Learning from Finnova's professionals

The objective of the hands-on training and advanced training at the Finnova Academy is to share our know-how and experience as a software manufacturer concerning the Finnova banking software. That way we are able to help you keep or increase your competences and market value.

We have suitable training for every level of skills, from Finnova novices to Finnova experts: introduction courses, FCP certification courses, specialised training courses, etc.

Our offer is geared towards the requirements of the various hierarchy levels and functions – bank staff, implementation and application management partners.

Our target-oriented training contributes on the one hand to the reduction of errors and incorrect interventions and on the other hand, it constitutes the basis for the optimal use and operation of the Finnova software.

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The Academy Team

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Courses for end users

Super user – Background insights into the Finnova application for experienced usersDetailsRequest dates
Hints and tips – Getting experienced users deeper into the navigation systemDetailsRequest dates
Virtual Classroom Training: Finnova User InterfaceDetailsRequest dates
Web-based Training: Finnova User InterfaceDetailsApplication

Introductory course

Introduction to FinnovaDetailsRequest dates

Course: FCP and FMS for Business Partners and Banks

Conceptual course for FCP / FMSDetailsApplication
Conceptual course repeat exam for FCP/FMSDetailsRequest dates
V: Module course for FCP / FMSDetailsApplication
V: Cross-application module during conceptual courseDetailsRequest dates

Course: FCTAM for Business Partners

V: Basic Course for FCTAMDetailsRequest dates

Courses for banking specialists

Real Estate – BasicsDetailsRequest dates
V: All-in-one feeDetailsRequest dates
V: Package FeesDetailsRequest dates
V: Payment TransactionsDetailsRequest dates

Courses for technical personnel

V: Application DaemonDetailsRequest dates
V: EI toolDetailsRequest dates
V: FIL IS OperatorDetailsRequest dates
V: Finnova Transaction HUB (THUB) - WebinarDetailsRequest dates
V: Specialist course – ATMDetailsRequest dates
V: Anti-money laundering specialistDetailsRequest dates
V: GUI ManagerDetailsRequest dates
V: Course – Internetbanking AMDetailsApplication
V: Specialist course – Card AdministrationDetailsRequest dates
V: Accounting System SpecialistDetailsRequest dates
V: Security: Form security, task security and CSV exportDetailsRequest dates
V: TariffsDetailsRequest dates
V: Contract ManagementDetailsRequest dates
V: Workflow and Generic WorkflowDetailsRequest dates

Other courses

Web-based Training: Finnova Cross-Application Module TrainingDetailsRequest dates