Application Process

As a software manufacturer for banks, we are active in a people business for a people business. We provide our customers and their clients with added value thanks to our employees' skills, experience and behaviour. That is why it is essential for us to take great care when recruiting new employees.

Application process in three steps

It is important to us that we are talking about the same thing, so here is a transparent explanation of our application process:

1. Application

Once you have uploaded your online application using our application tool, you will receive a confirmation of receipt. HR and the Technical Managers will then examine your documents and get back to you quickly about what will happen next.

2. Interview

Your first interview will be with HR and a specialist from your field. If the outcome is positive for you and us, a second interview will take place. You will always get to meet your future colleagues. Further selection tools will be used. You will be welcome to come for a taster.

3. Decision & start

You will hear from us soon after the interviews. The next step is signing your contract. You will start with a welcome day and a structured introductory programme. You will be assigned a 'buddy' to support you.