-01 00:00:00 - (Finnova)
    Graubündner Kantonalbank will in future be putting its faith in the software platform from Finnova LTD. The new system is to be introduced at the beginning of 2007. The choice of operating and migration partner will be made by the end of 2004 in accordance with the plan.

    press release (German)

  • 1. Finnova PartnerSummit. Referate, Newsletter und Impressionen finden Sie im Downloadbereich
    2004-09-30 00:00:00 - (Finnova)
  • Unicore, Geneva
    2004-09-01 00:00:00 - (Finnova)
    Unicore – Banking Solutions – has now already been held for the sixth time in Geneva. Finnova LTD was also represented at the most important specialist trade fair in the French-speaking region of Switzerland. The Lenzburg-based software forge presented its modular total banking system on the Thales Information Systems stand. Potential customers were impressed by the system’s multi-lingual capability, release and client compatibility.
  • Practical Finnova training at Schwyzer Kantonalbank
    2004-05-03 00:00:00 - (Finnova)
    The very first ‘Finnova Certified Super-User’ certificate course was started towards the end of last year. There was an enormous number of participants attending the course so several sessions had to be scheduled for each course module.

    The ability to stage a course with this level of content requires many helpers; the experts themselves were also required to obtain a certificate (Finnova Certified Tutor) – as were the personnel responsible for the training (Finnova Certified Education Manager). For the latter two certificates in particular the practical element is an important component.

    On 17 and 18 May 2004 at long last the time had arrived: the last training module was staged. The completion of this final part of the course culminated in the presentation of the certificates.

    Schwyzer Kantonalbank now has 64 certified super-users, 12 certified tutors and 2 certified education managers.

    Warm congratulations from the Finnova Academy
  • Small AGI banks switch to the Finnova platform
    2004-04-02 00:00:00 - (Finnova)
    Lenzburg, 5 April 2004. Following a trial evaluation phase which took place over a period of several months, the four cantonal banks of Glarus, Appenzell Innerrhoden, Obwalden and Nidwalden have decided that in future they will be using the Finnova platform. By taking this step they aim to achieve a level of efficiency more appropriate to their size. Finnova’s existing cantonal bank users and the four new cantonal banks operate similar business models, creating the ideal conditions for co-operation over and beyond the domain of information technology.
  • New technology – new functions thanks to JAVA
    2004-02-01 00:00:00 - (Finnova)
    The conversion from Finnova to Java is proceeding ahead at full speed. The first applications using the new Java technology have gone into productive use with our clients.

    Finnova LTD is breaking new ground with its Java front-end. The new ultra-light client from Finnova operates on a wide range of platforms (Windows, Linux, MacOs X) and uses a declarative screen. This gives a bank the option in future to select its client operating system independently of its core banking solution and to adapt the front-end to suit its specific needs.

    The new Java architecture not only supports an efficient caching algorithm for screens, class files and statistical data but also provides connection pooling for database accessing. This reduces demand on the Oracle database (short logon times) consequently providing for good response times when using smaller hardware.

    Finnova uses proven Internet technologies for communication between client and server. This allows any bank to choose whether the connection is to be established via http or via https for enhanced security. In addition, every transmission between the client and the server is compressed, reducing the burden on the networks.

    The link between the middle-tier and the database can also be encrypted using Oracle’s advanced security option. In order to guarantee not only the security requirements but the high system availability, Finnova conducted a successful Real Application Cluster (RAC) test with Oracle.

    The points set out above demonstrate that the Finnova client is well-equipped to meet the demands of the future. If you have any questions relating to security or you would like to see the application live then please contact us.
  • Processing of year-end accounts with Finnova
    2004-01-01 00:00:00 - (Finnova)
    The processing of year-end accounts with Finnova has been implemented at the Schaffhauser, Schwyzer and Urner cantonal banks without any major problems. In this context, the application processed significant volumes of data quickly and efficiently. This is illustrated by a few examples below:

    Example at Schwyzer Kantonalbank: For its account balancing the bank processed around 160,000 savings accounts in 3 hours and printed out all the client statement documents (around 200,000) in 5 hours. Around 500,000 payment transactions were processed and booked in 3 hours.

    Example at Schaffhauser Kantonalbank: More than 10,000 payment orders were processed on a daily basis, including over the year-end period. In addition, Schaffhauser Kantonalbank despatched around 20,000 new, detailed investment statements. The new investment statement gives the clients of Schaffhauser Kantonalbank a summary of their entire assets (accounts, securities, forward foreign exchange, etc.).

    Throughout the entire processing period the clients had uninterrupted access to the bank’s counters, ATMs and its online banking without any restrictions. It goes without saying that the bank’s employees had access to Finnova’s online service at all times as well.